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emma1325's Avatar emma1325 10:38 AM 01-14-2013




"A new study using data from the US government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) shows that the more vaccines given, the more likely children will die or be hospitalized. The increased rates are highly significant, with a 50% greater chance of death with doubling the number of vaccines and more than 100% increase in hospitalizations—that’s double the number of hospital visits..."



Thoughts?  I haven't really examined the study yet, so any specifics offered are appreciated.

prosciencemum's Avatar prosciencemum 12:44 PM 01-14-2013

Well usual problems of VAERS being self reported. Did they follow up the reports (or a fraction of them) or take them at face value?


They look at the rates of hospitalization and death relative to all VAERS reports correlated against the number of vaccines given. Conlucision - the proportion of serious VAERS reports (i.e.. hospitalization or death) for higher numbers of vaccines given together is higher. As far as I can tell this could either because the rate of serious reactions is higher, or because the rate of VAERS reported events of any kind is lower..... 

Rrrrrachel's Avatar Rrrrrachel 03:23 PM 01-14-2013
More rigorous studies have shown the opposite. Vaers is a bad data set to do this with because right off the bat you're only including people who have had some kind of reaction.

Vaccines cause adverse events. That is not in question. It happens. Even if serious adverse events are rare, I'm not shocked to see that more vaccination means more hospitalization, etc. that's just math. Especially since there's not a real comparison group.