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BarnMomma's Avatar BarnMomma 12:27 PM 02-16-2009

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post but I'll start it here.

I've read here how some non-vaxing moms take homeopathic precautions by learning how to heal their sick children in case of or during disease.

I"m very curious as to where I can learn about hese things, books, conferences etc.

We don't vax, extended BFing, and we do live a very healthy lifestyle but my "medicine cabinet" contains coconut oil, vitamin c, fish oil, ACV, probiotics, zinc, a prenatal and multi, and some arnica and that's about it. That's what's kept us healthy. But let's say DS DOES get measles or whooping cough...I'd be clueless as to how to treat him.

ema-adama's Avatar ema-adama 01:04 PM 02-16-2009
This will probably move to H&H

Here are the books that I use:

The 2nd book has a very good chapter on fever, but otherwise it's not really a favorite - but the first book has a great chapter on boosting the immune system, as well as discussion of the diseases and the vaccinations. Fantastic book. Much better than her natually healthy children book IMO
I have heard very good things about this book, but I have already bought so many books, that for now this is not in my library
This is great for pretty much looking at all the baby and child illnesses - I just don't do the vax part

There is also a brilliant link in nutrition that I will find for you.

Here it is
tmaue's Avatar tmaue 01:14 PM 02-16-2009
I took this online homeopathy class:
And I took this disease/vaccine class:

I have been successful using homeopathy with my son, daughter, and dh, not as much with myself. When my son had the chickenpox, he woke up with hallucinations (which he tends to do with his high fevers) so I had a remedy ready just in case it happened this time. He came out of it within 30 seconds of giving him the remedy.

My daughter had some kind of sickness where her neck was very swollen, she couldn't turn it, and she was in a great deal of pain. I was able to alleviate her pain with the homepathic remedy.

For dh, when he had the flu, he couldn't get to sleep. He would go upstairs and laydown but just couldn't fall asleep. I convinced him to let me figure out which remedy he would need. I found one, gave him a dose, gave him a second dose 30 min. later and he was able to sleep for 4 hrs.

These are just some examples of where I have used homepathy with them. The only real success I have had on myself was the very first time I used homeopathy it was for poison ivy. It took away the itch and help start to dry out the poison ivy.

Overall, I only use homeopathy when the situation is bad, otherwise I allow the body to heal on it's own. I stay away from medications (fever reducers, antibiotics, benedryl, etc.) and I don't have them in the house. I educate myself on fevers, dehydration, etc. Since learning about all this, I have not had to take my kids into the doctor for anything, but have been able to deal with all sicknesses at home.
tammyswanson's Avatar tammyswanson 12:15 AM 02-17-2009
If no one mentioned the book, the one I have is by Dr. Mendelsohn, "How to raise a healthy Child IN SPITE of your doctor". He has info on how to treat measles, mumps, etc. I love that book! I would have loved to have him as my child's pediatrician, he seemed like such a wonderful man.
swissmiss2584's Avatar swissmiss2584 09:01 PM 02-17-2009
I really like Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child. It explains the disease in detail and then shows you how to treat it, Conventionally, herbally, homeopathiclly, and nutritionally.