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chevy974's Avatar chevy974 10:47 AM 08-04-2006
My dd is returning to school 9th grade to be exact. She has been homeschooled since 4th grade. She is up to date up until 4 I think she has had NO booster shots. They have asked me for her vaccine recrds when I come to fill out paper work. Do I say she is excempt and file out appropriate papers or do I give them the shot record and say she is having NO more. We are in Ohio if that helps. Whats the best route to take in this situation.


chevy974's Avatar chevy974 02:21 PM 08-04-2006
Bump Any one?
Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 02:27 PM 08-04-2006
Exemptions are submitted in lieu of vax records; there is no need to let them know she was ever vaxed.
xmysticprincessx's Avatar xmysticprincessx 03:21 PM 08-04-2006
i would just do a philosphical exemption (since youre in ohio).
i dont have the exact website, but you can find info on (i've gotta run some errands soon, so dont have time to search for you.)
good luck!
EVC's Avatar EVC 03:29 PM 08-04-2006
Check the wording of your state's philosophical exemption--some allow for partial vax'ing so you can pick and choose which shots you do and do not want.

LI should be able to help you find the form if you don't already have it.
LongIsland's Avatar LongIsland 03:31 PM 08-04-2006
Originally Posted by EVC
LI should be able to help you find the form if you don't already have it.

I'm stumped - I'm pretty sure OH has a preprinted exemption form (or it's on the immunization certificate). I can't find it anywhere online though.
comfybuns's Avatar comfybuns 03:48 PM 08-04-2006

Generic Vaccine Refusal Form from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's webpage.

Public school districts:

Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools
(.doc) Immunization_Exemption_Form.doc

Massillon City Schools
(Religious, Good Cause and Medical)
Amended Substitute Senate Bill No. 282, Ohio Revised Code,
Sections 3313.671, part (3) and (4)

Bath Local School District, Lima, Ohio
(Religious, Good Cause and Medical Exemption Form)
Page 127 of the Student Handbook
Amended Substitute Senate Bill No 282, Ohio Revised Code,
Sections 3313.671 Part (3) and (4)

Millford Exempted Village Schools
State of Ohio Legal Immunization Exemption
(This form is generic, and may be used for other schools.)

Black River Local School District
Sullivan, OH 44880
Ohio Revised Code, Sections 3313.671, Part (3) and (4)
(This form is also generic, and may be used for other schools.)

Defiance City Schools

Delaware City Schools
Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
To download the Microsoft Word document,
go to Index of /Exemptions and click on the Delaware-exempt.doc
Delaware-exempt.doc is also available in WordPerfect (.wpd) format. Contact us.

Perrysburg School District

Beachwood City Schools
Used for the following schools:
Hilltop Elementary School
Bryden Elementary School
Fairmount Early Childhood Center
Beachwood High School
Beachwood Middle School

Sample Exemption letter
comfybuns's Avatar comfybuns 03:49 PM 08-04-2006
oops I think I forgot this:
§3313.671 - Required Immunizations; Exceptions
B.4 A pupil who presents a written statement of the pupil's parent or guardian in which the parent or guardian objects to the immunization for good cause, including religious convictions, is not required to be immunized.
LongIsland's Avatar LongIsland 03:52 PM 08-04-2006
Thanks CB - Based on your post, it appears as though school districts have taken the liberty to create their own exemption forms. I think the OP should definitely ask the school if they have their own form, otherwise she can create her own statement.
chevy974's Avatar chevy974 11:58 PM 08-06-2006
thanks everyone I am gonna call tomorrow

thanks again