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Sandstress's Avatar Sandstress 03:27 PM 01-24-2008
My BIL is in the military, and he is being required to get the "mono" vaccine, which I"m assuming is for Epstein Barr virus. The reading I've done is that it's not approved. Am I missing something? I am relatively naive to the military lifestyle, but I'm assuming they won't give him a choice, even if it is still in trials?

Also, my sister (his wife) is pregnant, almost term. What would be the implications for her and the baby?


kalimay's Avatar kalimay 04:16 PM 01-24-2008
Can he check if he has already had it? Our whole family was checked last year because on of the kids I care for got a really horrible case and I was pregnant. It can be spread for a long time after your symptoms are gone so I wanted to know if it was safe to start watching him again. Anyway we all showed that we had antibodies for it. I guess Epstein Barr is one that many people get when they are little and don't even know it.
Sandstress's Avatar Sandstress 05:00 PM 01-24-2008
That was my first thought- to check for titers. The difficulty here is the military, which may not always follow best practices!
ktbug's Avatar ktbug 05:22 PM 01-24-2008
i love finding out about new vaccines that i didn't know existed ...
jojospok23's Avatar jojospok23 06:40 PM 01-24-2008
The problem of course is that the military uses its personel as guinea pigs before a vaccine is released for the rest of the country to use. So there is a very real chance he will be given high risk, unapproved vaccines.