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ashleykaerice's Avatar ashleykaerice 12:33 PM 10-07-2013

I was just told by my healthcare provider that Wisconsin requires eye ointment for newborns within one hour after birth...I cannnot find this law. Does anyone have information on where to find this law and more to get around it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

fruitfulmomma's Avatar fruitfulmomma 12:36 PM 10-07-2013

I don't know about WI, but our state requires it and there is still an exemption. All I had to do was sign a waiver when I went into the hospital and there was no issue at all.

Gryphonn's Avatar Gryphonn 03:24 PM 10-09-2013

Looks like you need a religious objection in Wisconsin (which is crazy!!!).


You could use the letter here as a template (it's written for a Christian objection).  I would get it notarized and keep copies everywhere.  Another option is that you could look into a home birth with a midwife, as they would be bound by the same laws but in my experience are more flexible in their application.