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Romana's Avatar Romana 05:16 PM 03-05-2007

A physician who advised the Virginia legislature that the state could successfully vaccinate all sixth-grade girls against some types of cervical cancer maintains a previously undisclosed financial relationship with the vaccine's maker.
Okay, this is just the author of the article's mistake, but it REALLY bugs me. Being inaccurate about how the vaccine may prevent cervical cancer in the first paragraph of the article is poor journalism, IMO.

The rest of the article talks about how the doctor who spoke to the legislature about Gardasil didn't disclose that she's paid by Merck (not specifically for that appearance, of course ) to do educational talks on Gardasil, and about the bill being signed shortly. I didn't realize it had made it to the governor's desk already.

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LongIsland's Avatar LongIsland 05:35 PM 03-05-2007
Virginia opens its political process to the public, allowing anyone who is present to come forth and speak at a committee hearing. Paid lobbyists are required to register with the state to participate in the legislative process, but others are merely required to identify themselves at the microphone before they speak.

Boardman said she had entered the hearing by chance and spoke only when a question came up and she seemed the most informed person in the room to answer. Merck did not send her to the meeting, she emphasized, nor was her interchange with lawmakers a Merck-paid appearance. But she acknowledged she does speak on Merck's behalf and has given four or five talks on cervical cancer and Gardasil for Merck.

Had Boardman disclosed she works for Merck, "I imagine it would have created a lengthier hearing, some more questions asked, some more skepticism," he said.

Yeah, okay . . . she "entered the hearing by chance." Just like the rest of the provaxers who attend these hearings. She's full of shit.

Pharma, the CDC and the AAP make absolutely sure they have all their "players" at these hearings.
Romana's Avatar Romana 06:03 PM 03-05-2007
LI, what are you talking about? I accidentally enter committee hearings on issues where I'm an expert ALL THE TIME! You know, just the other day I was downtown to get my hair done and I just happened to waltz into a committee hearing. It just happens. You're such a conspiracy theorist!

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