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are croup & whooping cough the same?

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my SIL 3 month old DS has been exposed to CP. He hasn't gotten it so far, but he does have croup now. I thought whooping cough & croup were the same, but docs just called it croup in a kid who has been vaxed for whooping cough. Did that make sense?: Anyway, she is 100% pro vax, I am 100% anti vax. I just want to get my facts straight before I talk to her Thanks girls!
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Actually croup and diptheria used to be grouped together because of their similarities.

I'll be back with a link.
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From CDC historical data (1908). The last part is interesting, huh?

As it has been suggested that diphtheria might be taken as a measure of sanitary efficiency, owing to the fact that deaths from this disease are largely preventable, this decrease may be considered a very satisfactory indication of the general sanitary condition of the country.

In this connection it may be stated that the term “diphtheria and croup” does not refer to two separate and distinct diseases, but simply to the one disease properly designated diphtheria. The use of the word “croup” is a relic of old-time pathology; it is chiefly employed by the less progressive class of physicians, and by the laity who do not understand its identity with diphtheria.
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wow, very interesting! Thank you so much for that info!!!
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Interesting question. My baby recently had what we called croup~ mostly because he was very raspy. Everyone else in the family got a cough as well, but not as bad as his. It crossed my mind that it may be pertussis, but I always expected that to be so much more severe. All my living children are vax-free, although it certainly seems that vaxed kids get it quite often anyway.

I just gave the appropriate remedies and everyone was fine. It took about 4 weeks for the cough to be completely gone. So would it be more accurate to think it might have possibly been diptheria rather than pertussis? I know it doesn't really matter what the label is, but it's interesting.

Thank you for that link LI. It will take me a while to get through it, but it seems to have lots of good info.
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I think that whooping cough in vaccinated children is usually called bronchitis or asthma.
So if a child has had croup, he actully had diptheria? Now I'd love to get my sons titres done just to see if that is so.
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From what I researched when my oldest had a really bad case of croup...

Croup is a symptom, not a disease, like runny nose or fever. Specifically it is a swelling of the larynx which causes a narrowing of the airway. In adults it usually just causes a sore throat. In young children, because the airway is small to begin with, even a small swelling can make it harder for air to pass through. It usually causes a cough like a barking seal. In worse cases it causes stridor which is a noise that you hear when they breathe in (as opposed to wheezing which is noise on exhale). In really serious cases it can obstruct the airway enough to cause respiratory distress.

There are certain viruses that are more likely to cause croup, but really any upper respiratory virus can cause it. Some kids are more prone to it and will tend to get it with almost every cold, others will never get it. Mild cases to moderate cases are usually treated with humid air (think steamy shower). More serious cases can require more intervention. Now, this doesn't mean that every doctor will use the term 'croup' correctly, but this is how it should be used.

Whooping cough, on the other hand, causes uncontrollable fits of coughing, but it is just regular old coughing, not the barking cough of croup. It comes from deeper down in the lungs - croup is up in the throat. I have had both and can tell you that they not the same. Again, doesn't mean the ped is correct, but they aren't the same.

One last point - if your SIL's boy has been exposed to CP make sure they do not treat him with steriods for the croup. Some peds will jump in with the steroids at the littlest sign of croup instead of saving them for the really serious cases. We all know that steroids and CP don't mix.
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