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ann_of_loxley's Avatar ann_of_loxley 02:23 PM 08-05-2008
The April 2009 DDC finally here!!! Yay!

Just wanted to say I am in my 2WW! - So I really hope to be joining you all!!! :

staceychev's Avatar staceychev 02:30 PM 08-05-2008
Hey Ann,

Waiting with you here. Wasn't TTC, and I'm not even sure when AF is due (sometime this week is my best estimate). But I'm feeling really really off--nauseous, shooting belly pains/cramps, absolutely and completely exhausted. So, we'll see, right?

Timing is off (as it always is), but I must admit I'll be really disappointed if AF shows up.

Good luck!
iana703's Avatar iana703 02:53 PM 08-05-2008
Im in the 2ww also coming in on the last days here! Should know for sure Thursday, AF is due tomorrow. I feel so off too that if AF does show up I think I will lose it. I have already vomited twice so I am pretty sure there is a baby brewing in there.
scrapadoozer's Avatar scrapadoozer 03:28 PM 08-05-2008
Good luck to you all!
Degas's Avatar Degas 03:51 PM 08-05-2008
I couldn't believe my eyes either! Yay! :

I hope you guys will be joining us soon!
dex_millie's Avatar dex_millie 04:19 PM 08-05-2008
I am glad it is here, I was just hoping we had one already as I believe I am pregnant..well so the home test told me 6minutes ago.
honeybunny65's Avatar honeybunny65 04:27 PM 08-05-2008

GoodLuck to Everyone Else!! : I am testing on Thursday so send me lots of prayers and sticky vibes!! I think this is IT!!
katiedidbug's Avatar katiedidbug 04:28 PM 08-05-2008
Good luck to all the mamas in the 2ww.
munkeesmama's Avatar munkeesmama 06:03 PM 08-05-2008
LOL, I was about to make this same post! I'm Elaina, married to my wonderful dh Sean, and mama to Caden, Lily, Emma and one on the way due sometimes around april 4, 2009.
Kimmie213's Avatar Kimmie213 07:08 PM 08-05-2008
Also in the 2WW (I think. I'm having confusion about if I really O'd). DH and I started TTC in June. This is our 2nd cycle. It only took 1 cycle for DD. So I'm going nuts not knowing if there is anything wrong. :?
MissyLissa's Avatar MissyLissa 09:29 PM 08-05-2008
Congrats to the new BFPs! I'm so excited our board is set up now!!