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Sleeping? Daytime and Nighttime...


Parker is feeding about every 2.5 hours

maybe three naps during the day of about 20-30 minutes each

We do bath at 8pm (he absolutely LOVES bath!) and he goes down around 9pm - 2am then back down 2:30am - 6:30am

He's happiest in the morning, all giggles and coos - DH really gets into bonding with him during that time - it's so sweet!

What about you and your LO?

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Well Miss K made up her own schedule, and was sticking to it, but now she's sick so we're off...

Usually she's up around 7 for 1-2 hours, eating right away, then down for a couple of hours, then up for eating, and down for another hour. Then up again for a couple of hours and eating. And just go on with eating about every 2 hours all day long, and alternating being up and sleeping in between. In the late afternoon/evening she gets fussy, and usually only sleeps 30 minutes in your arms, then is up again. She's usually ready for bed between 9:30 and 10. I lie with her and she'll fall asleep within a few minutes, but I can't move for at least 30. She screams and fusses when she's ready for bed, and the only solution is lying with her in the recliner where we sleep. She's up around 3:30 am to eat, then 5:30, then 7...These are her good days, other days she might sleep 10 minutes and be up the rest of the hour...

She likes to shower with me, and we do that in the mornings. She will cry if I don't take her in with me!

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Sleeping? Daytime and Nighttime...

Eden wakes up around 7, happy as a clam. We take daddy to work at 8:15 and she falls asleep in the car and will sleep 30-40 minutes. She wakes up and eats then we shower and she eats again. She nurses after getting dressed (this is her fussiest period of the day, she screams the whole time I'm dressing her because she's tired and wants to eat NOW). The rule is that mommy gets to at least put on underwear before nursing the baby. She falls asleep on the bed and I get to get dressed and do whatever needs to be done for the next stage of the day. I'd say for the rest of the day she never goes more than 2 hours without eating and generally snacks a lot. She is in bed between 8-9. If we don't get her to bed before 9 she gets really fussy and crashes. She wakes up twice at night to eat. Usually the first stretch of sleep is the longest. She doesn't cry when she wakes, but will occasionally protest a diaper change.



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Vincent sleeps ALL. THE. TIME. Its insane. I think thats why he's so stinkin huge. He's growing so much that he needs his sleep I guess

I think he's asleep like 20 out of 24 hours. If he were my first, I'd probably worry about it. But Milena slept a lot as a baby too.

He sleeps for a long stretch in the middle of the day. Cluster nurses around 7. Falls asleep again around 9. I nurse him before I go to bed (which is usually around midnight or 1am these days since I don't work during the summer). He wakes once to nurse around 4 or 5 am then sleeps til 9 or 10. Until recently I was actually going in the bedroom and waking him up because he'd sleep until 11am if I let him. It was like waking up a teenage boy

He's happy just about all the time, but has a fussy period from 8-9pm. You can almost set your watch by it. But not a lot of crying, just general whining/unhappiness for that hour.

The morning routine (sleep vs. awake) seems to vary a lot depending on what we're doing. He'll generally crash out if he's in his bucket around town. If we're at home, I'll find him awake more often. When he's awake, he searches for eye contact. When he connects with your eyes, he does the cutest wrinkly nose smile. He's a character.

I get far more sleep with my newborns than I get at the end of my pregnancies.

mama to Milena Anjali (4/26/06) and Vincent Asher (4/13/09) ~ married to the love of my life since 2002.
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Beth, could I borrow your baby that sleeps all the time? I always wanted one of those and apparently don't make them.

Ben wakes for the day between 7:30 and 8:30am. Between then and about 2pm, he might take one 30 minute nap or two 10 minute snoozes, depending on the day. On a good day, I get him to sleep during ODS's nap, and he'll nap for 2 hours, sometimes longer. If I don't get him to sleep during ODS's nap, he'll take 2-3 more naps, most of them 10-15 minutes long. He goes down for the night around 8pm, wakes to eat around 3:30am, then goes back to sleep until he wakes for the day. Nighttime is amazing : but the days nearly kill me, especially since my 22 month old is also very demanding.

As far as food, I tend to offer him the breast every 2-3 hours, but he never really asks for it. He is such a different nurser than ODS was. At this age, ODS nursed for 60-90 minutes, then would come off for 30 minutes and then demand more food. I used to nurse ODS as much as 14-16 hours a day. This LO nurses for 5-10 minutes, except when he is sleepy (and then he nurses more like 20 minutes) and rarely demands food.

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Caleb has schedule down pat. He's also a sleeper.

He wakes to eat the first time at about 4ish and then sleeps till 6am.Up to eat and then back to sleep till 9 eats and sleeps again till noon- eats and then will be awake for about an hour maybe 2. Eats at 3ish and sleeps till 5,plays and then eats at 6 and is awake then till bed time. Eats "dinner" by 9 (has set this as his "bedtime") and sleeps then till 4amish. Yeah he goes for 7 hours at night!(just wish I was able to go to bed at 9 too).This routine is set and all his own!

He eats every 3 hours on the dot during the day.He nurses for 10 mins on one side, burps, and then another 10mins on the other breast.He doesn't fall asleep on the breast anymore-well during the night he does but it's so quiet I fall asleep too!And loves to sleep. Oh but he only will sleep in his swing! And if he doesn't get his naps he's horribly fussy and unhappy.
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Honestly whenever she's hungery or sleepy.... I'm not keeping track of anything this time around, has been less stressful for me! though I'm sure she has a routine of sort I just havn't thought bout it...
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no real pattern yet - it varies by the day here still

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