My 1 year old got the DTAP shot, 1 day later has runny nose, sneezing, fever, and coughing. - Mothering Forums

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Does this mean my 1 year old got pertussis or is this just really bad side effects from the DTAP shot? 


What should I do now???? Doctor to get anti-bio stuff or should I give vitamin C, etc?


Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks



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The pertussis portion is dead so no, I don't think he could get pertussis from it.


Maybe someone else can chime in with potential side effects from the vax. We've never had it. If you do think that it is related you can report it to VAERS.


Vitamin C sounds good. I would just treat it as something viral and consult a doctor if it gets worse or changes.

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I have no "scientific" proof of this, but what I thinks happens is that vaccines are hard on a little person's immune system and lowers resistance to colds/viruses ect. So one is MORE LIKELY to pick up whatever is going around because the hosts resistance is down. 

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I'd offer some supplements such as sodium ascorbate to bowel tolerance, vitamin D3, nordic naturals fish oil for kids. Everything in the dtap is toxoids, no live bacteria. It sounds like a cold. I agree with Marnica. We don't vaccinate when the kids are sick or have been sicke 4 weeks prior. Of course you couldn't know that your LO would come down with a cold. That's why I would nurse plenty and offer said supplements, maybe some zinc/echinacea combo and or sambucus too. Since your child is over 12 months raw honey is great too for colds.

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A really strong immune response to the vaccine might look like a cold. So while it won't be pertussis it could be a sign your LO's immune system is responding to the vaccine and developing immunity to pertussis.

Could also be a coincidence. Assuming your in the northern hemisphere it is that time if year. Both of mine have colds right now too.

Either way I'd do whatever you normally do with a cold. smile.gif

But definitely make a VAERs report if you have time. More data to monitor these things the better.

Hope you are all better soon.

Mother of two living in UK. Daughter (2007) born in USA, son (2010) born here. I'm pro natural birth, midwife care, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing and a keen advocate of cloth diapering. I'm a full time working research scientist (physical sciences). Vaccines save lives.
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Originally Posted by prosciencemum View Post

A really strong immune response to the vaccine might look like a cold. 

Actually, a really strong immune response to the vaccine might look like autoimmune disorder such as lupus, MS, diabetes, asthma, thyroid disorder, Guillaine-Barre Syndrome, narcolepsy, epilepsy, or other seizure disorder.   Or it could look like intestinal disorders such as Crohn's, IBS, celiac disease, etc.  Or it could look like encephalitis.


Let's make sure to tell the whole truth, not just the tiny part that's spun to make the vaccine companies look good.


Sarah721, I don't think that there's any way to tell whether your little one was coming down with this anyway, whether the vaccine triggered something, or whether the vaccine impacted your little one's immune system in such a way that he (or she?) couldn't fight off something that he (or she?) would have otherwise handled with no problem.


I think prosciencemum's advice to handle this the way you normally would handle any cold is actually very good advice.  I'd add that you might want to keep your eyes open for any additional symptoms, and that this would be a particularly poor time to try new foods on your little one, particularly dairy products.  If you are still nursing, you might want to stick with that until your little one is all better.

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I delayed vaccines with my two youngest kids and last year I let them get their Dtap the 5 year old was fine but the 2.5 year old ended up with pneumonia 3 days later, they also thought he had asthma, he has been fine since, but it was really scary at the time. 

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