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azyre's Avatar azyre 12:25 AM 10-19-2004
.. or similar

I've spent a bit of time trawling the net but I am a bit frantic and hope you won't mind helping this Mum out. I am mostly concerned about my friend we were around all this weekend, she is 26.5 weeks pregnant.

My 18mo DD has a slight high temp at times over the past few days - I'd guess starting about 4 or 5 days ago. Yesterday and today she felt normal, and this morning I have noticed a pin prick rash on her chest and back. She has been more tired and whingy. I put this down to the fact she'd been babysat for four days in a row, which is totally out of the usual for us. She has also lost her appetite, but has eaten a little last night and today. I think her throat is sore, as she is holding food in her mouth and leaving it there.

She is breastfed and has never been vax'd. I give her 1000mg of sodium ascorbate (vitC) and one capsule of pro-biotics every breaskfast - obviously while she has beeen off her food I havent been able to get this into her. I tried to up her vitc in response to the fever but as she wasn't taking much food I was unsuccessful.

This sounds most like measles yeah? The timing of the fever and rash? Could it be something else rashy? I am taking her to the Dr for a diagnosis this afternoon but wouldn't mind others learned opinions.

My other questions:
What's the real risk for my friend? She thinks she had it as a child. Every page I open just has a one or two liner about the defects it can cause How do i find REAL information?

Now for my DD - just keep up the vitc and get some Vit A into her? What's the best form of vit A? How much?
I'm taking her to the dr for a diagnosis but not treatment, if she contiues to seem not too bad, is it ok to give all the other natural treatments a miss or should I do them now instead of if it gets worse? She isn't too sick IMO.

Periwinkle's Avatar Periwinkle 12:39 AM 10-19-2004
Hmmm... it sounds more like Roseola to me. At least, that's what dd's Roseola was like: a few days of HIGH fever (really high, as in 104+) followed by nothing, followed by pinprick rash on trunk.

You haven't mentioned a runny (pouring) nose, cough, or especially Koplik's spots, which would provide a definitive diagnosis of Measles. Plus I think Measles begins on the face and THEN spreads to the trunk.

Check out this link:

charmarty's Avatar charmarty 12:43 AM 10-19-2004
Yup, I agree, baby measels.
Has the rash spread? Into her hairline?
azyre's Avatar azyre 12:48 AM 10-19-2004
it is mostly on her trunk but looks like it is spreading up onto her hairline. i have looked as good as you can into a sick cranky 18mo mouth and cant see any white spots. she hasnt got a runny nose, cough or anything like that.
charmarty's Avatar charmarty 12:53 AM 10-19-2004
Sounds like Roseola to me.(baby measels) When the rash appears, the worst is usually over. You can do a search here for it and also in Health and healing.
My dd's got it when they were 6 months old. There should be some pictures put up by members.
Please remember NO tylenol for her right now.
azyre's Avatar azyre 01:04 AM 10-19-2004
oh yup, this is a no anti-pyretic zone ... does that make us a pyretic zone? Ok, sense of humour is back, crisis under control

I feel much happier it beign roseola as i was at a parents baby and childrens expo much of the weekend with a bigzillion pregnant women walking past. DD was there asleep or feeding in the sling for 1.5 hours of that, was concerned what i would breathe onto them from her!

going to look up roseola now, thank for your help.