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Raven67's Avatar Raven67 08:50 PM 10-01-2003
I am 7 months pregnant, and of course researching all our health options, etc.....I am thinking maybe I should just avoid all the well-baby visits since I don't want to vax. It sounds like people get so much trouble when they show up for these visits. I am especially appalled at what sounds like the doctor ordering moms around, as if the doctor is some kind of co-parent. I don't want a co-parent. Why can't the baby just go to the doctor if she gets sick? Is it really necessary to have a professional weigh her every other month? Can't I do that myself? I have a growth chart to guide me. Even a simpleton can get their hands on a list of developmental milestones, and assess their own child's progress. This stuff should be taught in high school, in health classes. I'm 36 years old, and I think I know the difference between a healthy and a sick child. Do we really need doctors to give us their blessing on the health of our children? How did this practice start?

On the other hand, I have searched high and low in my area of Pennsylvania, and found a family practice that is actually anti-vax. I have to drive 45 minutes to see them, but hopefully, if the babe and I are not sickly, we won't go very often. I have an appointment to meet one of the docs there in 3 weeks, so I will see what her opinion is regarding "well-baby" visits since we don't vax. I am curious to hear what she will say.

Do many people skip well-baby visits altogether if they don't vax? If you attend them, what advantage do you see?

IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 09:06 PM 10-01-2003
No help, I just wanted to also ask for some related info. I want to stop with well child visits now that my baby is 2 years. Wondering how people feel about that as well. Hope you don't mind, OP
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 09:46 PM 10-01-2003
That is great about the Family Practice docs you found. They should have some wisdom for you on this issue.

We have been to the 2-mo, 4-mo, and 12-mo checks. I am about to make an appt for an early 18-mo check. But we have been to the chiropractor on a much more regular basis. We go to the pediatrician mainly to maintain a relationship with her. We might need that relationship sometime, who knows.
Stacie's Avatar Stacie 10:52 PM 10-01-2003
I don't do well baby checks.
menudo's Avatar menudo 11:10 PM 10-01-2003
I stopped them b/c the Doc began making me uncomfortable. Ok, he said "we have to make a vax schedule" and I NEVER went back-tha t was when DS was almost 1yo. He is 2yo now. And yes, I am paranoid. Those I know who skip them are either RN's already (who don't vax) or go to chiropractors often (I wish we could, we have one but no $$). We have an appt. w/ a new ped nst week and I am terrified, I trust noone out here!!

Where is your anti-vax Doc? I live right on the other side of the Delaware River. I have heard of one no vax Doc in Valley Forge, but that is way to far from me!
Raven67's Avatar Raven67 11:16 PM 10-01-2003
Why would you be terrified? I don't think it is illegal to not take your child for well-child visits. The doctor I am trying is in Phoenixville, Montgomery County. I also found a practice in Quakertown, but that is a little farther from me. I think they might be too far from you.
Mallory's Avatar Mallory 11:28 PM 10-01-2003
We don't do well checks either- ds#1 went for the first year (them we moved away from our great family doctor) and went to a doctor to get stiches at 2-he is now 4 and that was the last time, ds#2 went at two weeks for a check up and has never been back- he is almost 2 1/2 now.
Hera's Avatar Hera 11:41 PM 10-01-2003
We don't do well-baby checks, but we do see or call a doctor if dd's health seems off in a more than normal way, like when she had a mild cough for 6 weeks, or when I found a little blood in her diaper. Or when she had the 104.7 F fever, or when she popped her chin open on the swimming pool's counter and had to be glued together.....

I want to make sure I have a reputation with the office as a conciencious mother, even if I don't vax my kids.
cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 11:47 PM 10-01-2003
For my first baby....i did well checks till he was 6 wks. Then we moved and I didn't want to look for a dr. because we didn't vax. He was never sick so he didn't see a dr till he was 8 months old when he broke out in hives and I took him to the ER..then I don't think he went in again till he was over a year old with an ear infection.
For the second baby I took her in for all her well baby visits to a certain age...can't remember...she had other issue's that we were dealing with..I think she must have been 3-6 months when we quit....and she didn't go back in till she was sick...ear infection..and it was the ER. (dumb me..I panicked and we were in the middle of moving...)
For the third..I will be taking her for the first few visits because I want it on record....but in general she won't go to all of them.
They are mostly for giving vax's so....no need to go.

Yes Ravin67..I do think they insult our intelligence....
menudo's Avatar menudo 11:50 PM 10-01-2003
Honestly, I am paranoid b/c of these factors:

We are poor, DH has a mental illness, and we have family who would turn on us if they knew we didn't vax. the state considers the first 2 reasons reason enought to assume we are bot vaxing due to ignorance. I do not trust ANYONE out here, I hate it. Also, a cowrker told me our new ped. called the state on her for stopping vax due to no insurance. I now feel there was more to it, but it scares me. I only know a few non vaxers from LLL, but as I mentioned, they have medical careers and are wealthy (state sees it as money = knowledge). I have a major anti vax chiro. but we can't afford him for the kids (only DH due to a car accident) but he knows my overmedicating Mom and seems leary of discussing these issues with me....

Did I mention I HATE it out here?!?!
Sara29's Avatar Sara29 05:32 PM 10-02-2003
I take my kids for WCC,but I don't really follow the set schedule.I agree that we can measure ht.,wt,and head c.,but I wouldn't know mcuh about listening to the heart for problems.

There are some great pediatric(and OB/PRENATAL) forms online that I have used to fill in child health info.I keep a health notebook,and a health file at home.

I have yet to take the kids to the ped when they are sick with a virus(fever,cough,snotty nose),but I did take dd with an infected toe and when ds cut open his thumb at 8mo.I was told that I was doing a good job on my own both times

I wouldn't want to take my kids to the doctor if he/she,or the staff were to belittle me the whole time in front of my children.I just would not want the stress of it for either me or the kids. It is really so sad how doctors treat parents who don't comply with their advice(anything, not just vaccine related).
OhMel's Avatar OhMel 05:43 PM 10-02-2003
No checks here either. I took ds into a ped at 2 weeks (we had a homebirth) and she refused to see us if we didn't vax. Tried a different guy at 2 months and he'd see us but lectured me and wouldn't let me speak. And these were two practices that were recomended to me for being anti-vax friendly. :

So, whenever we've had a problem I just take him along to the chiro with me. My chiro won't do baby adjustments but will make recommendations (we were dealing with eczema.) If some bad bad thing happened I'd just go to the Urgent Care center near us. Since I decided I wouldn't want anything prescribed if he was ill and not scary sick I have decided I am ok with this. Not sure what I would do if I were in your shoes.
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 06:55 PM 10-02-2003
I did the well baby checks with my eldest, first baby, wanted to do every right, yada, yada....

With my next two, both were born at home, the third unassisted, and we didn't even bother to take them for a check up at all. They were both perfectly healthy babies. Neither children saw a doctor until they needed a physical for pre-school and I was very careful to choose who I took them too, not hard to find an alternative doc where I live and I have never been given a hard time about not vax'ing. Their doc is a well known (to Mothering readers) Anthraposophic MD who completely supports my choices. I try not to invite fear (false evidence appearing real) into my life!

angela&avery's Avatar angela&avery 04:57 PM 10-03-2003
we do not vaccinate, but my 2 year old has been to all his well baby visits.... i think it is good for him to be comfortable there and know the doctor... he is very nice and is supportive of my decision, he respects my research..... i would not go, however, if i had a ped who constantly was pressuring me to vaccinate... my ped told me it was part of his job to give me the info (usually on paper) and offer the oppurtinity to vacc, but it was my decision.. most of the time when we go, he just asks are you still choosing not to vacc, and i say yes, and he leaves it at that.. no attitude or anything.. i really like him....
ljpmom's Avatar ljpmom 08:44 PM 10-03-2003
We have chosen not to vaccinate out 11 month old son and we questioned well baby visits as well. Our insurance actually does not cover well baby visits so that really helped us make up our minds. We have had a heck of a time finding a Dr who would respect our parenting decisions and have finally found a Nurse Practitioner who practices in the birthing center where I gave birth so we take him to her periodically for checkups.

On another note It is great to see people understand and value the effectiveness of Chiropractic on childrens health. My DH is about to graduate from Chiropractic school and is becoming certified in working with pediatrics. So it is really nice to see people taking advantage of such a great thing for their whole families.


Landon 10-23-02
angela&avery's Avatar angela&avery 10:40 PM 10-03-2003
just wanted to let you know Megan, that we are big chiropractic junkies!!!! my mother has worked for one for about 21 years now, i started going in kindergarten....... i went all through my pregnancy, and my son was "checked" at a half day old..... he was all set, needed no adjustment thanks to my very patient midwife... we all go, my husband myself and my son... we find it a huge comfort as we dont vaccinate and my son i believe is extremely healthy in part to chiropractic care!! its great to find other chiropractic junkies out there!!! ~ at 36 weeks i was a little concerned about my still breech baby, so my chiropractor did some adjustments known to help, the baby has turned and is so far still head down!!!
ljpmom's Avatar ljpmom 05:17 PM 10-04-2003
Angela & Avery I think that it so great. I told my DH about this post yesterday, it is exciting for us. He would really like to have a family practice, one with lots of kids. I really started going regularly to the chiro when DH started school and have gone off all of my asthma meds because of it. Isn't chiropractic great for pregnancy too! My DS was a type of breach too and my chiro did the Webster Technique and he turned right away. He also had cranial work done immediately after he was born. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

GranolaMoon's Avatar GranolaMoon 10:09 PM 10-04-2003
We don't do well baby checks either, I see no reason to pay someone to tell me my healthy child is healthy. I am with them all day everyday, I know when something is wrong that needs attention.

Dd went to a dr at 6 weeks, 2 months, and 6 months, she had a click that we wanted to make sure had resolved itself.

Now we've found a dr that I don't mind seeing, dd goes for asthma when she needs more meds, ds has just started going (its been 3yrs ago since he's seen one himself) occasionally for Celiac Disease. This dr actually LISTENS, he is not test or prescription happy (his first reaction to ds's cd was "let's just watch to see what happens as he starts healing"), he does not have the "I am lord" attitude I've met so many times in other drs., he doesn't get fussy when I ask questions about his decisions, when he asked about dd's vaxes I said "we don't do that," he said "ok" and went to the next question without skipping a beat.
candiland's Avatar candiland 10:15 PM 10-04-2003
Well, my line of thinking is that it looks really, really good on paper if you are ever questioned by CPS or the cops or something. Call me really, very paranoid ("Candiland, you are really very paranoid!"), but in today's day and age, I really aim to look good on paper. Esp. since I'm into liberal activism and other things that make me quite unpopular with the powers that be.
CerridwenLorelei's Avatar CerridwenLorelei 11:40 PM 10-04-2003
Due to homeschooling and having a special needs child I do them
It shows we worked with the Ped/are taking care of the kids in case of ever being checked

It doesn't hurt that we have the most awesome ped around
Katana's Avatar Katana 11:43 PM 10-04-2003
Candiland, you're not alone. I'm paranoid too.

In the first year, I took my kids about once every three months. Once they turned one, they go in once a year, unless they are sick or injured.

When dd was born in the hospital, and we had to go in without paperwork because there was no one at my obgyn's office to send anything at 10 pm, and we were paperwork-less for 12 hours, it was a nightmare. (24 hour service obgyns are a myth, I tell you). They treated me like a crackhead prostitute, because I had nothing in writing.

I don't ever want to go through that again, so I feel better if we have some paper records somewhere. I know from experience, it's all about the paperwork.