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Motherto4's Avatar Motherto4 12:26 PM 03-01-2009
I have been contracting all morning very crampy and with each contraction I feel like I need to puke. With the last one I did. I obviously have Diahrea but is this also a sign of labor?

lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 01:34 PM 03-01-2009
For me it can be a sign of transition. You may have that baby quickly!
Motherto4's Avatar Motherto4 01:36 PM 03-01-2009
I'm 45 minutes from the hospital and my husband is at work! I really hope I don't have the baby here without him
Shenjall's Avatar Shenjall 01:37 PM 03-01-2009
Not in your DDC, (heck, not even pregnant!) but saw this in new posts....

With my first I was vomitting in the beginning of labour. So, I think it could be.

Good Luck!!!
nuwavemomma's Avatar nuwavemomma 05:08 PM 03-01-2009
I vomited in transition - I agree that baby may come fast and I hope you've already gotten things arranged for the day! GL mama!
perl's Avatar perl 06:10 PM 03-01-2009
(lurking from April DDC...)

With DS I had diarrhea for two days - then came the vomiting! Pretty soon after that my water broke and it was all downhill (or uphill!) from there.

Sounds like maybe your body is getting ready by cleaning itself out? Good luck and hang in there - sounds like things are a-happenin'!!
Purple Sage's Avatar Purple Sage 06:22 PM 03-01-2009
Can't wait to hear an update! : ELV!
ilovebabies's Avatar ilovebabies 09:13 PM 03-01-2009
Oh yeah! Keep us posted mamma!
Motherto4's Avatar Motherto4 10:06 PM 03-01-2009
I'm still at home but my contractions are getting closer and really starting to get painful. I am thinking within the next hour or 2 I am going to head to the Hospital so that I will have enough time to get my antibiotics for GBS.
Aly22681's Avatar Aly22681 10:40 PM 03-01-2009
Good Luck...I'll be sending you some easy Labor vibes!!! Let us know when your little one arrives!!