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SunCB's Avatar SunCB 12:37 PM 09-22-2008
Well, I still have awhile before it happens as I will not to it until after this LO is born or just before s/he is born. I chopped my hair last pregnancy early on and was okay with it but this time since the winter is just beginning I think I will wait.

I grow my hair to donate BTW.

This was 2006

This was the look I was trying to get

What I got when I actually tried to work with my hair

I think my hair will be about the same length as last time given it will be alittle over 3 yrs when I actually do it but this is the look I am hoping to get. Not sure if I will try to make my hair part on the side or not since my hair is usually parted in the middle as you can see. I have been thinking about doing this for probably close to 2 months now. I have to prepare myself to do it since it is a big change. Last time, I wanted to cut it in Nov. and I finally did it in Feb.

What do you all think? Would you do it just before the birth or shortly after? I keep changing my mind. I think before bc I will not have time right after but then I think I want it long for Mother's Day and the birth. I know it is only hair but this will be the shortest I have ever cut it. The shortest before that was my last donation. It is a big step for me to cut my hair above my shoulders. Oh, I want to do this 1) to do something different 2) donation and 3) it is coming up summertime and I thought it would be easy for the summer since I will be getting use to having #3 around.

I am done babbling, LM

larzanna's Avatar larzanna 01:39 PM 09-22-2008
I have short hair and am not very attached to hair in general, but my thoughts are. I would cut it right before the birth because: no time afterwards, you'll feel nice when you sorta feel the worst (big, tired ect), and i was thinking hair outta the way for the birth.
A few weeks after the birth you could always get it trimmed and reshaped to again get that NEW HAIRCUT feel.

BTW the picture of what you wanted to me looked more a-line than what you got. just a thought for the next cut.
~Katie~'s Avatar ~Katie~ 02:14 PM 09-22-2008
I had long hair all throughout DS's pregnancy, I had been growing it out after a bad haircut for the last 2 years. I cut it shortly afterward and just kept having it cut until it was a style I liked, I would have much rather had it cut during pregnancy because shorter hair is easier to style and deal with in general. I would get it cut beforehand.
cmoma's Avatar cmoma 02:26 PM 09-22-2008
I'm on the otherside. I would wait till after baby to cut it. I got mine cut in the beginning of my pregnancy with my first and I couldn't stand it then during l/d of my son it was always in my face. I could only pull a little bit up. Drove me nuts. Then after same thing always in my face. I decided I wasn't going to cut it till after the birth of my next. She was 6m when I did cut it and it was only because between the normal hair loss pp and stress it was a MESS. I had to cut a lot off to get it healthy. Its now been short for way longer than I wanted. But I haven't cut it in 4m or so and I will not be cutting it for a while.

As long as you can deal with it being short for labor and after the birth with not being able to pull it up it doesn't really matter. But I would wait till afterwards.

Sorry for the long post Just thought I'd share.
lotus.blossom's Avatar lotus.blossom 03:24 PM 09-22-2008
I have an A line hair cut (you can see it if you click my name in my signature) and I liked it over the summer but I am growing my hair out during this pregnancy. I feel more beautiful and goddesslike with long wavy hair. Last pregnancy it got really long and I was annoyed after my birth so I got it hacked by a new hair dresser. I was mortified and it made me look really chubby. I won't be doing it again this time.

You have great hair for donation and I think its really sweet that you are doing it! I say do what you feel at the end of your pregnancy. Make it a ritual for either preparing for birth or make it a post birth change. See how you feel!
Madalyn's Avatar Madalyn 05:19 PM 09-22-2008
I'd probably do it right before the birth too for all the reasons already listed. I just have to say you have a lot more patience than me!! I never get mine past my shoulders before chopping it. I think I'll probably go get mine cut sometime right before the baby is due too. Have you ever thought about getting bangs? I think with that haircut you want and looking at your pictures they'd look really cute on you.
SunCB's Avatar SunCB 06:08 PM 09-22-2008

I have had bangs but that was back in grammar school and like fresh yr of high school. I hate bangs now probably bc of the way they cut them when I decided I wanted them. They were thick and a pain in my butt!

I usually pull my hair back so for me I think bangs would not go over well now bc I would keep trying to pull them out of my way. My hair dresser even asked if I would want bangs then after talking with her she thought it would be best not to give them to me. I am very low maintenance especially when it comes to beauty type stuff. I rarely wear make-up and my hair is usually in a bun or some form of one. I did get 2 Flexi-8s (small- can make a bun then do a tails up with the rest & med.-to do a french twist but finding it hard and something not worth my time) to pretty my hair piece up. I was thinking the smaller ones would be great with my shorter hair.