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prettymom's Avatar prettymom 02:27 AM 02-28-2008
I want to know two things,

1) What age does/did your doctor recommend giving the first MMR?
2) What age did you accept (or do you plan on accepting) the MMR for your dc? (If you didn't vax, ignore this second question).

I'm not looking to debate which age is best or if it should be given, I just want to do an informal survey to see what different ages come up.

My doc recommends 12-15 months, we haven't vaxed DD for MMR.

ktbug's Avatar ktbug 02:27 AM 02-28-2008
12 to 15 months is the proscribed schedule; many docs do it as a matter of course at the 12mo WBV.

We didn't do it.
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 12:03 PM 02-28-2008
Our first grandson got it at 15 mo. (actually only the measles component) and he got the measles promptly 10 days later.

Our second two grandsons never had it (and will not get it or any other) and never had the measles. They are 2 and 4.
angie7's Avatar angie7 12:57 PM 02-28-2008
My doc gives it at 12-15 months

And my twins didnt and will never get it
tylerdylan's Avatar tylerdylan 01:14 PM 02-28-2008
I am still doing my research....but I am thinking sometime around the age of 12 years old if they haven't had the illnesses themselves by that point (since adults can get very sick from these diseases). I had the measels when I was 13 and I was "one of the worst cases" my doctor had ever seen. It was not so fun!
suschi's Avatar suschi 01:23 PM 02-28-2008
The insert my dr gave me in 2000 stated 15 months, stating it was not as effective if given earlier.

They have since changed the insert and it now states 12 mos, but still includes the following info:


Local health authorities may recommend measles vaccination of infants between 6 to 12 months of age in outbreak situations.

This population may fail to respond to the components of the vaccine.

marisa724's Avatar marisa724 01:30 PM 02-28-2008
My ped recommended it sometime between 12 and 18 months.

We "caught up" at age 3.5 before Joey started school. It was one of the few we've done so far.
phreedom's Avatar phreedom 01:38 PM 02-28-2008
DD was scheduled to have hers at 12 months. I haven't brought her in for vaxes since 6 months.
alegna's Avatar alegna 01:39 PM 02-28-2008
Most peds around here do it at 12 months.

We don't do it. The only one I would consider is Measles. I would not give rubella or mumps.

13Sandals's Avatar 13Sandals 02:33 PM 02-28-2008
we got the MMR on a catch-up schedule for school. the first was given at 3 years 8 months, the second at 5 years 3 months. he was sick during the second shot and his health, language and eye contact started decling after that.
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 02:50 PM 02-28-2008
My only vaxed child got it at 18 months. This was 17 years ago and I think the recommended age was 15 months, but her ped refused to give it then as she got Hib at her 15 month appointment and he wouldn't give the MMR together with Hib.
MommaShark's Avatar MommaShark 03:04 PM 02-28-2008
1. ped recommended MMR at 18 months "he likes them a little more robust than the AAP
2. I did MMR at 2 years.......and held my breath for 2 weeks - he was fine....
goodheartedmama's Avatar goodheartedmama 03:11 PM 02-28-2008
They recommend it at 12 months and 15 months, I believe. We don't do it.
Annikate's Avatar Annikate 07:47 PM 02-28-2008
I think ours recommended 18 months but it may have been 15 months. I'm fully convinced that if dd2 had had the MMR she would have gotten an ASD dx for sure.

We dodged that bullet. Just barely.
NYCVeg's Avatar NYCVeg 08:42 PM 02-28-2008
Mine never "recommended" it. I have no idea when she gives it to families who vax.
attachedmamaof3's Avatar attachedmamaof3 08:46 PM 02-28-2008
With my oldest, I believe the dr. recommended it from around 12-15 months...but that was 10 yrs ago?? Not sure. I'd have to look at his shot record. I know the last time we got ANY vaxes was around 15-18 months for him.

Our current doctor hasn't recommended any vaxes. Not that we'd get them if he did.
Miasmamma's Avatar Miasmamma 11:20 PM 02-28-2008
Thanks to the OP for this thread. I was wondering the same thing. My GP brought it up when we went in to talk about a possible speech delay. I put him off by saying that DD was starting to bring in her 2 year molars and I would consider it after that. My gut says to not do it at all, or like a PP said, just play catch up when she's in her teens.
eclipse's Avatar eclipse 11:25 PM 02-28-2008
DS1 (the only one of mine who had any vaxes) got it at his 12 month appointment.
carriebft's Avatar carriebft 11:50 PM 02-28-2008
My doc does it somewhere around the 14 month area. We did it around 2 for DD and a little before that for DS.
kristin1924's Avatar kristin1924 01:44 AM 02-29-2008
Our first ped recommended it at 12-18 months... then the second ped said 15-18 months... then I found a ped who has the 1 Measles shot, the 1 Mumps, and 1 Rubella. All separated! I still won't do it though, but feel good about the option of having it available like that.

I would never ever ever give the 3-in-1 MMR to my kid.
emaye_to_2's Avatar emaye_to_2 06:36 PM 02-29-2008
We do selective and delayed vaccinations. But neither of my kids have ever gotten the MMR shot.
ChinaDoll 11:48 PM 03-01-2008
Selective/delayed here . . . we delayed MMR til age 3.5 for both kids.
DQMama's Avatar DQMama 12:08 PM 03-02-2008
Our ped does it at 15 months but we didn't do it for either child.
amydep's Avatar amydep 06:47 PM 03-02-2008
Our ped practice recommends it at 15 months. We have not done it and will not do it for either child. If either of them need it for college enrollment, then they can make that decision to get it at that time.