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wobblykate's Avatar wobblykate 03:30 PM 02-04-2009
I think it's pronounce Max-eem. It's russian. I had a little boy in my preschool class called that.

Lindsay1234's Avatar Lindsay1234 08:36 PM 02-04-2009
Originally Posted by Goniopal View Post
The babe baking currently will be Xavier Charles (lastname). I also really loved Atticus, but is sounded funny with our last name, and DH loved Jettyx, but that one I didn't like as much.
My dh and dd are comic book FREAKS and pressured me to do Charles Xavier if it was a boy!! I cant wait to see their eyes pop out when i tell them someone DID name their ds that! Way to go! I love both those names seperately too, VERY classic I think!!
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