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Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 10:24 PM 01-01-2004
I have been thinking about my own personal religious reasons but wondered if anyone else would share theirs.

Some I think of are -

That God gave us immune systems (but what if yours is not good?) that keep us free from most germ causing illness.

The bloodstream should be kept free from infiltration from outside /foreign substances.

Our bodies are the temples of God so therefore should be kept free from foreign substances.

Natural immunity is the only true immunity-vaccination is artificial immunity.

Any others that make sense?

Sasha_girl's Avatar Sasha_girl 11:57 PM 01-01-2004
The rubella vaccination is used with human diploid cells (from aborted fetal tissue) as its medium. I'm not particularly religious, but I know people who have a strong opinion on this.
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 01:35 AM 01-02-2004
If your catholic (or any other religion that is against abortion) then what sasha posted is usually the reason. I'm a pro-choice catholic (which my mom doesn't understand :LOL) but if a doc ever asked me why I was religiously exempting my kids from vax (or further vax in my older 2's case) I would give that reason and never let on I was pro-choice.

That now that I think about it, if god wanted us to be immune or to be able to fight these diseases then immune system he gave us will work. And we won't need the vax's the docs try and give us.
SagMom's Avatar SagMom 12:09 PM 01-02-2004
If your beliefs include non-violence/non-injury then the animal ingredients in vaxes would go against your religious beliefs.
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 12:30 PM 01-02-2004
I forgot to add alot of my reasoning now is mommy intuition and a little bit of faith or what you want to call it. IMO everything happens for a reason. I found a link to here and vax research by accident in a way. Also Daria had a reaction so that made me think about what we are putting into the kids bodies. And I somehow just can't shake this awful feeling in my gut the second I think about vaxing Eliza. Like somehow god or goddess or whatever it is, is telling me don't do it.

Another weird connect the dots if you want thing is dh is in the army, he put in a list of places he wanted to go to for our next move. All of our first choices weren't available. We decided on a fluke for Texas, I didn't know this at first but they passed a law allowing parents to exempt their child on the basis of "conscientious belief". Texas had an opening for us, we move in March. Somehow that just seems like another let faith guide me kinda thing. I was sure the medical exemption was't going to work and the religious one can be a pain because they can ask your religion etc.
cat_astrophe's Avatar cat_astrophe 01:08 PM 01-02-2004
That God gave us immune systems (but what if yours is not good?) that keep us free from most germ causing illness.
Do you believe that man is capable of improving on it? I don't. The medical community doesn't even understand how it works.

There has been talk here of how these childhood disease serve to "train" the immune system, perhaps that was God's design? Who is man to tinker with that system? How arrogant are we that we think we can do better than God?

Ok, sorry, that's my tirade for today.
suschi's Avatar suschi 01:29 PM 01-02-2004
I too believe in our God given immune system. Even those who push vaccines talk about all that babies are exposed to in those early months, and how great their immune systems are, so why do they tinker with them?

Are the childhood diseases intended to prime the immune system? Do those work to strengthen the system to make it better able to fight off more dangerous things in later life?

One has to wonder if most of these auto immune ills are indeed the result of the vaccines.

Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 06:40 PM 03-03-2004
Bumping this thread for more responses

This thread & the one on intuition/faith are interconnected to me.
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 11:04 PM 03-03-2004
Mostly the aborted fetal tissue thing.

I do not believe in inflicting the suffering or exploitation of one species(calf or monkey or whatever), for the benefit of another. Deeper than that I don't like the idea of injecting foriegn DNA into ones body.

I also believe our body is a temple, and we should not put poisonous things into it.
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 12:26 AM 03-04-2004
The Fetal tissue / abortion issue comes up repeatedly. Now I am not sure if it is clear that the fetal tissue that is used to produce vaccines is from a "forced abortion" and if it is, or you believe it is, how would you ever be able to prove that?

The aborted tissue could be from a "spontaneous abortion" which is a miscarriage. Which I tend to believe.

Anyway, no court would give any consideration that the tissue may be from a "forced abortion". That could never be proven.

Abortion = birth that occures before the embryo is developed enough to live; miscarriage; the inducing of premature delivery in order to destroy the offspring; to abort something like a mission, test, or experiment prematurely.
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 07:16 AM 03-17-2004
Rubella is not the only one w/ fetal cells. Chicken pox and Hep A are as well. The Rubella shot uses the line of fetal cells from a rebella infected baby that was aborted by it's parents willingly. Does this make it right, no. This is just one of the reasons I don't vax and will probably never vax. I'm not Catholic, but a website I found that I liked was
Jen123's Avatar Jen123 01:07 PM 03-17-2004
Our state offers medical or religious exemptions. It's nearly impossible , in my experience to get a medical exemption so I went with the religious exemption. Then after that I discovered the use of aborted fetal tissue and it cemented my decision. It reeks of Frankenstien-esque science in my opinion.
willowmama's Avatar willowmama 01:43 PM 03-17-2004
I wish I were at home. I woud try to link to where I read this.
Maybe after midterms are over I'll have a chance to do it.

The aborted rubella babies were the babies of women who were told to abort because they had been exposed to Rubella (the mothers had been exposed).
These were medically aborted babies.
The researchers had to go thru the tissues of several of the babies before they finally found one that did indeed have rubella. I believe they found it in the liver (maybe it was the kidneys, I'll have to check).

So,yeah. It aint catholic.
Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 06:05 PM 12-22-2004
Found this one I started on religious reasons .
I remember the one you are referring too--maybe post it if you find it?
Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 02:31 AM 03-10-2006
Bumping up.
Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 02:34 AM 03-10-2006
A book that had some good points was Tim OSheas book-The Sanctity of Human Blood -Vaccination is not Immunization.
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 07:22 PM 03-13-2006
Yes, that's exactly it Cyneburh. Whether you look at it as God's divine creation, or the intrinsic power of mother nature, it's there. Whenever we have tried to mess with nature, its backfired a hundred times over.
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 07:25 PM 03-13-2006
I think that Scientologists, or Christian Scientists? I always get them mixed up --sorry!! : are anti vax too.
BurgundyElephant's Avatar BurgundyElephant 12:23 AM 03-14-2006
Oh my, Jennifer - that is... I can't even express. I got about half-way through the report on how they made the lines... still in 2002!!! That's crazy.

I had no idea. It cements it for me.
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 12:37 AM 03-14-2006
I found this on that website:

Sample Letter for Catholics. Copy and paste into your own word processing and fill in appropriate information. For supporting Church documentation, click here. For more help, contact us!


From: (Parent Name & Address)

To: (School Name, Administrator)

To Whom It May Concern,

In that I am a member of the Catholic Church and that my child, (insert name), is a member of the Catholic Church, I am exercising our rights under our State laws to receive Religious Exemption from Immunizations

The vaccines we oppose are Hepatitis-A, MMR and Chickenpox or any other future vaccines that may be mandated which are derived from aborted fetal tissue. In regard to using such vaccines, the Vatican has instructed the faithful that:

“It is up to the faithful and citizens of upright conscience (fathers of families, doctors, etc.) to oppose, even by making an objection of conscience, the ever more widespread attacks against life and the "culture of death" which underlies them. There is a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines and to make a conscientious objection with regard to those which have moral problems. They should take recourse, if necessary, to the use of conscientious objection with regard to the use of vaccines produced by means of cell lines of aborted human foetal origin”

The Catholic Church further teaches that Moral Conscience is sacred to Catholic tenets as described in the Catechism and numerous encyclicals, especially by the Fourth Lateran Council, "The Divine Law is the supreme rule of actions; our thoughts, desires, words, acts, all that man is, is subject to the domain of the law of God; and this law is the rule of our conduct by means of our conscience. Hence it is never lawful to go against our conscience; as the Fourth Lateran council says, 'Quidquid fit contra conscientiam, aedificat ad gehennam.'" ["Whatever is done in opposition to conscience is conducive to damnation."]

In that the use of these vaccines would be in direct conflict with the teaching of my faith, therefore, under the doctrine of the Catholic Church to which both my child and I are religiously and morally bound, I submit this exemption in accordance with the laws of the State of (Insert State Name)


Signature Parent/Guardian

LongIsland's Avatar LongIsland 10:25 AM 03-14-2006
Depending on your state laws, this sort of letter should not be submitted.

If a state - and most do - requires that your religious beliefs be contrary to the "practice of immunization," "administration of immunizations," "religious objection to immunizations" or anything similarly worded, this sort of letter mentioning aborted fetal cells would likely be rejected because the objection is clearly with the vaccine ingredients and not the act of immunization itself.

This happened last year to a parent in New Jersey on another board. He thought he could get out of the MMR booster using this sort of letter and his exemption was immediately rejected.