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Kbamboo's Avatar Kbamboo 07:41 PM 08-25-2012

Hi! I'm new here and have a few questions.

First, my name is Kelley, and I'm a 26 year old mama to 2 unvaccinated, intact little boys, Ages 2 and 3. My husband is a Nurse in the Army, and I work from home.

DH has received orders to Germany, and we are concerned about our children's vaccination status. We have been told many different things, and I am hoping someone here has had some first hand experience.
We absolutely will not vaccinate, for any reason, but are concerned that DH will be sent on without us because of this.
Are their any waivers that the ARMY accepts? We were told that religious exemption is irrelevant.
If his orders were to be dropped because of this, would he be cut new orders without us on them and be away for 3 years? (We have already been through multiple deployments, and this is a terrifying thought...) Would we be PCSed elsewhere, or would we end up just staying where we are? Will this decision effect his career in any way?


Thanks in advance for any input!

Just1More's Avatar Just1More 08:50 PM 08-25-2012

I saw your post and found the "trouble going to okinawa" thread.  I accidently bumped it meaning to reply to your post, which was just as well.  The OP offers some contacts that might be helpful to you. 


Good luck. :)

~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 09:54 PM 08-25-2012

welcome to mothering!   i want to invite you to come join us over in the Military Family Life group, im sure some of the other military moms have dealth with this exact thing and can give you some good info.


again, glad to have you here

Kbamboo's Avatar Kbamboo 04:56 PM 08-26-2012

Thanks, ladies!

minerva23's Avatar minerva23 01:50 PM 08-29-2012


AR 40-562


Maybe that might help!