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Delta's Avatar Delta 01:08 AM 10-07-2003

greenluv's Avatar greenluv 05:24 AM 10-07-2003
I think I will be printing this out and taking it with me to the clinic tomorrow. Baby has a check up tomorrow and I am worried that I'll be hassled to vax him at this visit since he hasn't had any so far.

If I have this to point out the discrepancies he may not hassle me much, then again I may be setting myself up for a fight.

I SO don't want to go to this appt. I am afraid that if I don't keep the appt. I'll have social workers banging on my door and if I do keep the appt. and refuse the vax the same thing could happen because I'd be deemed a medically negligent parent.
I feel like I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.:

Thanks for posting this Delta
menudo's Avatar menudo 11:52 PM 10-07-2003
Another paranoid Mama. Don't worry, DS hasn't seen a Doc in a year, although I have made appointments...This week was his new one, yet the y have no record of it...a sign?

So 19 cases is epidemic....Well, that explains the big West Nile scare too, cause NJ had 19 cases confirmed..outta how many MILLION people? I better go get vaccinated!! PUHLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crazy_eights's Avatar crazy_eights 01:08 AM 10-08-2003
I once remember reading that the pertusis vaccine is known to only be "effective" for a few years. Boosters aren't give past age 8 b/c they are known to be dangerous. I seem to remember that a great majority of college students test positive for actually having had pertusis at some point (2/3 is what I remember, if I remember correctly). The pseudo reasoning behind all this is that they are going to protect the young when the disease is most dangerous. But admitting that most adults have actually *had* the virus in some form - nah! Then people might not take being vaccinated seriously!
Xenogenesis's Avatar Xenogenesis 04:48 AM 10-08-2003
Originally posted by Hilary
They just will not get their heads around the fact that the whooping cough vaccine, even the new one, is a dog's dinner.
And we are all aware of just what type of delicacies a dog will eat (by choice) . . .
DesireeH's Avatar DesireeH 05:30 AM 10-08-2003
And we are all aware of just what type of delicacies a dog will eat (by choice) . . .
LOL :Puke
Xenogenesis's Avatar Xenogenesis 05:43 AM 10-08-2003