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For me Teagan's birth starts before her because she is my VBA2C baby so I must start with her big brothers births first.

Ethan was an induction at 41 wks after switching to this practice only like 9 weeks before bc we could no longer trust that OB practice. They did AROM before pit then got the pit going very shortly after. I was doing good even though they strapped me (IV, pitocin, blood pressure etc) to the bed due with all their stuff. Well, I finally requested the epidural several hours after the induction started because I could not tolerate the back labor being strapped to the bed. So, as I was about about the get it I started vomiting at only 4 cm which was making me push (not good) causing his heartrate to drop due to his posterior position (why so much back labor). I was placed on my left side while the epidural was put in along with my legs held open so they could put other things in me (internal heart monitor for baby, fluid since they broke my water and I pushed my water out, and who knows what else). I was given 1 hour to see if things would be better. Not good enough 1 hour later so I was wheeled to the operating room for my first c-section. I was not prepared for this at all as I had prepared only for a completely natural birth! I had a very rough time emotionally recovering from this as I still was working through it during Teagan's pregnancy. Physically, I healed just fine though it took quite awhile.

Ethan was 15 months when we found out I was pregnant again. We had moved from northern Virginia to Steve's hometown which is a small town area so I found 1 practice to take me on to try to VBAC though I could tell I would most likely end in another CS with them. This practice dropped me at about 38 weeks not sure why even though I changed my birth plan which they did not read to suit them though I still disagreed but they picked me back up like 10 days later. Labor started at 40 weeks and 3 days (was 0 dilated and not thinned at 40 week appointment). I did not realize I was in labor till like 12 hours later since I had not experienced natural labor before. At about 16 hours in is when Steve found out stuff was happening. Finally, at 24.5 hours we get to the hospital and I am at 2 cm. The first couple of hours I am permitted to get up and walk after they monitor me once during that hour for 15 minutes but then I get strapped to the bed. Finally, at 36 hours in I cave to an epidural because Grant is posterior too and the back labor is just to much for me since I am only allowed to be on my back as I cannot even lay on my sides since they would have to come in and find his heartrate on the monitor again. With the epidural I finally start making progress and get to 4 then 6 but made no progress in a couple hours so I allowed them to break my water which then gets me to 8. I got to 8 which I was at for 5 hours or so and I am still only allowed to be on my back so I am told I have 1 hour. Again, 1 hour later no changes and I am wheeled into the operating room for another c-section. Baby and I were both doing fine after these 20 hours there but the OB "could not wait any longer" so I am now left to heal once again. I had not planned for this c-section either since I was fighting to VBAC this pregnancy. It was physically harder to heal this time since I was now trying to chase after a 2 year old very active little boy on top of taking care of a newborn.

March 2008, after getting the paperwork requested I was able to meet with an out of hospital midwife who decided after reading my records that she would take me on if I got pregnant and she was available. Early September, I find out I am pregnant though we were not trying and only discussing #3 at this time. I was worried the midwife might of changed her mind but when I finally called she took me on. Well, 2 days before 32 weeks and my birthday the midwife decides to ask me to transfer because she has "a gut feeling" so I am left to find someone who will take me late in pregnancy to VBA2Cs. This was very emotional and tramatic (still is) as I thought I found the person to help me birth before I ever became pregnant again. She knew I did not want to be dropped and/or transfer care again (unless medically necessary for safety) during the pregnancy along with she knew I did not want to birth in a hospital with an OB again but she gave me no choice as she did not want me birthing with her. I was so devastadated (hurts to type this ~ see my tears falling)!

At 34 weeks, I was lucky to contact an OB, Dr. Gingo, who was willing to see me (Thank you ICAN of Greater Cleveland!!) and ultimately took me on the VBA2C given baby and I were medically okay to do so. This OB was a 90 minute drive from our home so even further then the birthing center originally. 36 week appointment, I was at 1 cm. Still the same at 39 weeks but this appointment my cervix was off to the left so he "moved" it back towards where it should be. Boy, was the uncomfortable!

Thursday, May 21 ~ 40 wks 4 days according to original EDD of May 17

Appointment with Dr. G, I had DH go with because he said at the previous appointment we would talk induction the next time if nothing was happening. So did every thing as normal to start then Dr. G. does he exam on me and says my cervix is still to the left but not so much and he is going to stretch me because I am only 1-1.5 cm dilated. This exam was not as bad as the last one where he "moved" my cervix from the left side but still pretty uncomfortable. We start to talk induction and find out that he has my EDD as May 25th. This is news to us because even going into the consultation at 34 weeks with him and his staff I stated my EDD as the 17th based on my charting (no cycle as my last one was December 2005 before Grant thanks to breastfeeding so just a temp spike after 4.5 months of charting) and ultrasounds. I remember driving home from that appointment and having to stop DH from talking to me one time because a wave started and it was a bit intense but that was the strongest one for the day. I had little stuff happen the rest of the day but nothing regular or strong.

Friday, May 22

The boys and I went to a friend's house and had a few waves there of which only one I had to have my friend stop talking to me as it was more intense than the other ones. I think this is the day I first really started noticing my plug coming out.

Saturday, May 23

I had waves but nothing regular and strong. My parents came in since it was Memorial Day Weekend and were hoping baby would be here already to meet her/him since I was due 6 days ago. I went to the hotel with the boys that evening so we could go swimming. My Mom felt my belly a few times when I had a few waves while there. I remember having a headache and being very irritated by the pre-teen boys that came into the pool area because they were extremely loud and just plain out rude (it got worse once my Mom and I left as my Dad stayed with the boys down there awhile longer).

Sunday, May 24

The boys and I went back to the hotel to have breakfast with my parents and go swimming. Thanks to the other boys from the previous night the pool was closed while they cleaned and got the chemicals back to normal in the pool so my Mom and I decided to go shopping at Wal-Mart and Grant joined us while my Dad and Ethan stayed at the hotel. At Wal-Mart, I was having waves probably about every 4 minutes or so (no clock to time so we were guessing) but they were not strong in my opinion. We purchased the chairs and swimming stuff we wanted and returned to the hotel to find the pool was still closed. It was now time to return home to have lunch before we headed to the fishing derby for the boys with Daddy.

We have lunch at home. My Dad tells Steve that I had a few waves but I explain they are not strong and regular so it is nothing to worry about yet. We head to the pond where the derby is around 12:30 pm. We set-up our chairs and stuff before the derby begins at 1 pm. It begins and my Mom and I watch for a few minutes and take some pictures before heading to the main part of the festival so I can get my funnel cake (this is the only time I get this treat). I joked with the funnel cake lady that this could be my last meal. She was quite shocked then when I stepped back she realized I was pregnant and I explained I was due a week ago. Mom and I sat down in the fest to eat then walked through the shop part of the fest before walking back to the fishing derby.

I took a few pictures of my guys and Dad from afar as we were walking back. Right as we walk up Ethan catches a cat fish that measures 18.5 inches. FINALLY!! It only took a few years for one of my boys to finally catch a fish. So now, Mom and I sit down and continue watching the guys fish and also start timing my waves some. We figured they were between 3 and 7 minutes apart but I did not think they were strong. The derby ended at 2 pm and it seemed like Ethan needed to stay for awards from what we hear because he might have caught the biggest fish for his age group. Awards were suppose to start at 2:30 so I wanted to take our stuff back to the vehicle. Steve did not want to do that and I stated how I wanted to because I wanted to try to get my waves going a little more so my Mom and I walked the stuff back to my vehicle. On the way, I had to really slow down during a few waves so I figured something actually might start some time soon. We get back to find out the awards are delayed and Steve's Mom and sisters are now there. Awards have not started yet so I decided to use the bathroom. I get there to find out that the port a potties have a line!! Finally, I get in and find I lost a pretty decent size piece of my plug.

I return to the stands where everyone is and find Steve's Mom, Nancy, and sisters, Deb and Beth, there too. The waves are starting to pick up in strength a little more now but only my Mom knows any thing as she is the one I am mostly talking with. At some point in there I was asked by Steve's family members when I thought this baby was going to come. I said maybe today or tomorrow which then led them to ask if anything was going on. I said I had a few but nothing really to worry about yet basically. Finally, at almost 3 pm they started awards. Ethan and Grant are both in the 0-4 catagory. We know that Ethan has a chance to win the biggest fish and he DOES by quite a bit and even beat out all the other ages for the biggest. So now we have to wait for the raffle stuff so Nancy (MIL) and Deb (SIL1) take off. Then like 10-15 mins later while we are sitting in the stands I have waves that I make people stop talking to me which tells Steve it is probably time to go. I say I want to wait till the raffle is done but Beth (SIL2) says she will stay for it so I agree to leave. Steve takes the boys to the Rex, our SUV, and my Dad gets his vehicle. My Mom and I work our way across the street to the corner to where I am to be picked up. Steve is making calls to his Mom and Deb to get them to our house now and he cannot get his Mom (where the boys are staying). So we get home and every one arrives there and starts finishing packing. I make the annoucement on my boards and FB along with a few phone calls it is now baby time!!! Oh, I do email my doula we are heading to the hotel now (she lives out there so no need for her to drive 90 mins my way to drive back).

I think it probably took about 30 minutes (leave maybe around 4 pm) to get everything in Rex we wanted (I know I was pokey as I was not ready to head out there yet plus waves slowed down and were not as intense now) and all the instructions for the boys and what not were given. The ride to the hotel was not a fun one for me. It was painful to be stuck in a sitting position so I tried laying back a little and that gave me a little more room to manage my waves. My doula called my cell at some point but I was in the middle of a wave so she left a message. Oh, at some time early on we let Dr. G. know we were headed out to the hotel (come to find out he was in Toledo which was an hour in the opposite direction I was headed so he had a 2.5 hour drive to the hospital) and he said do not go to the hospital until I cannot manage the pain or I am ready (think that part as I was working through a wave for part of that conversation). I know I had not finished my calls so I made a couple more but they were short as I hung up when a wave started. I recall during part of this trip that I thought I needed a bag (thanks Mom getting them in Rex) because I felt sick but I did not need it in Rex thankfully. On the way out there we also have to figure out which hotel we are going to as I only wanted to go to one that had a jacuzzi tub room so I could soak in it. The second hotel had a room available. At some point towards the end of the journey I flipped myself onto my knees and was hugging my seat because the back labor was getting so intense. The back labor really did not get intense until I was sitting in Rex driving out there so I am not sure if that is when baby turned posterior (was laying back in my seat which I had been avoiding this pregnancy) because I was sure before that baby was anterior mostly before this.

Finally, we get to I think it was the Days Inn (about 5:30 pm) and it seemed like it took Steve forever to get a room. I start water for the tub right away and get in. Man, it sure did fill slowly! I know Steve started watching TV at some point while I am laboring away and I recall it was to loud (the radio in Rex was loud too but I know it really was not). I asked to have some things brought up from Rex so Steve gets them and while he is gone I do start getting sick (luckily, I had a garbage can there to use). I know this could be a sign I am getting closer to the end but I know Steve does not. I recall finally checking my message from my doula. I know she called again at some point but cannot remember when. I think we decide to actually start seeing how long my waves are. They were every 2-3 minutes and the fun part was a minute or so long.

I decide I need to pee so I get out and use the toilet. I am in there for a few waves and they are not fun. I need to gave the garbage can in there because I start feeling sick and I think I only heave a few times. I ask Steve to get me some water since he is just watching TV. Finally, I get back into the tub but cannot get comfortable because of the back labor so I get on my hands of knees and it is not seeming to help. I get out of the tub and am laying on a towel on the floor now trying to figure out what I can do to easy my waves but nothing I am trying is working (sorry hypnosis was not cutting it anymore for me ~ did a great job to hotel though) and then I start feeling sick again (not sure if I actually got sick again or not). I decide it is time to get to the hospital just in case. I know the hospital is about 3 miles down the road but that was a LONG drive.

Steve pulled up to the main entrance and it says, "No Parking." We park with flashers anyways because there is no way I am walking!! I start walking in and Steve finds me a wheel chair (faster for him to push me than me walking). We get to the information desk since we have never been gone to the L&D floor coming this way (OB office is connected directly to the L&D floor but it has a different entry). I have to stand up to manage a couple of waves along with I start getting sick. I am so glad I grabbed a bag to take with or it would have been every where because I got sick a few times!!! Get directions to L&D so I sit back down and Steve races us to the elevator to go up. We get there and I continue to get sick standing there while trying to talk to the nurse. Not sure if this happened outside the room or while I was giving my information but I felt like the nurses sort of freaked when they found out I was a VBA2Cs. I recall them asking if my doctor knew and know Steve answered something he did.

They get me to a room and get me changed fairly quickly as I walked in just before 7 pm which is their shift change. As I am giving my inform to the nurse I mention how I still have yet to let me doula know I am now at the hospital. So just after 7 pm, I get my first internal to find out where I am. I AM AT 7!!! I only got to 8 with Grant (stupid other OB practice could not wait any longer for me to progress!) so this is great news to me because I was so afraid I would walk in there and they would tell me that I have a ways to go still. Steve leaves before my internal to go move the vehicle so we do not get a ticket or towed. I know I continue getting sick several more times during the 3 hours before I start pushing. I know I ask for my bucket becuase I left it on the other side of the bed when I rolled over. I know my cell phone rings several times from various people trying to find out what is going on. They get me hooked up and take my blood as I try to labor in this bed and it is not working. So like 30 minutes later they do the second internal because I am having really intense pain and I am at like an 8 or a 9 now!!

They get the epidural doctor in there and of course they talk to me while I am having waves and tell me this is my last chance most likely to get it. I end up deciding to get the epidural because the back labor is so intense and nothing is working I have done to help. I know it is not what I wanted or had planned but I know not all things go as planned and accept that. I know I take the call from my doula who I tell really does not need to come because I just opted for the epidural and basically hang up on her because a wave starts (epidural not in yet ~ she heads to the hospital she says as soon as she talks with me). So I get my epidural and it seems to take an hour to work plus I am left with 2 windows!! I have never had windows before. Now, I do not feel pain mostly except more intensely in the hairy area of my princess parts and directly opposite on my back which did radiate up some at times. My doula arrives. I am very thankful for her even with the epidural because it was so nice to hear I was doing so well to work through my waves and to tell me to take a breath if I started holding it in. I feel bad for her though because I barely looked at her the whole laboring time since the lights in my room drove me crazy (turned out 1 set but had to have the other one on they said) so I kept my head buried in the sides of my bed where it was dark. I know I was LOUD while I had my waves and I am sure those outside my room probably thought I needed an epidural because I may of not been yelling yet but darn close.

Not really sure where Steve was as I think he left the room for awhile as I know he does not like to watch me in pain. It was nice to have my doula there who talked to me and touched me as I needed it. It is now probably around 9 pm and I get another internal and we find out that all I have left lip which is soft and Dr. G. will probably just push it away. Well, I think Dr. G. finally arrived at like 9:30 pm and they checked me again I am pretty sure I was about the same but he broke my water. Steve tells me this later when he my water coming out that is was not the best because he saw fluids coming out of me at both ends (getting sick still) and they looked to be close in color. I know my doula has me try a few other positions even with the epidural. Found out later she was surprised at how well I still could move with it for how strong they had it but I was determined.

Finally, 10 pm I get checked again and told to start pushing!!! I was pretty much in shock because I NEVER got here before. Of course, I had to be on my back pushing (how Dr. G. told me I would have to when he took me on) especially with the epidural I had (I had pushed the button a few times because the nurses told me to see if that would help with my windows which it certainly did NOT!!). I have absolutely no feeling down there except for in my windows. Dr. G. was there to catch, nurses were on my right side holding me, doula and Steve were on my left side holding me plus I was trying to hold my own legs and tuck my chin during this time. During the first few pushes I am pretty sure I moved my monitors which dropped baby's heartrate and I was told I better really start pushing now or I would be having another c-section. Pretty sure someone moved the monitors back because Steve told me later that after that baby's heart rate always stayed up in the 100s. So I closed my eyes and basically started pushing for my dear life. I WAS NOT GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER C-SECTION!!! I WAS NOT!! In my head though I did have the thought of why was I doing this and that I was crazy! I am guessing this is when baby got the vacuum attached because I did not see it since my eyes were closed.

Dr. G. said he was going to have to give me a little cut down there and I asked if he really had too. He said yes and did it. Steve told me later he was just really stretching me out down there and asked if I felt it which I did not. Come to find out I also tore too all the way back. During pushing (my doula told me this later) at one point one nurse was really yelling/screaming at me to push. I heard someone being a little louder but did not realize she was yelling.

After 8-10 sets of 2-4 pushes (so say 30 10 count pushes) in only 19 minutes, at 10:19 (2219 which so happens to be the date I was born, 22, and the date my brother was born, 19), Teagan Marie presented herself posterior (looking at my left thigh) with her hand and arm up by her face (that shoulder came out too) via VBA2C!! I am in total SHOCK along with thinking that is it! I remember looking up and seeing that I had a girl and thinking to myself I have my Teagan Marie now before they even annouced the sex. They were holding her by her belly so her butt and princess parts were facing me. I saw they were having Steve cut the cord right away and I asked if it could wait but they said no because they had been unable to clear her lungs completely before she came out and she supposed "needed" some help.

So for the next 45 minutes or so (really do not remember when I finally got the hold her) I pretty much sat there in amazement and thinking it is over already! Like 5 minutes after I had her my Mom calls and I know it is her by the ring so I have my doula answer and she hands it to me. I tell my Mom we have our girl now and basically that is it. I could not even see Teagan because the nurses were working on her in her warmer (Steve was over there taking pictures since we did not get any of the birth part). Dr. G. starts sewing me up. They weigh and measure her at 8 pounds 1 ounce and 21". Call my brother 30 minutes after she was born as he is expecting his second daughter 10 days from now but comes 4 days after Teagan.

Finally, get to hold Teagan for the first time and the nurse is worried about me nursing her because she still had something but I do anyways and she is fine.

So we are there for a couple more hours then get transferred to the other side. At like 2 am or something, the nurse and personal care person come in to check me and get me to try to pee. They were so shocked I VBA2Cs and was humming happily as I very slowly made my way to the bathroom. My epidural had barely worn off either but enough for some feeling so I could stand and move a little. It did not fully wear off until like 10 or 11 am.

Think this is plenty for now. Hope, I did not make to many mistakes typing (mostly one handed) and did not ramble to much. Thanks for reading!

Lisa Marie

Album to all pics again


~Lisa Marie~ Married 08/03, Mama to 2 Fall Princes '04 :, '06 CBAC & :
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Congratulations again, mama! Thank you for sharing you story with us!

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Thank you for sharing!

My baby girl is three months old today, and I'm still surprised that we had a VBA2C.

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Congratulations! You've given me hope. The reasons for my 2 c-sections sounded very similar to yours. I've had this feeling that there's something wrong with my body that won't let it dilate past 8 cm. I love reading about VBA2Cs.
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wow! That is quite the story. Thank you so much for sharing. I have had a really hard time emotionally recovering from my c-section last fall and really really really want to hav a VBAC! i was planning on having my first baby at home totally natural and i got everything the opposite of that. COngratulations! It is relaly encouraging to hear stories like this. Do you know why your babies were all posterier? I had a similar situation with my son, but I always wondered how that happens?

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Not in your ddc, but I had to say congrats! My last baby was a VBA2C, it was amazing
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: yay! Congrats on little Teagan. Your story gives me hope that I may have a VBA2C someday too!

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