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Reaction to Hib vaccine, camomile tea or just sick?

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07-17-2003 | Posts: 344
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Hi All,
I am hoping you can help me here.

DD is 7 months old. On Tuesday at 12PM she had her Hib vaccine (the 3rd dose).

Last night (wed), she was really restless and seemed uncomfortable. I gave her some sips of my camomile tea (first time she has ever had this). I also gave her one dose of camomilia teething remedy. I gave her the tea at 10PM, the teething stuff about an hr earlier.

She went to bed at 10 and woke up around 1pM to nurse, went right back to sleep.

At 4:30 she woke up clearly uncomfortable. I rocked her and she had major diarrhea-filled 2 diapers. I nursed her and about 5 min later she threw up.
She went back to sleep and woke up in the morning seemingly fine-she was happy, nursing, playing etc. She has been fine the rest of the day-no more diarrhea.
she doesn't have a fever.

So, I am wondering...was it the camomile tea, could it be the vaccine, or did she just have a plain ole upset stomach?

Also, is hib one of the vaccines that is egg based? Dh has an egg allergy-so I wonder if that could be it?

Thanks for your help-sorry so long!
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vomitting and diarrhea have been reported following this vax.

personally, i doubt it would be from the tea as chamomille is extremely mild.

go here:
click on "vaccine info" then the link to hib. for more details.
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Thanks...I am going to call the dr tomorrow to at least have it in her chart-it is so hard to know if this is a reaction or not...but I bet it is.
She had a bm this evening that was pretty watery, but not very much volume and she hasn't thrown up all day-I hope the worst is over!

Is there anything I can do for her? Could there be something else going on that I dont know about? I am so worried, but she seems fine...
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I would give her probiotics and keep bfing! Be sure to keep a written record yourself. From what I have read in some threads, even after a doctor is informed of a reaction, they do not post it in the child's chart....I would also report it to VAERS because it sounds like a typical reaction...
Hope she is doing ok now
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I called the dr this morning-as expected-they said that it "couldn't be from the shot" must have been something I ate!

I will write it down for myself-it didn't sound like the nurse was going to write it down even though I told her to.

How do you give probiotics? I have been wanting to start this anyway.

Also, anyone know if hib is egg based-the nurse at the dr didn't know. I am sure she has no clue what is in the shots at all!
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I'm pretty sure that one of the "side effects" of the hib vaccine is a hib infection.:
I'm sure you're right that the nurse had no intention of writing it in her chart. Keep your own records. You can report it to VAERS.
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this may help:

if you click on avantis pastuer it will give you the inserts.

by the way, i gave my ds the camomilia teething stuff all the time. He did not exhibit any of the symptons your little one had, I am glad she is feeling better.
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This is quoted from a post by amnesiac in the thread called, "My Hib (hemophilus influenzae B) experience"

"When you're giving a probiotic, it is important to not just give L. acidophilus. Look for a blend of microorganisms and children really need something with Bifidobacteria. I personally have used the powedered blends made by both Jarrow Formulas and Natures Way for my kids. Also of interest to you, aside from simply replacing flora, would be the article in the hib thread below demonstrating that drinking probiotic bacteria actually inhibits colonization of the respiratory tract by potentially pathogenic bacteria such as hib & Strep pneumo."

Probiotics can be purchased either in capsules or loose in a bottle. From what I understand, you just sprinkle it on whatever baby is eating or drinking. One mom just put it on her finger and let her baby suck it.....there are threads that talk about different methods.

Another good thread is "HIB-one more question..."

There is a site There are pages and pages of information. You might find some info there on ingredients and derivatives....
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