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I don't recall experiencing this with previous pregnancies, but I have felt so down and, I guess, depressed the past few days and I can't seem to snap out of it. Usually, if I am in a funk, I can kind of get myself out of it, or my kids do something funny or sweet and I feel better, but it seems like I'm just stuck.

Has anyone experienced this at all? I'm assuming it is hormonal, because it is very abnormal for me to be depressed, but it kind of feels beyond my ability to just "cheer up," if you know what I mean.

It could be slightly situational because I have a lot on my plate right now (but who doesn't?). Still, I really dislike feeling this way. I know my husband can tell, and it is annoying him. I have so much work to do, but I just want to sit and stare or sleep or something. It's craziness.

I really hate to even admit this, but I haven't even been excited about the baby lately. I'm not really enjoying getting bigger and bigger, and I'm overwhelmed by the thought of having another little one to care for.

Ugh! I feel like a terrible person. I know children are a blessing. I don't even know what I'm looking for here....I just thought maybe it would help a little to get it out and share this.
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I had been feeling exactly like this for several weeks, but I just snapped out of it a few days ago. (I'm 18 weeks, so I don't know if that has something to do with it. Also, I saw a chiropractor and that helped me feel better, although he's not your typical chiropractor).

Very down, definitely in a funk. Not wanting to do anything and then hating myself for doing nothing. Feeling guilty all the time.

I definitely was not excited about the baby at all. In fact, I wasn't going to find out the sex and finally decided to mainly so I could feel some kind of a connection with the baby. (I just found out yesterday and I do feel a little more connected, but I have been feeling better in general, so I don't know if this would have helped me snap out of it or not).

I'm sorry you feel like this and I know how it feels. For me, I believe it was hormonal and it did go away. I hope the same for you!
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Hugs mamma
I have ups and downs and especially struggle with post partem depression. It's very possible to have it during pg, however. If you don't snap out of it, I'd talk your doctor about it. In the meantime, don't beat yourself up over the way you feel. It's not something you can control. And it's hard to feel excited about anything at all (even a new baby) when you feel like this.

You may snap out of it or you may not. I wouldn't let it go too long though.
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Welcome to my world, but I lost my job and things are spinning outta control here. But I can barely get out of bed, and don't wanna do anything.

Kristin- Wife to J, Mommy to B (11), M-S (8), and little J (4) and J&J (7 months)
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I am. I have a tendancy to severe depression anyway, but it's been really bad the last few weeks. There is some situational stuff atm, but I do think there's some hormonal stuff going on too.

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I hope you feel better soon.

I'm not depressed, per se, but I am overwhelmed at the thought of another baby. It's been so long and money is so tight. I just don't know how we are going to manage.
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to everyone coping with depression and/or wild mood swings. I'm not exactly depressed but my mood swings are so wild that it's difficult to cope with. I wish I could just level out and enjoy the pregnancy without all the highs and lows.
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Just be gentle with yourself, and remember that all of your feelings are valid, no matter which end of the spectrum they're coming from.

I struggle with major depression AND I have a ton on my plate. I am currently on meds, and while I know that it's very controversial in pregnancy, I'm taking a very low dose and it's what I need to do to keep my head on straight while figuring all of this other stuff out. I do not advocate for medication but when it's necessary, it's necessary.

Lately, mostly since my ultrasound last week, I feel very in touch with my baby and my body and have been feeling a million times better. The change has mostly come from within me. Even though I've felt like doing nothing, I've made myself get out and exercise, and it's had a HUGE impact. There is so much beauty in the early fall here in the mid-atlantic and I won't allow it to go unappreciated.

I do hope you find relief and definitely suggest talking to someone if your quality of life is suffering. Be it a friend, your partner, or a professional, sometimes just the process of vocalizing what you're feeling inside can be incredibly cathartic.

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Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words and sharing your stories with me. I feel better just having shared what I was feeling and knowing that I'm not the only one going through it!

I work from home, and work most often at night when the kids are sleeping, which clocks me an average of about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I'm pretty sure that is contributing to my problem. I have to figure out how to change this, but I'm kind of stuck, needing the work and the money, at this point.

Anyway, thanks again for the responses!
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Just chiming in-- I am definetly in the depressed club, altho I'm already on meds and thinking abotu switching.

Everything you described sounds like me.

And thanks to candynut-- I wasn't going to find out the gender either, but maybe that would help me connect with him/her as well.

Hugs to those of us who are bumming out.

I have been totally sick with m/s for the past 4 mos so that has conrtibuted to my depression I am sure. But even when I have good days (or even just a good evening) I am still full of anxiety and blue-ness. The anxiety is new for me, BTW.

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Hugs to everyone. I too felt this way with my last two pregnancies. Horrible funks, disconnected, no joy, overwhelmed and not wanting to get out of bed. I have battled depression for most of my adult life and recently got it under control but pregnancy brings out the darkness and clouds my brain. Thankfully, it has lightened and I think so much of it was hormonal and now that I'm easing into my 2nd trimester, I can push the darkness out. I second the u/s...seeing the baby and knowing what I'm having has helped me connect tremendously. But, I know a lot of mothers on this board are choosing not to have an u/s. I really think that most of mine was first trimester wickedness: hormones, fatigue, nausea. There is light at the end of the tunnel...hang in there.

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