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Vaccinations > Has anyone done Sheri Nakken's email vax classes?
acupuncturemomma's Avatar acupuncturemomma 04:19 PM 06-25-2007
I'm intrigued, but would be interested in feedback if anybody knows anything about her or the classes.

barjem's Avatar barjem 11:13 PM 06-25-2007
I am also wondering if anyone has taken her class.I had been following her site for a few years and seemed very well done.
Mab's Avatar Mab 01:37 AM 06-26-2007
I took the first part 3 years ago and still reread the mails all the time. I have this unfinished project of printing everything (which is a lot) and taking the second part. I highly recommend them!
barefoot mama's Avatar barefoot mama 02:03 AM 06-26-2007
I took it 4 or 5 years ago. She gives a wealth of information that I never would have found any other way. It is a lot of work, but I still have all the lessons she sent and use them for reference.
grisandole's Avatar grisandole 02:17 AM 06-26-2007
I took her homeopathy course and am currently taking one of the vax ones, she is amazing as are her classes
EENS's Avatar EENS 09:08 AM 06-26-2007
Now I'm intrigued too. I googled her name and can't seem to access her site. Can someone give me a working link to her website?
barefoot mama's Avatar barefoot mama 09:30 AM 06-26-2007
This is the link to her site http://nccn.net/~wwithin/vaccine.htm

It's not working right now for some reason. Try it later this afternoon.