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chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 05:38 PM 01-18-2014
Originally Posted by applejuice View Post

 The American Medical Association's (AMA) Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine cite a 1994 study where approximately 1/3 of doctors were working without mandatory flu vaccines. Yet the same doctors will push every vaccine into your child without citing any of the side effects to look for.



However, by 2013, 92.3% of physicians got their flu shots.

applejuice's Avatar applejuice 05:46 PM 01-18-2014

What about the other 7.7%?


Why was the rate so low before?  Were patients dropping dead from the doctors' lack of boosters?  Why did it take so long, 19 years, to get the flu shot rates up among healthcare workers and doctors?  If the flu shots work so well, why the hard sell?


What about the ob/gyns walking around pregnant women without their rubella boosters?  Was congential rubella syndrome suddenly a problem with ob/gyns not up-to-date with their MMR boosters?


The fact of the matter is that doctors and healthcare professionals see the damage, reactions, and side effects from the vaccines that they give and do not care to repeat the problem with their own health.

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 07:34 PM 01-18-2014

This article discusses influenza vaccinatio rates in the UK and Canada - both countries with fairly non-punitive vaccine policies (although - boo, hiss, BC!)


Both have substantially lower HCP flu vaccines rates than the USA.


It is interesting that when they are not forced (or whatever you want to call it) into vacination, doctors, who as a group know a lot about medicine, decline it in fairly large numbers.


"Officialdom's failure to convince its own health care workers to follow its vaccination policy spans much of the Western world. In the UK, only 46 per cent of health care workers -- slightly less for doctors (45 per cent) and nurses (41 per cent) -- are vaccinated for the flu, despite concerted government efforts…."


"" In Alberta, where unvaccinated nurses have been told they may be sent home without pay during flu outbreaks, the government has promised toconsider stronger medicine still if inoculation rates, currently at 40% to 50% for doctors, nurses and other health workers, don't improve."

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 07:41 PM 01-18-2014
Originally Posted by chickabiddy View Post


However, by 2013, 92.3% of physicians got their flu shots.

This figure comes form an internet survey.  There could be some selection bias.  


Another odd thing - the CDC on the front page says 92.3%, but if you follow the links to the survey results, it says 84%  


Gack!  Consistency, CDC.




Another goodie from the above page - reason why HCP got the flu vaccine:


 Only 5.6% due it primarily to protect patients.  It kind of puts a damper on the whole "vaccinate for the herd!"

serenbat's Avatar serenbat 04:47 PM 01-19-2014
Originally Posted by applejuice View Post

RE: the hep B shot.


There is a federal OSHA form to exempt and refuse the hep B shot.


If you read the OSHA instructions, employees are still required to use sterile protocol and required to report any needle pricks and be observed and treated, whether or not they are vaccinated with the Hep B shot, so what does the shot protect against if so much protection and follow up is needed?


One cannot be discriminated against for their use of this form. It is in the OSHA law.  Yet, I am sure there are those who can and will make life miserable for those who do; I have seen it done.


There is no evidence that being unvaccinated makes a person a carrier of any disease they do not have.  How can you give a person a disease that you do not have or are not carrying? 


If you are vaccinated, how do you know you have any protection against the disease you are vaccinated against?  How many people bother to get titre counts?


However, there is plenty of evidence that live virus vaccines, MMR, Varicella, Yellow Fever, Flu, and the aP portion of the DTaP shot make the receiver of the vaccine a carrier, spreader, and sharer of the disease for as long as 2-40 days; it is called shedding viruses, except in the case of the aP. Doctors generally do not look for that cause, but it is easier to blame a non-vaxer for your disease. 


Because the pertussis vaccines, the wP, documented since the 1940s to be neurologically toxic and the aP being so ineffective, there is currently a new and improved pertussis vaccine in the works - a live bacterial vaccine that will go up the nose like the Flumist. I guarantee that will be a sharing experience for all involved.


thanks for posting this - WOW and how many that want to know about their care providers vaccine status know they can exempt at least from this one?

serenbat's Avatar serenbat 10:29 AM 01-21-2014
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