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tonttu's Avatar tonttu 05:49 AM 06-06-2012

I have a question , and even though I am almost sure , that I have nothing to worry about , I still wanted to hear some opinions .

I received all my vac boosters in August of 2006 , including my tetanus shot !

In January of this year , I developed a severe sepsis after I had to have a tooth pulled and the dentist failed to give me precautionary antibiotics .

I have since recovered from it , but my immune system still feels a bit more fragile than it normally is ( I am usually a very strong , healthy person )

However , this morning I somehow managed to step on a rusty nail !

Now my question , should I have my tetanus shot boosted or is it more likely , that I don´t need to , especially since I have been fully vacced since birth and have never let it lapse ?

I´d appreciate some input !

prosciencemum's Avatar prosciencemum 05:56 AM 06-06-2012

I think given your recent health history I would get your rusty nail wound checked out by a doctor. They could best advise if you should get a new Tetanus shot. 


Hope you are OK. 

thefragile7393's Avatar thefragile7393 12:58 PM 06-07-2012

Is the wound bleeding? Tetanus spores cannot grow in oxygenated blood, so that is one big thing to consider.  Keeping the wound clean will prevent any other infection from setting in.

tonttu's Avatar tonttu 08:10 AM 06-08-2012

Well , I went to the doctor and he said , since I had full vaccination since I was a baby , my immunity will not be compromised by the sepsis I had .

Plus , the last shot was less than 6 years ago , that makes it still quite " fresh " joy.gif

holly6737's Avatar holly6737 05:07 PM 06-18-2012

That's right. Your most recent booster will protect you against tetanus with this incident. Your next tetanus booster should be 2015-2016. :)