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I just read a news article that 10 people have died from swine flu in England.  The article linked to another about pregnant woman and swine flu- they are 13 times more likely to die from contracting the swine flu.  The same article said that babies are much less likely to be admitted to a hosptital during their first 6 months if their mom recieved a flu shot...


I am NOT trying to be an alarmist.  I have never had a flu shot and don't really want to.  I am 11 weeks pregnant.  I don't want to get a swine flu shot.  I have only had the flu once in the last 20 years, I tend to be a very healthy person who doesn't get sick.  


What are your thoughts?...

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Here's some good information .... from a doctor!

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There was an H1N1 outbreak in Canada last year, so there was a huge push for everyone to get vaccinated. Pregnant women were put to the top of the vaccination waiting list, because they were considered to be high risk.


I knew 8 people who were diagnosed with H1N1 last winter. 6 of them had been vaccinated for it, and two hadn't. If nothing else, that would convince me not to get it. The strain that was vaccinated for was NOT the strain at large, and so did very little to protect people, just gave a false sense of security. The people I know who got sick had about a week of flu symptom misery and they were better within two weeks. All of them were normal healthy adults with no outstanding immune or lung issues.


Beyond that, the amount of mercury in every flu vaccination is huge. Considerig the warnings about eating a can of tuna (because tuna tends to be a high mercury content fish), I can't imagine injecting that much mercury into myself knowingly - pregnant or not. I trust my body and my immune system to cope without the vaccination. I was definitely exposed to H1N1 last year and I did not get sick.


In Canada last winter, the only deaths that were linked to H1N1 were in people with underlying health issues. There was not one single death (that I saw reported) that was actually caused by H1N1, but rather by the flu symptoms exascerbating a pre existing condition. In almost every case, the deaths were in individuals who did not seek medical care until they were too sick to save.


It's definitely worth going to the Vaccinations forum on here and check out some of the posts there as well!

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I know I'm unusual for MDC, but I believe that the benefit of vaccinations generally outweighs the risk.  I don't always get my flu shot (and haven't yet this year, as a matter of fact), but that's mostly just because I'm lazy.  smile.gif  But yeah, I definitely think they're a good idea for the majority of people, and especially people who are at risk of complications.  LivingSky has a good point, though, that pregnant women really should get thimerosal-free vaccines (as recommended by the FDA).  There are flu shots without thimerosal available. 

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Moved to Vaccinations, per DDC guidelines

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Originally Posted by CarrieCo View Post



Here's some good information .... from a doctor!


Well, sort of. His Texas license was suspended in 2003 for "evidence that the physician's continuation in the practice of medicine would constitute a continuing threat to public welfare" (here, pp. 21, 30) and permanently revoked in 2005.

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my thoughts are take Vitamin D and get your levels above 60....towards 70 is even better

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