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LiLStar 04-05-2009 08:55 PM

Has your baby settled into a preferred spot, or still spinning around like crazy? Throughout the day mine is every head-down position imaginable. But the good thing is, if I do some cat/cows for a few minutes, he's very cooperative in turning anterior. If I notice him blatantly posterior I encourage him to turn if I can. I can't decide how I feel about it! On one hand I wish he'd get into LOA and STAY there, on the other hand, its very reassuring that he's such an angel about correcting his position when I ask him to. If he's that good about it in labor, I'll be set! What are the other babies doing?

clarissaM 04-05-2009 10:46 PM

all my babes have been persistently posterior, and though my doula rotated this babe on friday, he's back to where he's apparently most comfy - posterior again. argh! i know it's still early to settle in, but i'd just feel better if he'd get anterior and stay that way!

Lunaria 04-06-2009 01:50 AM

This babe has a definite prefered position. Which is very reassuring since my other two were breech!

The back is on my left side and the legs are curled up with feet always poking and pushing me on my right side. Sometimes he/she does a big wiggle but always settles back to this favorite spot. I'm surprised as I'm only 33 weeks and the baby has been like this for about a month now. I wouldn't worry yet though as long as baby is head down by 34 weeks.


burm_keep 04-06-2009 01:56 AM

Baby has been moving a bunch and it's hard for me to tell where he/she is from day to day. I had a prenatal today and the baby is LOA.

Error_kitten 04-06-2009 08:15 AM

Luckily Dart has been staying head down for a few weeks now. Though he spins constantly from anterior to posterior.
Lately Ive been thinking hes been posterior because I feel these painful jabs low in my abdomen. I'm not quite sure what the heck he is doing down there But I hope he cuts it out soon.

trauerweidchen 04-06-2009 10:15 AM

This baby seems to love hanging out ROL/ROP, in spite of my efforts to get her/him to embrace the concept of LOA positioning. That being said, I haven't started seriously working on optimal fetal positioning, although I'm trying to position myself at night to encourage rotation. *sigh* I have an appointment with my midwife today, and I was hoping to have baby in a more optimal position even if just for the day, but alas! I'm only 33 weeks so there's time, and I suspect that I'll do my best to get baby to position perfectly, to no avail, only to have him/her rotate blithely in early labor.

mamasurprised 04-06-2009 10:19 AM

This babe stays pretty much head down, butt right, feet left. It's a comfy spot apparently. Lots of movement with the feet!!
35 1/2 weeks and counting!

CookAMH 04-06-2009 10:32 AM

Baby has been head down but changes from LOA to ROA, and occasionally posterior, I think. Only way I can tell posterior I guess is when my whole front belly seems squishy with no back to be found.

ETA: it's mostly LOA. I almost always have visible movement on the upper right from the feet.

cmoma 04-06-2009 10:41 AM

Baby bug was stuck quite comfortably in a head down butt/back on my right limbs to the left position for quite a while. A couple weeks ago she wedged herself out and is now posterior. I'm trying to get her to rotate which she seems to but then settles back again when I get up and move about. I'm 34 weeks today so I still have some time plus knowing she moves easily to the side is a good thing.

roses25 04-06-2009 11:42 AM

Thankfully after a scare of my baby being head down for a month and then changing to a sidelying position, he is back to a head down position at almost 34 weeks. I've been doing inversions, pelvic rocks, playing music down low, acupuncture, and chiropractic care to try and get him back head down. The chiropractor confirmed this morning that my baby is head down again. So I'm hoping that he'll stay that way this time.


seraphim0517 04-06-2009 12:09 PM

This LO can't seem to stay one way for long, switches between vertex and breech over and over. But it doesn't hang out transverse so it's fine. I do wish it would settle however though, it's getting uncomfortable when LO flips.

the_lissa 04-06-2009 01:23 PM

My baby has been consistently LOA for weeks and weeks now.

Quate 04-06-2009 01:25 PM

Originally Posted by mamasurprised View Post
This babe stays pretty much head down, butt right, feet left. It's a comfy spot apparently.
This is mine too--confirmed at my last prenatal. I think she spins some though because every now and then I feel movement on the right (way on the right, not just the right top) and I can't figure out how she could pull that off if her back is over there! Is there a reason it's better to have her back to the left?

the_lissa 04-06-2009 01:28 PM

Here is some info on roa:

Limabean1975 04-06-2009 07:11 PM

Originally Posted by the_lissa View Post
My baby has been consistently LOA for weeks and weeks now.
me too and i'm very grateful for it!

lotus.blossom 04-06-2009 07:34 PM

Mine is mostly ROA but always flips to LOA when I have my midwife appts. Seems like baby is performing for the midwives!! I mentioned in the chat thread that I felt him flip posterior. I felt very pronounced clawing at the front low part of my uterus and the rest of my belly was very squishy. So I did a lot of all 4's and pelvic rocks. Can't tell where he is now because my uterus is very firm. But at least his back is out again!

With DS1 he was most always ROA and then the night labor hit I sort of felt him turn posterior right before I went to bed and dammit, I wish I had that night to do over. I never would have gone to bed with a posterior baby. The lessons you learn........

catters 04-06-2009 08:08 PM

She's been head down, posterior facing with her body along my right side pretty much constantly since 28 weeks. Even though I lie on my left at night, she still has her body along the right side. Preeeessssssiiiinngggg her foot into my liver. Owie.

larkish 04-07-2009 11:02 AM

Midwife says baby was posterior at 34 and 36 week checkups. So yesterday I did some pelvic rocks and baby moved around. I think this baby just moves around depending on what side I sleep on, etc. Mostly it seems to be facing my left hip, but right now it's my right...

Misbehavedmeg 04-07-2009 02:34 PM

I know that he has been head down for a few weeks but I am not sure of his exact position.

runner29 04-07-2009 02:50 PM

Head down, mostly posterior, unfortunately. I think my first was posterior too (no back pain, but a really long slow labor (days...) though she did rotate in labor.

All of my siblings and I (four babies) actually came out posterior (face up) for my mom, so I'm beginning to wonder if we have something weird with our uteruses (uteri? or pelvises that encourages babies to be posterior?

CookAMH 04-08-2009 09:58 AM

Another clue I have that baby has been LOA for a while is I have more stretch marks on the left side of my belly. Just noticed the unevenness last night, so I guess the back pushes out a little more on that side. The marks above my belly have grown this week and have been itchy again.

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