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March 2009 > He's here..... just a quick update! UPDATED WITH PICTURE LINK
baileyandmikey's Avatar baileyandmikey 12:23 AM 02-27-2009
Just wanted to add the link to his hospital pictures, hope these directions work for you ..

http://bellababyphotography.com/index2.php go there, click client, then enter in 0220jacob as the password.

Well, Little Jacob arrived last Friday, Feb. 20th at 10:29 pm after what seemed like a very long and intense labor. I was scheduled for an induction that afternoon, but woke up with contractions which were pretty intense when we arrived at the hospital. I was stuck at 2 cm for eight hours, and then quickly went to five.... I used my Hypnobabies techniques and cds and made it thru those first 8 hours ok, but the pain was intense!!!! After eight hours I gave in and cried out for an epidural. IT took awhile for them to come in, and once they did, it was too late, they got the epi started, but it didn't take, and I only had part of one leg numb, I was crying that I was ready to push, but they didn't think I was ready, I finally yelled at the nurse to check me... and after only 20 mins I had gone from 5 to 10 cms,and he was ready, They turned the epidural off since it wasn't working, and I pushed him out in just a few pushes. He was smaller than they thought, but beautiful and healthy. Only seven punds and three oz!!!! But he nursed right away. I had some bleeding issues and was stuck in the hospital for two days, so that was not fun, but they were great at the hospital and it gave us some time to bond. Baby is doing great, although he has jaundice and has been glued to a bili blanket for a few days, and will have to be on it for a few more days, we are doing HOme care thru the local children's hospital so they come here and take care of him. I refused to supplement with formula to get the jaundice to go away, so I was frowned at, but oh well. We are nursing like crazy, and co sleeping, which by the way is a pain if you have your baby stuck to a bili blanket with a short cord, but things are going well. I am recovering great, and couldn't be happier with things. Anyways, just stopping in, I am taking a baby moon..... so I haven't been online for awhile, and probably won't be back for a few more days. Congrats to all the others who have had thier little ones

vanessab23's Avatar vanessab23 12:27 AM 02-27-2009
Woo hoo!!!! So exciting! And what a birth story! Congrats mama-- and ENJOY your babymoon!!!!!!

ilovebabies's Avatar ilovebabies 12:29 AM 02-27-2009
Yay mamma!!! We've been wondering where you've been! I even pm'd you just a few minutes ago!!! We totally understand your absence. Enjoy your babymoon and post pix when you can!!! ::
earthymama4's Avatar earthymama4 12:34 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations!!!! Welcome Jacob!:::::
liliaceae's Avatar liliaceae 12:59 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations!!!! :
Purple Sage's Avatar Purple Sage 01:06 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations! :
L&K'smommie's Avatar L&K'smommie 01:07 AM 02-27-2009
galincognito's Avatar galincognito 01:09 AM 02-27-2009
very exciting! congrats!
cairomama's Avatar cairomama 01:14 AM 02-27-2009
cyrusmama's Avatar cyrusmama 01:43 AM 02-27-2009
congratulations :
She2dancer's Avatar She2dancer 01:55 AM 02-27-2009
Congrats Mama!! Welcome to the world Jacob!
Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla 02:03 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations!! :
Multimomma's Avatar Multimomma 02:03 AM 02-27-2009
justbishop's Avatar justbishop 02:26 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations, and I hope the jaundice clears up soon!
K&JsMaMa's Avatar K&JsMaMa 02:28 AM 02-27-2009
PNWmama's Avatar PNWmama 02:45 AM 02-27-2009
birthangeldoula's Avatar birthangeldoula 02:52 AM 02-27-2009
herins's Avatar herins 02:57 AM 02-27-2009
mom2tatum's Avatar mom2tatum 10:59 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations Kristen! We had a bili blanket for ds, too, I know its a pain. After a couple days, I gave up and brought him outside in the sun instead and it cleared up at a remarkable rate!!!
kdf's Avatar kdf 11:33 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations. :
squeekybuddha's Avatar squeekybuddha 11:56 AM 02-27-2009
Congratulations! So glad you and baby are happy & healthy.
lila2801's Avatar lila2801 11:59 AM 02-27-2009
Congrats, I'm glad you guys are doing well!!
Double E's Avatar Double E 12:26 PM 02-27-2009
Congrats on your new arrival!!! :
G&B'sMama's Avatar G&B'sMama 02:00 PM 02-27-2009
: Congratulations and welcome Jacob!
baileyandmikey's Avatar baileyandmikey 02:08 PM 02-27-2009
Added a picture link
Altair's Avatar Altair 02:11 PM 02-27-2009
the link says it's not working. I want to see!

Conchobhar's Avatar Conchobhar 02:17 PM 02-27-2009
So cute!!!! Congrats!
texanatheart's Avatar texanatheart 02:42 PM 02-27-2009
Awwww, he is so sweet! Congratulations to you, mama! Thanks for the update...we were wondering how you were doing!
K&JsMaMa's Avatar K&JsMaMa 02:46 PM 02-27-2009
The pics are adorable. He's a beautiful baby.
justbishop's Avatar justbishop 03:04 PM 02-27-2009
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