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Minuteman's Avatar Minuteman 08:17 AM 06-06-2012

I haven't studied the issues surrounding vaccination in depth myself, but I came across this while researching other matters and thought it might be of interest to readers.






Although the majority of storage temperatures we independently measured during a 2 week period were within the required ranges, VFC vaccines stored by 76 percent of the 45 selected providers were exposed to inappropriate temperatures for at least 5 cumulative hours during that period. Exposure to inappropriate temperatures can reduce vaccine potency and efficacy, increasing the risk that children are not provided with maximum protection against preventable diseases. Thirteen providers stored expired vaccines together with nonexpired vaccines, increasing the risk of mistakenly administering the expired vaccine. Finally, the selected providers generally did not meet vaccine management requirements or maintain required documentation. Similarly, none of the five selected grantees met all VFC program oversight requirements, and grantee site visits were not effective in ensuring that providers met vaccine management requirements over time.

Bokonon's Avatar Bokonon 08:56 AM 06-06-2012

That's very interesting, thank you for sharing.

Minuteman's Avatar Minuteman 08:18 PM 06-08-2012

The CDC have released a statement in response to the OIG report:




CDC is not recommending that parents revaccinate their children. The main concern with improper storage temperatures is that they can make vaccines less effective rather than less safe. The OIG report did not assess vaccine potency or effectiveness. While it is possible that some children have received less potent vaccines due to exposure to improper temperatures, our data do not suggest that this is a common or widespread problem.

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