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I finally broke down and took castor oil (though only about an ounce) and did have to go to the bathroom a few times, but nothing major. The kids and I finished lunch a little late, and I finally got Ben (2yo) to lay down for his nap, and sent the older two upstairs to relax. I got on the computer and was chatting (around 2:30, I think) with my older sister, and all of a sudden started getting cramps....then another, and another...I didn't think it was real, but started timing...they were about 20-50 seconds long and between 1-2 minutes apart...I was still chatting with my sis, as they weren't that strong feeling, but then they got stronger and I told her I was going to go take a shower to see if they slowed down at all, cause usually when I get in the shower, they do slow down...before I got in the shower, they really started getting strong and I called and alerted dh, my doula, my friend, and my mother-in-law. Dh decided he was going to go ahead and come home, and it's a good thing he did, cause by the time I got out of the shower, I was no longer able to talk through the contractions. He called his mom and told her to come, then between contractions I called my friend and doula, while he continued to gather things for the boys and for us.

It seemed to take me forever to put my clothes on, cause I would get one article on, then have a contraction..then another...etc.

The boys left with nana, and we finally headed out the door...the car ride was pretty miserable cause I couldn't move like I wanted.

My doula was already at the hospital, having some tests, my best friend beat us there too. I think I had at least three contractions while walking from the entrance to the l&d area.

I got in there, and they asked if I wanted an IV or not...of course I declined and they didn't even bat an eye! She told me to get in a gown, and then left...I almost couldn't get in the dh had gone out to move the van and get some stuff, and my bf was the only one in there with me, helping me to get undressed and in the gown. I thought I had to pee, so headed to the bathroom and as I went to sat down, I stood back up cause I felt that pressure. I leaned over the sink, and felt the urge to push again, but blew through it...told bf to go tell the staff who my midwife was and that I feel pressure.

Dh got back, I was leaning over the bed, mostly naked, the nurse wanted me on the bed to check me, but I didn't want to get in the bed, asked if she could check me leaning over the bed, so she did...and I was complete...of course I already knew that cause I needed to push! My midwife got in there and hardly had time to get ready, cause she was already seeing head. I think there were two-three pushes and she was out at 4:32PM...only two hours after contractions started! I delivered her while standing up leaning on the bed. I was so glad when it was over, cause man...whew...well, it was not easy! I did finally get on the bed, and we worked the cord around me/her so I was able to hold her. She had apparently cried a bit when she came out, but as I was holding her, she stopped and started to turn blue, and they were trying to stimulate her on my belly, but she, being the stubborn girl she, wasn't breathing, so they had to cut the cord and give oxygen and take her over to stimulate her, but they finally got her crying and all was well. It was pretty midwife checked me, and I didn't even tear! No hemorrhoids either, and those were things I really wanted to avoid! I can't even tell you how much better I felt right after this birth than I have in the past! It's amazing! I got everything just the way I wanted!

We were left alone for a long time to b'feed and bond, and they didn't push that they had to do this, or that with her...once we had had quite a while, and I was getting quite ancy, since I was sitting there in my own mess, we moved to the recovery rooms so I could shower...ah, that felt good!

I do have sore muscles in my back, it burns to pee, and the cramps afterwards are killers, but man, I still feel great!

We've been calling her snorts a lot! It's funny, but she is still stopped up with all the fluids and junk.

She's been feeding pretty well too, which I am excited about!

We got to come home today, less than 24 hours after her birth!

Welcome to the world, Victoria Leigh! 8lbs. 7 oz., 21" long, born at 4:32PM-4/09/09
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WELCOME TO THE WORLD VICTORIA!!!She is such a beautiful healthy girl!! :

33 Year Old w/ a on the way w/ my DH. EDD 4/6/2011. Mama to Lotus Olivia 7/17/09 and fur mom to 1 and 1
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Congrats and Welcome Victoria!!!! She is beautiful!::::

Married to my best friend Mama to DS1 4/2009 and DS2 3/2011 and two Remembering 3/2008
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Congrats! :

Bradley Teacher, Doula, Wife To DH (6 yrs), Mama to DS (9/07), DS (4/09), and due in February of 2011
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What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!

Gallifreyan nerdfighter :, doting partner to the sasquatch , mama to the boss : (10/05) and the new little one (4/14/09). :: and hoping to :
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Congratulations! She is cute and chubby, too! What a fast birth!
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Congrats on your beautiful little girl!! Welcome, Victoria! Sounds like a great birth, and I'm so glad everything went very well for you.

Jen, mom of R (9), T (7), C (5), and E (2) ... my stillheart.gifs

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Awww Welcome baby!!! Such cute, squeezable cheeks!

mama to dd16, ds13, and dd1 born 4/1/09 :
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Congratulations and welcome Victoria!

It's not that the stay-at-home-parent gets to stay home with the kids. The kids get to stay home with a parent. Lucky Mom to DD1 (4 y) and DD2 (18 mo), Wife to Mercenary Dad
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Awwww, so sweet. What a lovely peaceful girl.

Welcome Victoria Leigh!! Congrats Mama! ::

(love her name)


mama to Milena Anjali (4/26/06) and Vincent Asher (4/13/09) ~ married to the love of my life since 2002.
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Congratulations, and welcome Victoria!

Working Mom to DS1 (05/09) and DS2 (08/11). 

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Wow! congratulations!
What a beautiful baby!!

aka: wannabeamamamia
SLC vegan mom to 2 boys- &
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Congrats and welcome baby Victoria! What an intense and fast birth! :

"Guess what? It's a magical world. And when I sing, my songs are in it."
Madly in love with my 7 and 4 year old daughters

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Wow! What a quick labor! Congratulations mama

: Mother (4/11/06) to Josephine and (4/23/09) to Oliver and baby (due June 1st)

Babies: Angel (6/29/02), Tiberius (3/8/11), Lillianna (12/27/11)

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CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome Victoria!!!!:::

wife. dd1 : dd2
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Good work. All the best to you and yours!

Wacky Zack! Born 23-Apr-2009
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: Congratulations! :
Welcome, Victoria! She's beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your birth story & photo, Mama!!!!

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Wonderful birth story!

Welcome, Victoria :
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