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Greetings Everyone,


New to this site and have been wanting a community like this ~ so glad to be here.


In a nut shell ~ our daughter was vaccinated against our will or knowledge, by our relative (M.D.) who invited our daughter  over to play with their daughter. 


It all started after our homebirth.  We belonged to Chicago's most progressive Homebirthing Dr.'s group, and they gave us a list of books to read on vaccinations.

We were shocked at what goes into vaccines and had seen a doc about a couple of neighbors whose children were vaccinated at the same Dr.'s office and went from bright and healthy to severely mentally handicapped.  That did it for us and we made the decision to not vaccinate our daughter.


At a family dinner party, shortly after our wonderful painless 2 hour birth, I made the grave error of mentioning to my family that we had done alot of research and decided to pass on vaccinations.  The reaction from all but especially my sibling who is an M.D. was so strong and palpable that on the way home I told my husband that we could never ever leave her with my family alone as I strongly  feared and sensed that they would vaccinate her against our wishes.


So, we never left them with her as a baby etc. even though they brought it up to us and wondered why out loud.  When our daughter was 6 or 7 years old she would be invited my sibling the M.D. to have a playdate with their daughter.


Thinking that they would not be able to vaccinate her at this age since she could verbalize, we let her go.  


This was my second major grave mistake, as my M.D. sibling purposely invited her over so that she would vaccinate her.  She emptied the injections into a glass of chocolate milk and told her to drink it all down, all of it.  Something she had never said to her before.


Our daughter would come home and become ill with a high fever and vomiting.

I asked our daughter "what in the heck did you eat over there"?  Our daughter would tell us . . . etc.. We followed a very healthy diet and knew she ate a little wider at relatives homes but this reaction made me wonder.  Our daughter was very healthy prior to these illnesses.


Then the real health problems began to surface.  Our daughter would react violently to 2 pieces of pizza and begin vomiting up bile.  These bile episodes as they became to be called continued whenever she ate certain things or foods we normally didn't consume in our healthy diet.


Never dreaming that the real cause was her visits to her relatives where they all partook in this heinous crime of giving our little girl injection meant vaccines orally.


We found our recently from a different sibling that this is what went on, and they witnessed it.  They all probably still think they were righteous in their decision to vaccinate our daughter in this horrible way.  Horrible because as we all know, 

children's vaccines are only given by injection as the Vaccine Manufacturers found from their trials and experiments that the vital digestive organs would be damaged by ingesting the vaccines orally.  


If only. . . they had thought about it logically and realized that injection only globally must mean something ~ that vaccines cannot be given orally if they are injection.

Otherwise all vaccines would be oral as millions of children are traumatized yearly by getting these horrid shots.  And oral children vaccines would be a Gold mine as they would be chosen over injection 100% of the time.  So you know they are trying to make vaccines oral as I write this sad piece of our lives.


 *        *         *         *         *         *         *         *          *         *         *        *        *          *          *

Does any one know a Vaccination Law Firm that can help us with our case (illinois).


I have read about a nurse in the East Coast was charged with a Felony and 5 years in prison for vaccinating without the parents permission. 


Learn from our mistake ~

" Be very careful about what you say about your vaccination decision ~ as your child's life is at stake literally ".

 We found out the hard way, and it has had a continuing rippling effect of detrimental side effects for our daughter's life.  She still has major liver & kidney damage.


* Best wishes to all *

Enjoy every minute or try to,  even though in our life the rain may fall.








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Yes, what you described is most certainly a crime. You should contact a lawyer, the police, and your state's medical board. If you can prove what happened, your sister will probably lose her license to practice medicine. I know she is family, but this is sociopathic behavior, and she is probably a danger to others as well. You could also sue her.


Since there are witnesses who are admitting to what they saw, be sure to get a record of that somehow, before they change their mind. A lawyer will be able to give advice on this.


I don't think you would necessarily need a law firm that specializes in vaccines.

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Try to contact Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH   (i'm sure you know who he is) he is the founder of homefirst and he is also a lawyer!!!!!


If he can't help you I'm sure he would be able to point you in the right direction. 


I am so sorry for what you are going through, this just makes me sick.  I am so sick of people thinking they can cross lines with other peoples children and not be held accountable. 

Done with diapers!!

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Um.  Most vaccines are given via injection because they won't work if they're given orally, not because they're not safe to give orally.  I can't imagine a medical doctor trying to vaccinate a child by putting vaccines in chocolate milk.  That's bizarre to the point that I think it is very likely some kind of misunderstanding. 


But yeah, obviously if that really happened you should file a police report and contact your local board of medicine.  If it really happened, your sibling can and should lose his or her medical license.  Not just for treating someone without consent (which is technically assault), but also for an absurdly bad medical practice. 

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If you are not a troll, you should definitely press charges.

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Originally Posted by HappyMommy2 View Post

If you are not a troll, you should definitely press charges.

LOL!! That's what I thought when I read this last night.

If this is true, then press charges.

If this is true, then I am very sorry for your daughter. That's horrible, and I do hope she recovers. If it's true. I hope it's not true.

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What a load of hooey!  haha

Bring back the old MDC
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Hello ShiningPearl,


I did contact his office ( this was the practice that I belonged to), I called, wrote, called again, just asking for a referral of a Law Firm as I am sure over the years


his patients have needed legal help.  Not one reply of any kind.


I gave up with them as I think they are not interested in helping in any way.


Thank you for your time and letter, it was thoughtful of you.



Sure wish this all didn't happen,


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I have to admit this does sound very bizarre. No competent NON CRAZY MD in their right mind would do what you have described. I mean it doesn't make sense> If your sibling is a doctor, they would know that orally consuming a vaccine meant to be injected will not actually immunize a person and would do no good. Lets not even get into the potential harm it may cause.


IF your sibling did this and this is a true story, I would be contacting the police and your state' smedical borad to file a formal complaint. You sibling should not be practicing medicine and I would also be severing ties with that part of the family.

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Why would I write this all out if it wasn't the truth.  It has caused much much heartache between me and my family and I can't tell you how many times I have wished it just didn't happen and that


she had just sat down with me to share her pro-vaccination views. . . I would have then shared the books I read and perhaps made her speak with my pediatrician from HomeFirst.



Thought I should clarify further to you here.  I don't have time to waste . . .  writing imaginary heinous scenarios.





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Have you spoken to your sibling about this? I wonder if there was not some sort of big misunderstanding.


It would be pointless to give injectable vaccines orally, I just don't understand why anyone, much less a physician who would certainly know this, would do that. Because a physician would know that doing so would not immunize your child.


Is it possible they put something else in the milk, like liquid vitamins or something?

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I am pretty sure you can't administer a vaccine via chocolate milk (otherwise you'd see doctors do that) you have administer it via a shot to get it in the bloodstream

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Hi Delilah 83,


The problem is that my daughter ingesting the numerous vaccines orally caused her body / namely her vital digestive organs (liver especially) to become damaged from these drinks.



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Hello Greenmulberry,


I have not yet sent her my letter explaining that I now know what she did,  but am about to.


It involves her, and more of my family who witnessed it and sanctioned it also (they told me that when they spilled the beans recently)  and possibly my mom ~ so you can see how difficult it has become due to the number of family members involved.


I am trying to find a place of forgiveness in my heart towards her - - -  but find it so hard to do it just evaporates away,  as my daughters life from childhood to the present has been affected in many negative ways due to her stupid unresearched actions.


She obviously thought the vaccination would still work in her system or she would not have done this 4 or 5 different times.


Vitamins in chocolate milk do not cause liver damage and bile vomiting.  My sibling who told me he witnessed it explicitly said vaccinations not vitamins.  


I think she honestly was trying to rescue her by vaccinating her as I had not done so, . . .  and because my daughter was 7 at the time this all began and could verbalize naturally, she placed it in chocolate milk to mask the taste.  She obviously did not research the possible damages that could occur from ingesting the vac. this way..  If only she had.


 We have a lot of "if only's" concerning this heartbreaking situation lately.


I found a Vaccination Lawyer firm out of Boston from Dr. Sheri Tenpenny's office ( she has written a bk on the 250 problems from vac.).  Unfortunately they deal with vaccination problems no more than 3 years old. Another dead end. 


My daughter wants to sue her Aunt and will try to find a personal injury lawyer.  


I will soon post the outcome of my sending my sister the letter explaining that we finally know about her heinous actions causing our daughter to get  liver damage and  disease and emotional trauma, panic attacks, burnt esophagus from the caustic bile vomiting etc. etc. 


Good night ~ all we can do is take tender care of our families,





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Have you contacted the police, Bernadette? 

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Uh, not buying this one, myself.


If I am wrong, I am very, very sorry, OP.

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If this is a real story, you sibling the MD should have their license revoked for practicing medicine illegally, outside a sanitary setting, and against your will. I would contact your state Medical Board and ask for an investigation into outside of office practice. I would also get a good lawyer on retainer who specializes in medical suits, write a letter to each member of my family explaining what I believe happened so that false information about what you think does not spread like wildfire, and remove your child from the care of ALL family members. I would take my child to the doctor and explain what you think happened (they are going to think you are crazy, because NO doctor administers vaccines through chocolate milk, although there are plenty of oral vaccines, so I do think its possible) and see if there are any tests they can do to find traces of the elements in vaccines in your daughter's bloodstream (really, this should have been done day of).

I have a hard time believing that anyone who went to medical school would attempt to give a child so many vaccines at once that it has caused her liver to become damaged.

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The thing with this is that I just don't think that ingesting vaccines would cause the symptoms described by the OP.


The virus components of the vaccine would be destroyed very quickly by stomach acid. Things like aluminium or formaldehyde  would be present in such tiny quantities (even if 4-5 vaccines were given together) that I doubt they would cause any issues when ingested. Only about 0.01% of ingested aluminium is absorbed via the GI tract. And the formaldehyde would be so diluted in the chocolate milk that it's unlikely to cause a problem but, if it did, it would be more likely to be an immediate mouth/throat irritation rather than fever and vomiting hours later.


*If* the sibling MD really did put vaccines in the milk the only crime would be failure to obtain consent though. Unless it is illegal in his/her state to treat family members. There is no reason why a doctor can't provide treatment in a home environment.

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