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When are you officially pregnant?

hedgewitch's Avatar hedgewitch (TS)
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06-30-2008 | Posts: 566
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I've taken 2 positive pregnancy tests (count em dp 2!) but 'officially' af is due tomorrow. When can I start feeling like this is real?! I do but dp is a bit nervous and when I hear about chemical pregnancies I get a bit nervous too. I've no reason to think I'm not preggers as my temps are still much higher than usual and I'm not having any af signs.

How far along is everyone else? My due date is March 11th, according to my lmp I am 3wks 5 days and according to ovulation I'm just over 2 weeks.

Thoughts appreciated!

PS I had an m/c last year at just over 10 wks hence dp's caution.
ilovebabies's Avatar ilovebabies
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I know how you feel! AF was due anytime between Saturday and today so it was strange knowing I was pregnant already. I've never known this early before. I have to say I'm not sure I actually like knowing this early.

From ovulation I would be just a little over 2 weeks pregnant. Of course the doctor's office counts from the first day of your last period so "they" say I'm 3weeks. I'm not though.
javilu's Avatar javilu
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I think they consider it a "clinical pregnancy" (rather than a "chemical pregnancy") when it is "diagnosed" by a doctor, nurse, etc., but I know a fair number of people don't have any medical intervention, and they're officially pregnant, too.

I'm 5 weeks today (3 weeks from ovulation and my period is a week late). Except, my LMP was May 28th or 29th. I ovulated on CD 12, though, so I'm going with that.
Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla
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Imo, you're officially pregnant when you get a postive test.
hedgewitch's Avatar hedgewitch (TS)
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It is weird knowing I'm pregnant but kind of being in limbo for a while until I can go to the docs and start the ball rolling. He is going to check on my hcg levels because of my m/c last year, just to make sure all is going well. He told me to go in a couple of weeks after my period is late so I'll make an appointment for next week or the week after. I'll be having an early ultrasound but other than that the first trimester is a bit blah! I'm all excited but don't know where to put it all yet!
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