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PiggySpaghetti's Avatar PiggySpaghetti 02:40 PM 08-10-2010
Can anyone direct me to the right source to find out if it is possible to use a religious exemption for the catholic schools in Philadelphia, PA? I can only seem to find information about public schools online and my daughter will be attending catholic school in a few years and she is not, and will not, be vaccinated. I want to be ahead of the game with any issues!

Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 02:55 PM 08-10-2010
Search for "catholic" in the not vaxing group.
serenbat's Avatar serenbat 02:57 PM 08-10-2010
Are you Catholic?

if not-it's easy---there are other threads about this- I would post in the tribe section and do the search there, there has been posts in the past about this
Bellabaz's Avatar Bellabaz 09:52 AM 08-13-2010
I attended Catholic school in Pa inthe Phila area £8not the city btu a close suburb). I was never vaxed. i am not up to date but its my understanding Pa has a personal belief exemption.
Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 12:16 PM 08-13-2010
Letter From Rome in Defense of Parental Rights on Vaccines

Some exerpts:
...expelled from a Catholic educational institution for reasons of non-conformity to a diocesan policy of denying State-allowed religious exemptions... This is a violation of the Catholic Church’s centuries-old teaching on the supremacy of the Moral Conscience and the right of parents to preside over the total wellbeing of their children.

Pending a final judgment on this issue the parental right of conscience is to be considered the binding authority in this matter and the child should not be penalized for non-conformity to a policy which is not defined as Church doctrine or practice.93w

I don't think a "final judgment" has been issued yet.

Pennsylvania State Vaccine Requirements – National Vaccine ...
serenbat's Avatar serenbat 01:22 PM 08-13-2010
my understanding Pa has a personal belief exemption
NO we don't
FlipMom23's Avatar FlipMom23 01:55 PM 08-20-2010
If they accept federal funding, they have to accept your exemption (provided your state accepts religious exemptions). My kids go to Catholic school and they do accept the waivers.

I also read somewhere that if you are Catholic, you can interpret certain passages in your own personal way to imply that vaccines are against Catholic values / beliefs. I'm not Catholic, so I can just sign the exemption and they can't really ask any questions.