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MI_Dawn's Avatar MI_Dawn 05:05 PM 08-13-2008
Is it true that most women who normally get "hormonal" migraines don't get them while pregnant? Anyone have any experience with it?

I started getting them after my fourth... so I have no experience being pregnant and having migraines. Just want to know what I might (hopefully?) be able to expect?

MelW's Avatar MelW 03:01 AM 08-14-2008
I've met people who have gone either way- migraine free during pregnancy, or have gotten much worse.

Wishing you a migraine-free pregnancy!
katiedidbug's Avatar katiedidbug 12:51 PM 08-14-2008
I had them really bad when pg with DS, but I've only had one this time. (knock on wood). I always suffered with migraines, but while in my early twenties, they got better, but came back really bad when I got pg with DS.
SallyN's Avatar SallyN 12:51 PM 08-15-2008
Before my first pregnancy, I was on a daily migraine preventative. I had to wean off of it for the pregnancy. (I got all sorts of migraines... barometric pressure trigger, food trigger, dehydration trigger, stress, hormones...) Thankfully, I only got a handful of manageable migraines while pregnant. Then the breastfeeding hormones kept the bad ones away until relatively recently (DD1 is 21 months old). I probably was just getting to the point when I would have considered resuming my meds, except we were going to start TTC. Obviously, I'm here, so still med-free.

It's likely that if your migraines were hormonally-triggered, you may not suffer from them through pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, if you DO experience some, try keeping a food/sleep/stress log and see if you can make any correlations.