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I meet with my m/w on Thurs and I'm sure we'll go over this... but I just wanted to ask you ladies what you're ordering in your homebirth kits?

I had a bunch of stuff leftover from dd's birth, and other stuff I wish I had ordered twice as many of (chux pads!-we slept on these for weeks after her birth because I milked out and sweated so bad I didn't want to ruin my bed!). Instead of a pre-designed kit, this time I might just order what I need.

What all do you have in your kit?

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This was my midwives custom homebirth kit that I ordered online:

22 Disposable Underpads, 23x36
2 Plastic Backed Sheets, 40x60
12 Sterile gauze, 4x4
1 Bulb Syringe, sterile 3oz.
1 Hydrogen peroxide, pint
1 Peri Bottle
2 Mesh Brief
1 Instant Perineal Compress
1 Cotton Newborn hat
1 Lansinoh Lanolin, 1/4oz.

And then there is a long list of things that I have accumulated based on their reccomendations and the recs in the homebirth forum

Cotton fitted sheet
washable blanket
6-7 towels
6 wash cloths
8-10 receiving blankets
clothes for baby
nursing nightgown
2 bowls (for placenta & throw up)
Tray/cookie sheet
1 roll each of ToiletPaper and PaperTowel
Portable light
heating pad
2 bottles recharge
2 packs pads (overnight & regular)
container of comfrey salve
2 garbage bags
tarp/sheet for birthpool
Rescue Remedy
floating aquarium thermometer
aquarium hose & pump & blanket to cover pool

mama to L (4) and G (1.5)
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No cord clamp? Does the mw bring one?

I'm pulling together some stuff in case I "accidentally" stay home too long:

rented Doppler
cord clamp
pile of old towels
plastic bag for placenta

If that happens, I'm going to need to pull myself together and go to the doctor's office, or the hospital if I need stitches, a few hours after the birth. THAT seems like such a suckfest that I will probably just go to the hospital when I'm ready to push. Let them deal with the birth certificate paperwork! Let them dispose of the placenta!
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I asked my mw about the cord clamp. It was the only thing I had to order and so I didn't really want to have to order just the cord clamp. So I am buying one off her lol.

We have the same stuff on our list though:

Chux pads, lots of them lol

Plastic sheet for the bed (you can get drop cloths at Big lots for like 89 cents)

6-12 towels and wash cloths (speaking from experience, this is very good to have if you are planning a water birth)

6 100% cotton recieving blankets

Something for cord care - we are doing golden seal

Flashlight with extra batteries

Hydrogen Peroxide (to clean up blood)

Stock pot and strainer (for herbal blends)

Crock pot (to keep wash cloths warm)

Heating pad and cookie sheet (to warm up baby items)


Extra sheets

Camera with extra film or video - make sure its charged

Baby hats - several

Emergency numbers and directions with address of house taped to the wall.

I also keep on hand: clamps, bp cuff, stethescope and fetoscope, Yellow dock, olive oil, hair clips, lansinoh, bulb syringe, arnica, aleve and motrin.

Then the food stuff: Honey, Ice, easy to fix and eat foods, electrolytes

I keep everything in a big box so its easy to get to. I keep having to remind everyone though, don't use the good towels! I didn't have enough to put away for the birth.

Expecting #9.  Always busy hsing.
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Thats just the stuff I'm responsible for. The midwives have gloves, cord clamp, their own herbs, etc..... I guess if I give birth before they get here I'll just leave the cord attached till they do!

I have a lot of my stuff in a big rubbermaid too. I was so lucky that my aunt gave me all her old towels. So I can just chuck them afterwards.

mama to L (4) and G (1.5)
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The kit I need to order:

10 - Underpads, moderate absorbency 30" x 30"
5 - Underpads, heavy absorbency 23" x 36"
2 - Mesh Briefs, postpartum underwear, choose size above
1 - Maternity Pads, package of 12
1 - Lubricating Jelly 4 oz flip top tube
1 - Scrub Brush with Hibiclens
1 - Povidone Iodine Prep Solution, 2 oz
1 - Perineal Cold Pad, premium
2 - Perineal Irrigation Bottle
1 - Paper Tape Measure, 36"
1 - Plastic Cord Clamp
2 - Flexible Drinking Straws
10 - Sterile Gloves, singles, vinyl, size medium
10 - Sterile Gloves, singles, vinyl, size large
5 - Woven Gauze Sponges, 4" x 4", 12-ply
1 - Deluxe 100% Cotton Newborn Hat, choose color above
1 - Plastic Mattress Bag - size king (70" x 12" x 90")
1 - Keepsake Birth Certificate
1 - Kleen-Print Footprinter
3 - Garbage Bags, white kitchen size
2 - Ziploc Backs, gallon size

And then the other stuff to gather:

8-12 receiving blankets
6-10 towels (more for waterbirth)
8-12 wash cloths
olive oil
hydrogen peroxide
PP pads
1 tube arnica montana 30x
baby clothes
made bed
ice, juice, and light food for labor
prepared meals for the family that are easy to heat up for the next few days

the "nice to have" section:
nursing bra/clothes
natural baby care products
camera and film (film? whats that?)
sitz bath herbs

for waterbirth:
new hose, long enough to get from water source to tub
faucet adapter to attach hose to sink
3-5 ml thickness clear painters plastic sheeting
king sized light colored sheet
duct tape
sea salt
pillows to line tub
garbage bags for over the pillows
small mesh fish net

dd (7) ds (5), ds (2) &3rdtri.gif hbac.gif and the furbabies cat.gifZeus, Dobby, Luna, & Ravenclaw
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I got my list the other day.

It included: thermometer, sanitary napkins, 2 garbage bags, heating pad or hot water bottle, flashlight, 8 clean old wash cloths, plastic to cover bed, bowl for placenta, 2 baby hats, 8 receiving blankets, roll of pape towel, bowl for warm compresses.

My midwives bring chux pads, cord clamps, and everything else.

Jam 7, Peanut Butter 5, and Bread 2.

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camera and film (film? whats that?)
LOL so true! Maybe instead of film we should put - Extra SD card

Expecting #9.  Always busy hsing.
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