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I saw this on the March DDC and though it would be fun just to see what starry-eyed dreamers we used to be!

Post your very first post!

"Ive been a lurker for months now but I think its time to join in! Im Lindsay and Im 13 weeks preg with my second. I have a 7 yr old Isa and after a few recent miscarriages, Im in the second trimester and ready to be more confident about this pregancy sticking...finally!!!

Look forward to chatting with everyone!


I wanted to join so bad but I had just had an m/c and i was scared. Im glad I did though!

wife. dd1 : dd2
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my first ddc post...

Originally Posted by nancy11
Me, too.


Up to this point, I have had very mild aching and pings in my abdomen and sore boobs. I was very hungry the past two days, but I can't really attribute that to pregnancy, per se.

So, last night I felt good -- well, I felt nothing. I was very upset about it. I am not the most optimistic person, so naturally I just started feeling the fail. Then later on that night my boobs were OWCH again, so I felt better about it. I have no idea what to think.

I had a miscarriage last year @ 9 weeks and I when all my symptoms went away I had no idea it was going to turn out that way. So, now, whenever I feel "good," I freak out.

According to my journal from last year, it appears that I didn't start to feel sick until week 6. I'm two days into week 5, right now.


Wacky Zack! Born 23-Apr-2009
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If it's any comfort, I have been having the same type of discharge. At first it frightened me because it looked exactly like the plug from my last pregnancy, but it has been several weeks now since that happened and things are fine. Just heard baby's heartbeat a couple days ago again. (I am due 4/19/09)

Gallifreyan nerdfighter :, doting partner to the sasquatch , mama to the boss : (10/05) and the new little one (4/14/09). :: and hoping to :
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WHat a GREAT idea Lindsay!!!! I had fun looking at all the old posts, of course I had some tears too. I think this is my first post, can't seem to find another one dated sooner...I didn't even do an introduction I just jumped right in with my complaints!!!!

"I am so lost. I didn't have all this my last pregnancy. It is so hard having a toddler (3) who wants to play play play. She does pretty good on her own but really I can't expect her to do that all day long. My sickness is bad this time. I was in the hospital last week for fluids and have finially gotten over the throwing up 4 times a day and being dehydrated...but today I've gotten sick once and am struggling to eat and keep it down. I have no appetite and definatly not for fruits/veggies. I can't eat soup or drink tea due to what happened with my throat last week after three days of throwing it up. I feel miserable. DH was home all last week but this week he has to work and even overtime! How am I going to get my girl food for two meals and snacks. I can barley stand up without heading to the bathroom. Preggie pops worked the last two days but are not cutting it today. I have some prescription nasea meds but they havn't helped today either. Just feeling so crummy and crying all day long. Can't even stomach calling a friend as conversation would push me over the top.... And to top it all off we had an emotional last week as I had bleeding, that still hasn't stopped but thanks to an ultrasound it is due to a small hemmorage and not where the baby is...I'm relieved but I still wish the bleeding would stop"
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I was not considered high risk during my last pregnancy, but had lots of problems, and might be considered high risk this time around.

-I am anemic when not pregnant and my iron levels dropped below 9 during my pregnancy (despite high iron diet and 2 supplements a day)
-I became hypothyriod during my last pregnancy and my thyroid levels never returned to normal.
-I had pre-term contrax requiring hospitalization and bedrest
-At term, I began regular contrax that came every 10-15 minutes 24 hours a day for 3 weeks
-DS went into distress during labor, was born by emerg. c-section, had APGARS of 1 and 7 and spent 4 days in the NICU due to breaathing problems and related problems from meconium ingestion.

My last pregnancy was monitored by military doctors who were morons (I was overseas). This time I'll see civilian doctors and hope that with better care I have fewer problems. My main issue last time was that the doctors didn't believe me and if they had listened to me sooner all of the above problems could have been minimized.
Written 2 days after my BFP.

I wasn't considered high risk this time. I had low iron, but not the severe anemia I had in my first pregnancy. I was still hypothyroid, but it was controlled with medication. I had pre-term contrax again which required hospitalization and medication to get them to stop....but was not put on bedrest. I did not have quite as many contrax leading up to delivery. I chose a scheduled c/s as I could not come to terms with ODS's birth.....but YDS still ended up in the NICU for evaluation for a minor biorth defect (he had an area of his scalp where skin hadn't grown....and it is a marker for the trisomies).

Michelle, mama to spirited toddler Liam (August 20, 2007) and high needs baby Ben (April 6, 2009)
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Originally Posted by secondimpression
I got my positive at 9DPO with an internet cheapie (Also due the 10th!). I took one with FMU and SMU. The FMU was so very faint that I didn't want to believe it so waited to test with SMU and it was glaringly positive. I don't know what the heck people are talking about when they say the dollar store and internet tests won't give you an early positive, it obviously worked for us! : Pee stick snobbery perhaps? lol
Got married July 23rd and found out I was pregnant 4 days later (after miscarriage 7 months earlier). I can't believe it's nearly been a year
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Great idea!

My first post in this DDC:

Yay!!! Our DDC is here!!

I'm due 4/11/09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Married to my best friend Mama to DS1 4/2009, DS2 3/2011, and DS3 12/22/2014 and two Remembering 3/2008
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Here is mine- quoting michanders:

Originally Posted by michanders4
I found this website randomly and don't know if its intended more for people who have hbs, ucs or the use of a midwife, but I will be sticking with a hospital birth as I really like my OB and the hospital is practically across the street. I do plan on trying to have this baby naturally and am pretty confident that I can do that! I hope its ok to belong to this forum with that being my decision, but I think that it is (this forum seems very welcoming to all). I'm just excited to have a bunch of online pregnant friends who I can share this experience with (actually this website has been completely distracting me from my work since last week - oops!!).

Watch it, crunchiness can be contagious!

I'm Melanie, 29 years old and recently moved home to British Columbia after an adventure of grad school in Oregon for my husband for two years. I swore I would not get pregnant until safely back in BC with awesome maternity leave and midwifery coverage...though I wasn't planning on cutting things this close! I'm due April 10th and still processing a little.

I work as a public health nurse for 0-5 year olds, and my husband just got a new job on Friday (so glad we found out about the job first and pregnancy second!) as a creative writing professor. He's also a freelance writer and currently a stay-at-home dad to our 2 1/2 year old daughter.

I'm still breastfeeding my daughter, though suspect she will wean during the pregnancy. I'm planning another homebirth, and just called and booked my first prenatal appointment with a midwife for September (with the recent move and new job I'm in a waiting period/paper trail for medical stuff right now).

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you, and to sharing a due date club with *Amy* again

"Guess what? It's a magical world. And when I sing, my songs are in it."
Madly in love with my 7 and 4 year old daughters

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My first DDC post was a rant about people getting rid of their pets when they have a baby. I won't repost it because I was pretty hot.

I will chime in to say that we have had no problems incorporating a baby into our household of 5 dogs and 5 cats. It has all gone amazingly well.

This was my first happy post in the DDC...

Woo hoo!! : our DDC is here :

: : : :

We are due 4/10/09.

smartycatpartners.gif quasar.  Mommies to two boys.
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08-07-2008, 06:02 PM
I eat soft served ice cream. But not much since I'm lactose intolerant. I am, however, planning to have ONE drink on my 21st birthday this Saturday. I deserve it.

Who is planning a home birth? I'm hoping for one if I can make it to term this time. I really really don't want another micro preemie.
well... not a MICRO preemie. But no term/home birth.

Bri: mom to K: and M: at 27 weeks and 33 weeks :
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I'd been lurking, since before the DDC opened, but didn't post until I broke the news to my mom. Not that she would have known....just seemed the right thing to do (or not).

Mom of two girls.
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I lurked for months, and then joined the thread about baby's sex:
We found out 3 weeks ago, following CVS. I could not resist asking when the clinic called with the results. I felt sort of weird about it afterwards because I ruined the surprise...
After that I did not post again for a few months. Btw, I'm still not sure if finding out the sex was the right thing to do.

Working Mom to DS1 (05/09) and DS2 (08/11). 

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My first post in the DDC was in the rollcall thread.... this was my next -

Heard the heartbeat yesterday!
I had my first appt with my midwife (who I adore! she even totally put my DH at ease with all his questions). I can't wait to meet the other MW in the practice.
According to my LMP and when I'm certain I OV'd my due date is April 6th. Which put me at 9w4d during the appt. We were all surprised to find the heartbeat so quickly.... I was so stunned! It was so clear and strong.
Upon the internal exam - so mentioned that I felt more like 10-11 weeks.... but there's just no way!
Maybe it's twins or maybe I just have a big uterus! LOL!

Next appt is the ultrasound. Can't wait!

I agree... this thread is great!

Kim - momma to Parker James REPlaySkateboard04HL.gif3/31/09 and Eva Lorraine energy.gif3/17/12


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Woohoo!! Let the obsessing 'officially' begin!!! :
I was so happy to see that our DDC had actually started.

Loving partner to smartycat  ribbonrainbow.gif  . Enjoying life with our DS's- 4/5/09 and 10/29/10 love.gif!  Moms to three dogs and four cats.
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Hey, let's do weekly chats instead of starting a new thread for all the random and fun things we want to talk about.

My weird thing is that I had a dream last night that I was smoking a cigarette (which I don't in real life, but did in my 20s), and then I remembered I'm pregnant! I panicked for a second and then thought, "Eh, one cigarette isn't going to hurt." The craziest thing is that I had *many* cigarette smoking dreams while I was pregnant with DD, the same as this one. I still can't really figure out what they are about.
I used to be a smoker, but never had smoking dreams. These started up for me after becoming pregnant and I'd wake up with this horrible sense of guilt and think that I really had been smoking. It took me awhile to realize that my roommate's (who still smokes--outside, of course) cigarette smoke was drifting in my open window on occasion. yuck.
This was my first that I could find...if I'd known we were going to revisit them I'd have said something more profound or at least more clever!

Mama to one little blur, watching everything move too fast. Eden 4/10/2009.
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I said some boring stuff about food, I joined in the roll call & then just started posting:

"I think if you crave junk, once in awhile, go for it! I eat healthy all the time but pg I can't stand vegetables and I need to eat, so I eat whatever I can. At this point its about calories really. My experience is that if I eat healthy or if I have some greasy food--I feel sick either way an hour later. My oldest was built on strictly Taco bell bean burritos I'm ashamed to say. At 14 weeks I did try healthy foods again,

snack ideas:
bagel with cream cheese
Trader Joe's texas toast with that butter that's not real butter & has no trans fats.
cereal and rice or soy milk
fruit smoothies with keifer and flax & a whole mango or banana. "

Married Catholic mami : to 5 boys, : 9 6 3 : 5 mo. 5/6/02-6/22/02 (HIE)
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My first post in this DDC:

"Yep, I've been pretty tired. That's probably partly because I was out of town at a good friend's wedding this past weekend though, and I spent a lot of energy helping out with wedding stuff. I kept having to take little breaks. I am going to bed really early tonight!"

It was interesting to look back at my posts from the TTC forum too, including the one announcing my BFP. That seems so long ago!

Living the good life and walking a path of peace with DH and DD (4/09)
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First thread/post in this due date club:

"Belly buttons, anyone?
This is my second pregnancy, and I had a c-section only 8 mos. ago, but would that be the reason my belly button is already on it's way out this early?!! Also, I thought I was feeling little baby movements this afternoon, but I think s/he's still too small. But I know it wasn't air moving through. Anyone else experiencing these things?

BTW, I'm loving doing this again."

Kinda makes me want to do it yet again! some day.

Happy wife and also mommy to my two boys, 12-12-07 (c-sec) and 04-05-09 (vbac!) and another due in December.
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I think this was my first.

I'm 10 weeks tomorrow... is it possible to feel movements yet?? Because I swear to god I feel the slightest slightest weirdest butterflyish movements down there, and it's sporadic, but at times it goes on for 30 seconds or more. My ligaments are streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetching like crazy, and I know baby is supposedly plum size about now? Is that right?

I saw that video someone showed of baby jumping up and down and before that I thought I must be imagining it... but maybe not!
Foreshadowing? He was so active, from the very beginning, like he wanted me to know he was there as soon as possible...

Autumn (1990) Blake (1993) Zoe (2001) Dmitrios (2002) and William (April 2009) born still @ 39 wks - my 4ever
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Originally Posted by MI_Dawn View Post
I think this was my first.

Foreshadowing? He was so active, from the very beginning, like he wanted me to know he was there as soon as possible...
I'm so glad you post!
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Fun! I will have to look....

Mama to 9 so far:Mother of Joey (20), Dominick (13), Abigail (11), Angelo (8), Mylee (6), Delainey (3), Colton (2) and Baby 8 and Baby 9 coming sometime in July 2013.   If evolution were true, mothers would have three arms!

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