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Mommy To Baby Roni's Avatar Mommy To Baby Roni 08:25 AM 07-16-2003
I was wondering what some of you out there thought about DD's current situation. It's 3am, so I'll make it quick. Just got home from quick-care center w/DD. She's 8mos. old. She was diagnosed with Cellulitis in her right eye. It's a bacterial infection causing the eyelid (upper & lower) to be red and swollen, as well as a green discharge and watering.

Of course, she was prescribed antibiotics. The eyedrop is Gentamicin Sulfate (2 drops every 4hrs) and the oral is like Penicillin.

Any ideas on what vitamins, probiotics, etc. to give her to help speed healing? Do you know if they are sold in infant "doses"? I've put Chamomile tea in her eye, per my herbal remedy book, as well as some breastmilk. She's 8mos. old, so I can forget her letting me use anything as a compress.

Do you think I should give both antibiotics? I don't see why she'd need the Penicillin since the eyedrops are antibiotics. Do you think I should alternate the antibiotic eyedrops with Chamomile drops or just go for the Chamomile or just the antibiotic drops? I'm very open to natural options, but any infection that has to do with the eyes get me a little nervous and quick to act with conventional medicine.


Sara29's Avatar Sara29 10:30 AM 07-16-2003
My dd just had eye irritation 2 weeks ago and from what I remember in my smart meds book you can do a warm compress soaked in eyebright tea or goldenseal tea. Try looking over at healthy.net in the childrens section for other suggestions.I also gave her echinacea(herbs for kids brand) and sodium ascorbate.You should get the smart medecine book by Janet Zand.I think there is a new updated book.Anyway it offers conventional and alternative treatments.I always go with A. first and C. as a last resort.

Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 10:57 AM 07-16-2003
Please don't give her any antibiotics! It's killing me everytime I hear similar "story". There is lots of alternative (mostly homeopathic) eye drops in health stores you could use. I am sure they would work just great.
I just pulled out my book called Homeopathic remedies by Asa Hershoff and found page "Eye inflammation" and this is what I found under remedy called Rhus Toxicodendron:
inflammation with pus. Soreness, red, burning, itching. Photophobia, inflamed iris or tishues around eye (cellulitis). Ulcers of cornea. Styes. eyelids greatly swollen, heavy and stiff, stick together at night. Profuse tearing. Worse: night, damp, cold. Better: warm, compress, rubbing
If at least 2-3 symptoms matches with your dd's symptoms then get this remedy. Get low dilution I'd say 6C. Go to health store and buy Boiron (French company - the BEST, or you can find it at www.ehealthland.com) again, the name is Rhus Toxicodendron 6C. Give her about 3-5 pellets disolved in the little bit of water up to 5 times a day and she'll be better in no time!!! REALLY! Homeopathy is a mirricle and FAST cure!
And of course I do recommend that book!
Good luck,
PS: Try this as well - I love their products!! And they have whole line for babies and children, natural, homeopathic....http://www.kingbio.com/product_listing.html
Mommy To Baby Roni's Avatar Mommy To Baby Roni 06:43 PM 07-16-2003
Thank you so much! I gave her the drops when we got home last night and again early this morning. Her eye already seems 50% better, but I hate using antibiotics. She's never had any type of medication before last night. We just got up (yawn). I'll be headed to Wild Oats as soon as we get ourselves together.

Thank you, again, for the suggestions, esp. the book suggestions!