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becca29's Avatar becca29 08:28 PM 10-11-2003
DS is due for his 6 month well baby. We haven't vaxed yet. We were considering starting some vaxes bout now, but since he currently has a cold it is obviously not the time, and gives us more time to think this over.

Our ped, bless her heart says she has no problem with us waiting until he's older, or even not at all. Right now we're kind of in the ball park of selectively vaxing on our own schedule.

Do any of you do that? If so, which ones have you given and when? which vaxes would you never give an why?

We're currently reading aviva jill romm's book, which is very helpful. but it's nice to hear how other parent's have handled this.

Elphaba's Avatar Elphaba 09:15 PM 10-11-2003
well, for us, we thought HIB was stupid as our child was breastfed and not in group care.
Hep B, totally not at risk for.
MMR, IPV and Varivax all have antibiotics in them so those are out as my entire family is allergic to them.
Prevnar, too new.
so all that left was DTaP. I did email a guy at the CDC and asked about delaying vaxes and how that affects the doses. with DTaP, they get 4 or 5 doses regardless of age. with HIB, they only need one dose if you wait until they are 2, and 2 doses if you do it after 12 months.
this is the link he sent me: (check the chapter on each disease).

my daughter is now 2 and we haven't vaxed her yet and i think we'll be putting it off until she's 6 or 7, if we do it then. at first i was like you and thought we'd start at 6 months and do one shot per visit and have at least one month in between. but after perusing the CDC site, i decided we could wait quite a bit longer than 6 months to start if we start at all. my main concern was the antibiotics in the injections. i'm just not willing to risk an allergic reaction like i've experienced in my baby, KWIM?
when i thought i would sel. vax, my plan was to do DTaP starting at 6 months, 12 months, 2 years and 4 years, and get HIB if she went into a group setting at some point.
i hope that was a little helpful. i hate that this is even an issue. we should not even have to agonize over our babies' health.
becca29's Avatar becca29 11:19 PM 10-11-2003
Thanks for the link, that should be helpful. DS is in a group setting a few days a week, which makes me think we may definetely do the hib. I'm on the fence abou tthe DTap. The rest either I don't think are necessary and/or trust. Which is Varivax? Is that the chickenpox vax?
acystay's Avatar acystay 12:08 AM 10-12-2003
We went to a vax talk given by Dr. Jim Sears.

I just moved to Cal and luckily now go to Sears' pracice. Dr. Jim gave a very informative talk on vaxing. After that talk we have decided to selectively vax our next child and forgo the MMR and chicken pox for dd. This is the suggested selective schedule per Dr. Jim Sears that we will follow
*2mos DTap and Prevnar
*4mos DTaP and Hib
*6mos DTaP and Prevnar
*9mos Hib
*12mos none
15mos prevnar and hib
18mos none
5 years Tetnaus booster (make sure you get the DT not just tetnaus as tet. alone contains like 25mgrs of mecury)

The MMR in his opinion which makes sense to us is okay to forgo even for females. When your dd is older you can her tested for Rubella and decide on getting it then (just R). The thought is that the other two aren't terrible to get as a child and you survie them. The chicken pox is the same theory. Prevnar for us is important b/c it not only deals w/ ear infections, but I never knew that it also is for a more servre case of menigintis. DTaP is important for us b/c of whooping cough. Diptheria isn't in the US, but you cannot just get the P and the T alone has 25umg of mercury. Babies don't really need the tetnaus.

Suggestion on if you should get a vax or not---
*Breasfeed, SAHB w/ no older sibblings are at very low risk of getting diseases.

If you want more info about the vaxing stuff, let me know.
seraph's Avatar seraph 06:07 AM 10-12-2003
What about Polio?
goodpapa's Avatar goodpapa 11:18 AM 10-12-2003
....before you vax please read Jamie Murphy's "What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization"

Our bodies have very powerful immune systems, that, like our brains and muscles, need to be worked and exercised.

If you are breastfeeding, you are providing a substance so profoundly superior for your child that it makes vaccines look...

...absolutely ridiculous.

Check out the last post on my "Great Book Alert" thread about the power of breastmilk.

No more Child Sacrifice,

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 02:41 PM 10-12-2003
tiny little post...

polio has been eradicated in the WEstern Hemisphere.the last case of wild polio in the united states was in the 1970s.

also, if this helps..
I went to the CDC list (which you can find on my cheat sheet under resources) for the most updated list of diseases.

the current stats on reported illnesses as of this week (2003)
diptheria 0 cases
measles 40 cases
mumps 145 cases
rubella 7 cases
tetanus 11 cases
hib 15 cases
non b 73 cases
unknown b 147 cases

pertussis can b trickier issue because it is dangerous for children under a year, specifically six months. But over that age it is more manageable.

I know as you wait to give shots it can sometimes be scary for those who want to vax.. I hope these numbers take the fear out while you figure out what you are doing. By the way, those numbers are out of 200 million people (current population of the us)

good luck. and if you want me to provide my cheat sheet, let me know and I'll give you the link.