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Somebody must have asked this question before but I can't seem to find it anywhere on the boards so...

Are there certain things (ie, herbs, homeopathic, etc.) that you do or take because you don't vaccinate?

Is there anything a breastfeeding mother can do/take (besides choosing breastfeeding) to help her child's immune system?

Do you stay away from or seek out other people's sick children in order to boost immunities? Sounds silly but ya never know.

I guess what I'm asking is since vaccines are chalked full of the crap that they consist of is there anything a non-vaxing parent should do/take in order to help her/his child's immune system that wouldn't involve all the negative aspects that vaxing has?

Does this make any sense?

I'm due in December and am planning on not to vaccinate (although I do have alot to learn and research in order to back myself up) so just getting some ideas about how things work out there in the non-vaxing world.

Thanks in advance for any advice or direction!!
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..."Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"

After reading Jamie Murphy's "What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization" (about 150 pages---shouldn't take more than a long evening)
This book will "cement" your understanding of why vaccines are ridiculous, and why breastmilk is EVERYTHING.

Check out Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions"

What the Pharmaceutical Industry has done to our health (vaccines and on and on)

the Food Processing Industry has done to our food supply

A couple of things you'll see is the dangers of low fat diet, why we need animal fats---this has nothing to do with calories and everything to do with the right fatty acids and nutrient absorption.

Why the standard grain practices in the western world don't deal with the phytic acid in grains that prevents them from yielding their minerals---and how fermenting grains first deals with the issue.

This is not about new knowledge but old knowledge that has been stripped from our heritage.

Kinda like what's left of the grain in a slice of white Wonder bread.

Greens, Greens, Greens (not to much spinach-- oxalic acid problem similar to phytic above.

Here's the mix that I buy at the local farmers market (Periwinkle Farms if your in Central N.C.

Red Giant
Green Wave
Red, Siam Queen, Lemon Basils
African Marigold Petals
Nasturnium Petals

Ain't no iceburg here, folks!!

Good Health=Good Food=Organic,

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Sorry to be T but...
What is the phytate problem with spinach? I can't eat any dark green BUT spinach.... (dd gets tummy upset easily)
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I don't seek out sick kids.My kiddos are exposed naturally just being in public.Right now my dd is with fever.Last week it was my 17mo son.Both got herbs,homeopathics,and vitamins.It suprised me when I read a post from a mum who had just taken her kids to the doctor for fever,cough,snotty noses-was told it was a virus,and they were given antibiotics and flus shots.Oh my! I could not imagine going that route,but to each their own.

Probiotics are excellent for a healthy gut(and healthy immune system)Do a web search on homemade kefir and you will get plenty of info.I like miso soup too with some sea veggies. I really don't do anything special.Just try to expose them to whole foods and hope I can limit/turn them off to bad/junk foods.

Many foods have natural defenses/toxins which can either make us ill or prevent the absorbption of certain nutrients.Never heard of tatsoi.Will have to look it up.We don't do iceburg either.What a waste of chewing that is!

Take care!
added will have to try growing this tatsoi next year.http://www.gardenguides.com/seedcata...les/tatsoi.htm
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Well,my kids all got chicken pox naturally,all had roseolla,but nothing else besides colds or croup or stomach upsets.
--Thought about this some more-oldest child (most vaxed)had tons of ear infections as a toddler)Youngest child had what I thought was measles at 21 months -Dr said no-it was toxic exanthum(fever with a rash)then 3 weeks later she had viral pneumonia.--

We do see a chiropractor monthly or so for the kids & about every 10 days for myself.
We use herbs & teas a lot .
We go to church,pray,try to meditate & destress.
Lots of good epsom salt baths.
We eat lots of organic foods ,yogurt & drink raw milk.

Read ,read ,read then follow your gut.

And we extend breastfeed -.
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momma to 4
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Try to learn how to live healthier. DD was vaxed and was often ll (but almost normal for a vaxed kid). Always took her to Docs for illnesses, etc. She ended up sicker. Went another route with DS-what a difference. We still don't eat great due to our circumstance (lil $$, no working oven stove, no natural/organic stores in area and local suermarket sells a lil organic but for triple the price, etc.). Ds loves fruits, veggies, etc. I try. But IMO not exposing him to vax poisons is helping him, not harming him right now...
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Tatsoi is an awesome Japanese green. It can be eaten raw or steamed and is just totally yummy either way! It's dark green, spoon shaped leaf, white juicy stem.

Mizuna is another of the Japanese greens that is very flavorful. Nothing else quite like it. If you have a little plot of ground, these greens are very easy to grow and like cool weather, so now is a good time to plant some.

The biggest thing I do is come to MDC and read! I learn alot here.

I'm being really conscious of dd's diet. She is 15 months and is still breastfeeding on demand- 24 hours a day. I make all her own food, organic and whole grain. (The Super Baby Foods book is a real help.) I give her "strange" things like kelp granules, flax seed oil and kefir. I try to make sure she has a yellow/orange veggie and a green one at every meal. Making her food has been much cheaper than buying it premade in the little jars. The biggest thing I need to do is to improve my diet. I'm working on that.

I have a homeopath available if I need it and wouldn't hesitate to use her for advice in the midst of an illness.

I just trust in my daughter's body to take care of her thru any illness and back that up with strong nutrition, breastfeeding as long as possible and some gentle therapies if needed (homeopathy, chiropractic etc). So far, she has been healthy and has not needed those!

"To err is human, to forgive, canine." - Unknown
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Goodpapa, your post gave me something to think about. I started a new thread in the Good Eating forum about anti-nutrients/phytates so that i wouldnt hijack this thread...anyways, your input would be valued.
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To keep myself, dh and dd healthy we eat well, drink plenty of water and avoid drugs. I've become a "student" of homeopathy and see a homeopathic doctor. First and foremost we keep our immune systems functioning at their highest level by making sure our nervous system - which controls absolutely everything in your body - is at its optimum. Consistent chiropractic care is essential for my family. My chiro is basically my primary care doc. I believe it's important to have a multiple leg approach to staying healthy. And finally a strong believe in God's healing power will carry me through anything.
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I'll be checking out your thread as soon as I finish Fallon's book---I'm shootin' half cocked these days because I haven't finished it beginning to end.

Mona, check my post, I corrected myself. It's oxalic acid in spinach and in its raw state the minerals are blocked from being absorbed.

Eat more gently cooked spinach and pour off the water (I used to drink it thinking it had the vitamins-- nope, it just has oxalates.)

Hilary, thanks for the graph explanation.

I've got some more graphs coming on Pertussis incidence--- same game (still have to thoroughly read the CDC stuff.)

No more Human Sacrifice,

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Goodness gracious! Y'all make me feel irresponsible. We stopped vaxing ds1 after several months based on reading Mothering mag and I thought gee, I'm not doing this anymore until I do some research and then I'll make an informed decision... Here it is almost four years later, another child later and I still haven't done any research, nor have I been doing anything additional to boost their immune systems in the meantime. Yeoow,I'd better get on it! They''re both so healthy, and my 3 siblings and I weren't vaxed until we tried to go to college, so I didn't realize how 'abnormal' I was being. Then I had a friend roast me the other day on how I wasn't taking care of my kids for not vaxing them, and I had nothing to back up my weak little, "Well, I don't think it's as necessary as our doctors portray it, and they're still so little. Tell me where they're gonna be exposed to Hep anyway!"
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We have recently added fresh Chickweed to our diet. I find it in the feilds. It is an excellant source of B vitamins, vit C, Calcium and several others I can't remember at the moment. I have heard that it is one of the most nutricious plants. Raw, it tastes like lightly salted spinish. (i hate cooked spinish). You can dry it to make tea, but I think the boiling would destroy most of the b vitamins. And it is extremely bitter in tea. Have to sweeten with Stevia in order to get it down.

here is a little information...

This annual or short-lived perennial has straggling, succulent stems with paired leaves and numerous tiny white flowers. To collect this herb it is easiest to keep it weeded as its growing. Gather up the whole herb, roots and all for drying. Because chickweed contains so much water it shrinks to a 1/4 of its size when dried so gather lots!

Uses: Chickweed, also known as Starweed, is a herb especially useful for supporting healthy urinary system function. Containing anti-inflammatory properties, chickweed is popularly used to promote healing and soothe irritated tissues. Chickweed provides antibiotic agents that are beneficial for relieving urinary tract inflammation and cystitis. Chickweed contains vitamin A, vitamin C, some B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Chickweed provides the body with nutrients that are necessary for balancing metabolic functions, and it also contains fiber, which helps improve digestion and relieve constipation. Try adding Chickweed to your salad!
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