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I was given a rhogam shot a couple of weeks ago, because I'm rh negative, and now I ran across an article in Mothering Mag. from 2001 which mentions that these shots are mercury laden and that many rh neg. women end up with autistic babies mostly due to this hot.
I'm scared, and I'm in my 8th month...any advice????!

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The current Rhogam shot is supposed to be mercury free. Can you get the info on the shot you were given and find out the ingredients? That would be the best way to get some peace of mind (that is if the shot really is mercury free).

Also, keep in mind that there are several factors involved in autism and the Rhogam in any particular case may or may not be the most significant cause.

Hope everything turns out fine!


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The Rhogam shots no longer contain mercury or mercury-based products. They haven't for years--this argument against the shot is old and shopworn, to say the least.

I agree that, for peace of mind, you can request to read the packaging and inserts from the rhogam your caregiver uses. Understand, though, that the labeling won't say "mercury." Do some research on mercury-based preservatives. I'm allergic to one called thimerosal, for example.

The same can be said for all vaccines these days: virtually all are mercury-free, so just inform yourself and read carefully.

The extremely remote chance that you might stumble across an old batch of rhogam containing thimerosal (so old it should be thrown out and not used, anyway) is dwarfed by the devastating health effects for you and your baby should you have a blood antibody incompatibility.

Know, though, that the shot is not a guarantee. I had it, and it didn't work on my system--we still had an incompatibility problem. There's no way, however, to tell if you are one of the rare people whose bodies process the vaccine without any effect. The odds of the shot helping are far greater than the odds of it causing a problem.
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Hi Nana,
I spoke to my Doc today and she said that yes, these shots still contain mercury, but very small amounts, and that it is extremely unlikely that it would be the cause of autism.
I will do more research and in the meantime all I can do is hope for a healthy, happy baby, and reject other vaccinations,

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I am glad you decided not to get any more vaxs for yourself. I know they now recommend the flue vaccine for pregnant women. That also contains mercury...

From your statemennt, it appears you will not be vaxing your little one? If you still have not decided, pls feel free to come back with any questions.

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Is your DH rh+? If he's - too then you didn't need the shot. I personally wouldn't get the shot while pg unless indicated (unexplained bleeding or I had an invasive procedure). There's nothing you can do about it now so try not to worry, it won't help. 2 I had it w/ my son (totally unnecessary) and he's fine. A little hard headed like his mother, but that has nothing to do w/ the shot.

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ALL rhogam shots still have mercury in them. There's at least 25mcg, if not more.
The so called Mercury free rhogam is extremely expensive which is why most doctors don't keep it in stock. Don't buy the "there's no more mercury in the vaccines" statement by ANY doctor...or that one, "Mercury was taken out years ago."
First of all, there's NEVER been a recall on mercury-containing vaccines since the recommendation of it's removal in 1999.
2nd-the removal of mercury was NEVER made mandatory. Only a "recommendation."
3-No manufacturer gets vials out of their "storage" to remove mercury.
4-mercury free vaccines do not lift the burden of mercury containing vaccines which manufacturers continue to produce to this day.
5-The whole reason for mercury in vaccines is a preservative. It's suppose to prevent contamination. Now, think about that...what contaminations?
6-not all doctors are concerned or smart enough to read the product inserts of their vials (or even the vials for that matter) to see if there's mercury in every dose
7-for some odd reason most doctors don't keep themselves abreast on the mercury contents in ANY of the vaccines in their office. They translate the recommendation of mercury removal to a mandatory removal.

Remember, NO ONE has ever literally removed mercury from exisiting vials before shipping. And no recalls were mandated.

Other points:
the rhogam is simply take from a pool of blood . Dr. Sherri Tenpenny states that it is LESS than 1% effective. And yes, even stated by CDC, the unborn child and infants are more at risk for exposure because mercury goes directy to the fetus where it concentrates IN the fetus. Infants do not have fully functioning livers to eliminate metal until 6 months of age. So, where does that metal go?
If it crosses the blood brain barrier, one of the places it will get stored is well...in the brain.
The brain is 60% fat (mercury is a fat soluble). Thus, this is where it likes to "sit". The fats in the brain where the mercury sits are called phospholipids.
Now, this fact makes blood tests and hair tests of autistic children irrefutably WORTHLESS. But, doctors and other vax supports(those ofwhich have a conflict of interest) stick to such tactics because they are either clueless or want to keep the public in the dark. I'm just repeating the words of a neurosurgeon of over 21 years.
So, if an infant less than 6 months doesn't even have the ability to eliminate mercury from their body, what's happening to the fetus?
Not all children (once 6 months or older) have the same ability to eliminate mercury as other children. Every child metabolizes mercury differently. The rising neurological epidemic in this country of over 600% is all the proof one needs.
This is not rocket science.

Don't take the rhogam unless the physician is willing to give you a copy of the product insert. Read it thoroughly that and look for it. Now, if you read such publications on a regular basis and understand 90% of what it's talking about, you'll also understand the other hideous characteristics of the manufacturing process. You'll find plenty of other reasons NOT to participate in ANY vaccine or vaccine program.

Now, I touched on the contamination issue. ALL vaccines are contaminated. That's why formaldehyde and mercury...etc are used. The process in which vaccines are manufactured are vile. Viruses and bacteria are replicated on foreign tissue which carry contaminates (other diseases in the form of foreign bacteria and foreign viruses originally only known to wild animal species-i.e. the african monkey, cow...etc). In the case of the rhogam shot....one would have to ask what in the world could be contaminating a pool of blood from another human being? Consider this: humans are also disease carriers. We carry disease in the form of bacteria and viruses in our blood stream.

Mercury free vaccines all still have trace amounts. Is that safe? Scientifically, no.
Research research research
Good luck,
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Good info ihatevaccines!

And I see you are new,
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Wow, ihatevaccines...
You really seem to know your stuff!
Will you stop by the vaccine info link thead and post a little?
You contributions would be really useful....
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