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Murph12334 07-05-2009 12:04 AM

Tick,tock tick,tock
Baby boy didn't seem to care about my due date on April 18th coming and going. I was so convinced this whole pregnancy that I would go early, maybe even earlier than I did with my daughter. However, he needed to prove me wrong. Josie's birthday came and went, as did the due date.

I went in for my appointment on the 16th and had my membranes stripped. The midwife was very promised seeing as I was 90% effaced and 4 cm. But I had been 3 cm and 80-90% effaced for 3 weeks so I didn't bat an eye at her assumption that she'd probably see me that weekend in L&D. Baby was at -1 station. So I went in for my appointment on Monday, April 20th. First was a non stress test and baby passed fine. Midwife (Bonnie) did another membrane sweep that was much more pressure and uhm forceful than the last one. She scheduled me to go in on Tuesday at 7am to be induced. She'd start by breaking my water and then move on to pitocin if still no progress. While I was excited to hear it was a little over a week away to meet baby, I was sad thinking my body wasn't doing it on it's own. She said I was still at 4 cm and as ripe and effaced as I could get without actually being in labor. She too said she thought I would go into labor before next Tuesday.

I'd get some contractions, sometimes timeable, sometimes more intense. I finally would ingore them nightly.

Thursday 23rd I went to my ultrasound and nst. We saw him on the ultrasound and were told he had plenty of fluid, but very cramped in there. We did the NST and he passed that as well.
Around 5:30-6 Curt brought home Little ceasars pepperoni pizza and bread sticks. I got upset at him over something and yelled at him for it, but really it was because i was tired of being pregnant. Curt took Josie outside to play.
At 7:30pm I started getting contractions. I was getting annoyed because I figured it was more of the nightly contractions. I didn't think they were real. They were more intense and I was feeling them in my back too but I didn't think they were real still. Around 8pm Curt and Josie came in and I was sitting on my birthing ball trying to watch Survivor. I told Curt to start timing the contractions - he asked if i was serious...uhm yes!
After 30 minutes of timing I decided I should call the ob office and warned Curt to get ready just in case they said to go in. I called in and talked to the phone service. They explained most people just go into Labor and Delivery to get checked out. I said I wasn't sure if it was real, so they said a dr would call me back. Very shortly later Bonnie (midwife) called back and I questioned if I should go in. My contractions were 2 minutes apart, some as low as 1 minute. I didn't know how long in duration due to curt not keeping track of that part. I guessed around 30 seconds or more. Bonnie said I could go in and get checked out if I wanted to. (looking back I'm surprised she didn't say, uhm 1-2 minutes apart - YES come in!) I quickly told Curt to get moving and get Josie to the neighbors. I sat down on my ball and called inlaws when he called the neighbors. I got FIL on the phone and asked for MIL. He said she was in the barn and I said can you get her and tell her to start heading up. He said oh, OH YEA!! and continued talking. I started having a contraction so just held the phone up to Curt, who was on with the neighbors. He took my phone, FIL was still talking. Curt finished with him and ran dd to the neighbors while I took some stuff to in the car. I got myself out to the car and waited for curt to come back. Finally curt was there and i got my headphones on and the birthing guide cd running.

Off we went. I didn't turn my lightswitch off ever (hypnobabies) but was still trying to relax with every wave. I know I was moaning out loud and i'm sure it was rattleing curt's energy to get us there faster. I told him twice to slow down. Finally we pulled in. We stopped twice in the parking lot for contractions. Made it too the enterance and curt started taking off straight instead of going to the elevators to the right. I had another contraction in the elevator and yet another one just as it started to open. It was amusing seeing curt trying to put his foot in the door to keep it from closing while still giving me his body to rest against for the contraction. Finally we get to check in and she gets my to the tub room.
They needed a 30 minute strip before I could get in to tub. Curt did get was getting everything out for signs to place on the door and birthing plan, etc to give the nurses on duty and qued up enya on the ipod. I nurse checked me and I was at 6-7cm already. Then they came in to put the hep lock in, the part i dreaded!!!
I warned her of my hard time getting them to stick, but i showed her a good vein on my right hand. She tried it, hurt like hell, then blew the vein = ouch!. Tried again, this time in my hand on the side and it hurt even worse. It was so bad I was screaming in pain and it had a ton of nurses and Bonnie came in to see what was going on. It felt like she stuck a nerve. I had tears rolling down and they were all trying to calm me. It was horrible. The nurse felt horrible for putting me through pain and asked another nurse to see if she could get it in. I'm still trying to deal with contractions through all this and had another nurse asking my questions on family history. The next nurse finally got the hep lock in after the 4th or 5th attempt. My veins kept rolling.

After the hep lock I asked to go into the tub. Everyone kept telling me I was doing great. I would go quiet and lean against curt through a contraction. When it was over i could talk and walk like I wasn't going through labor. This was highly amusing looking for them! The water felt a tab bit better through the contractions. About 3-4 nurses came in and tried to figure out some monitors that could go in the water (later they said they had never used them before so they were having to reading the directions) Bonnie came into the room and I was talking with her and the nurses when i wasn't having a contraction. It was so much more relaxing a feeling than last time, it just felt like hanging out. I lucked out and got a bunch of younger nurses too. I noticed the contractions closer together so got out of the tub since you can't deliver in the water there.

My back was really starting to hurt bad. Earlier one of the nurses tried to a apply counter pressure and it didn't feel good. Bonnie mentioned putting in the water something that would help my back but i said it would have to go in with a needle and i was so not ready to be stuck again! They chuckled a little. I had packed one of Josie's oversized lego blocks I had Curt massage my back with during a contraction instead.
Bonnie suggested hands and knees so i did that and it was a little better, especially with the lego block counter pressure and masssage.
At one point i looked to Bonnie and asked if she wanted to check me and she said yes. She checked and i was 9 with a small lip. It was getting very intense and I was getting to the same point as last time (when i was probably going through transition) saying no and that I felt like i couldn't do it. Curt gave words of encouragement and tried relaxation cues. I would be on my side saying relax to myself through a contraction. I tremember looking at the clock a few times and they laughed and said not to worry about the time and they were going to take it down if i kept looking at it.
Bonnie mentioned wanting to break my water before i started pushing because i was over. She was worried about mecconium and getting a ped here if there was some. I was hesitant due to incereased pressure, but finally just said do it. She broke my water and i asked if i was fully dialated, which she said i was. It seemed like a lot more water than what josie had.
I was laboring on my side and was mind blown at the intensity. Finally I remember trying to push and yelling "push" out. Bonnie got dressed into gown and gloves and she to push when i wanted. I just remember feeling like i couldn't get my legs apart to push. She asked if i wanted to push on my side and i said i don't know. It was like I lost the ability to think properly. I ended up on my back, semi sitting. She kept telling me to move my legs apart to make room for the baby and i just couldn't hold them back myself. I could barely make out the words to say i needed someone to hold my legs. At one point i was pushing and my bottom and both legs were off the ground.
I just kept thinking why is this so much worse feeling than with josie and that i couldn't do it. I kept trying to push and didn't feel like i was doing much, I just felt intense pressure. I reached down and could feel him just inside. I started saying "bonnie" in a pleading voice and "ouch" and they kept encouraging me. I kept doing little pushes being afraid i would tear remembering to try to pant through some so he didnt come out too fast. Then I started swearing. I pretty much could only get out the words "f>$k" and "Bonnie"...nothing elser really made much sense. I also though i was screaming loudly. He was slowly coming out and Bonnie said his head would be out with the next push. I pushed and felt relief. I think he started moving and I was yelling at bonnie not to touch me. Later I found out he had his hand at his mouth. I was still yelling and one, maybe two quick pushes and I heard him start screaming and felt a withering warm body placed on my belly. Even though the pushing felt like a long time it took maybe 2 minutes tops.
He was out at 11:30 exactly and the placenta came out shortly later at 11:36. Pushing the placenta out felt more like what it felt to push Josie out! Bonnie waited for the cord to stop pulsing and then clamped it. She offered curt to cut and he declined, so instead i cut the cord!
Bonnie asked if curt wnted to see the placenta and he said no (looking terrified!), but I had her show it to me. I had one small tear, but didn't need any stiches. I couldn't even tell I tore.
Later i asked about me being loud and how i probably scared other mothers from going naturally. The one nurse joked that they just got a complaint of someone swearing!
He was 9 pounds even, over 2# more than his sister! 21 inches long and a head circumfrence of 14 1/2 inches and chest of 13 1/2 inches.

Lindsay1234 07-05-2009 02:15 AM

Melissa, great story!!!!! Did I read that right, 4 hour labor?! Amazing!!!!

Great job mama!!!!:::

MI_Dawn 07-05-2009 09:30 AM

Those nuchal hands can realllllly hurt. Good job, mama!

Murph12334 07-05-2009 11:56 AM

yup 4 hours total - and the first hour I didn't believe I was in labor!

(dd's total labor was 3 hours)

MI_Dawn 07-05-2009 04:30 PM

Originally Posted by Murph12334 View Post
yup 4 hours total - and the first hour I didn't believe I was in labor!

(dd's total labor was 3 hours)
nuchal hand and bigger baby slowed you down... but not much!!

ShineliketheSon 07-06-2009 01:17 PM

what a story! I envy you for having been able to be in tub, I didn't get that this time I think that and Bigger baby slowed me down, DD1 was 4 hours( with nauchel hand) DD2 6...those 2 extra hours were torture (I'm sure you 12 hour mamma's are laughin at me)

Peony 07-06-2009 04:55 PM

Originally Posted by ShineliketheSon View Post
what a story! I envy you for having been able to be in tub, I didn't get that this time I think that and Bigger baby slowed me down, DD1 was 4 hours( with nauchel hand) DD2 6...those 2 extra hours were torture (I'm sure you 12 hour mamma's are laughin at me)
Not me! I'd take my 19 hour labor with DD1 any day over DS's 4.5 hour labor. Shorter doesn't always mean easier!

And I'm glad I finally got to read your birth story Melissa.

wobblykate 07-07-2009 02:40 AM

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Oliver's stats are almost exactly the same as eden's (but 2 hrs of pushing instead of 2 minutes)

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