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I don't vax my kids but my husband is in the Navy and we don't have a choice on the matter. I try to ignore him getting his shots because I don't want to stress over it and I know it's something I can't control.

He went in for his overseas health screening last week and was giving a d Japanese Encephelitis (sp) shot and an Anthrax shot. He's been in horrible pain in both arms since. I demanded a copy of his shot record and come to find out he's gotten the Anthrax shot THREE times. He says he pointed this out to them but they don't really care.

I'm making copies of all this and keeping it in the event he develops something as a result. It's just infuriating!

I can't believe they gave him two such highly reactive vaccines at the same time! Well... I can believe it.

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They are guinea pigs. My DH was in the Marines for 11 years. He managed to get out of the smallpox vax twice.

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Yea it makes me sick what they do to them.

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I hope I can be a little reassuring. I know you hear the bad stories, but my DH has the Anthrax shot multiple times, and in 20 yrs in the Army, and a year working/ going to school in Kenya, he's been vaccinated for almost anything imaginable atleast once.
I hope your hubby feels better soon. Keep records, but try not to stress.

Mom of 4 aspiring midwife "Friend"ly seeker
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Wow that is scary

My dad is a Marine and he got the Anthrax when they 1st started giving it and they are suppost to do regular check ups but my dad said he's never had one since getting it and is now having some pain but he said could be from that vax or his age lol. my dad has been in since he was 18 and he's now 45.

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He's supposed to get the anthrax vaccine multiple times. It's a five dose series, so unless you mean he's gotten the five dose series three times, which would be fifteen shots, then there's nothing out of the ordinary with him having gotten three anthrax shots. However, he should go in and report it if he's having a reaction. Serious reactions to the anthrax vaccine usually don't happen until someone has had multiple doses and they know this, so he really should report it. Does he have any swelling? If he has serious pain and swelling, that would be a contraindication for further doses.

My DH did fine with the first three or four doses, but the last one he got (I can't remember if it was the fourth or fifth) caused him a lot of problems. We don't vax DD or myself either, so I know how you feel.
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