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My 4.5 yo DS got a pimply rash all over his buttocks on Thursday. I assumed it was some type of bug he caught at the pool earlier that day. I gave him a shower after swimming & a bath later that night when I first noticed them, but they were still there the following day. I put some zinc oxide on them, still assuming it was some sort of irritation, in an attempt to dry them out. They finally did start going down. He never got more on the rest of his body, and they didn't itch him at all, but his butt was pretty thoroughly covered (though his anus was not irritated). I still wipe his bum after stools, so I know he's clean and it wasn't a hygiene issue. 


On Sunday, he started developing a mild cold. Monday, he was sneezing with a runny nose all day. Tuesday he developed a fever and had little energy. He's finally starting to feel better today (Wed). Still has a few bumps, but most have gone. To my knowledge, he hasn't been exposed to anyone lately that may have had the pox. Is that something you could pick up at a pool? Anyway, if that was the pox, I'm happy it was mild case. It would just be nice to tell if it was the pox or not! I'm guessing it's too late now to have the doctor check it out. His next well child visit isn't until December, so I guess I'll have to wait until then to ask for a titer test.

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chicken pox?  chicken pox is not localized and it does not look pimply, CP looks like blisters and it would be distributed all over body, face, etc.; also, they itch


so, no way, no need to test to check


could be a detergent issue with that location if something was up against his skin he might be sensitive to, or it could in fact be viral due to the other symptoms, but definitely not chicken pox--there are a lot of unnamed viruses that can cause rashes

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Not to mention that the incubation period for chicken pox is like two weeks before you see the blisters.  So there is no way that it could have been chicken pox if he caught it at the pool that day.

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Doesn't sound like CP to me at all. 

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The cold symptoms may or may not be connected to the rash. Sounds like some sort of folliculitis. Probably from sitting in a wet suit or maybe a sensitivity to chlorine if he was at a pool.


What you describe doesn't sound like chicken pox.


I will say, though, that my DS1 got a pretty good case of CP back in '98. He brought it home from school. DS2 had been vaxed against it, but caught it from his brother, anyway. He was 2.5 and still in diapers, and his case was very mild....he had maybe a half dozen blisters, and they were all in his diaper area. So yeah, the rash can be localized, but it's not typical.

I also have immunity to CP but nobody remembers me ever having them. So if I had any spots during a childhood illness, they were where nobody could see them.

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