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spontamyous's Avatar spontamyous 07:07 AM 01-07-2011

Hi all! I've been reading ...or, more accurately, devouring... Mothering for about a year now, and was very surprised to learn that I hadn't yet signed up online - so hello, finally. I'm a stay-at-home mom to our almost 7-month-old boy (born 6/12/10) and we just got some bad news about his weight gain (less than a pound from 4 months to 6.5 months), so I'm looking for support about increasing my milk supply, as well as finding a few buddies to keep my newly-unemployed butt sane. We breastfeed, cloth diaper, babywear, compost, and have happily fallen into many other "green" habits because they make sense for us financially. 


I look forward to lurking for a while and maybe eventually getting to know a few of you. :)

momma22boys's Avatar momma22boys 08:51 AM 01-07-2011

Welcome! I'm new to the site as well and it sounds like we have some things in common.


I have a 3 month old son that I'm breastfeeding. We cloth diaper as well and I try to do the "green thing" as much as we can, mostly in the sense of reduce and reuse. I'm a stay at home mom as well and also have a 2 year old son that I breastfeed for 14 months.


As far as the weight gain keep your head up. Is your son following his own growth curve? That is the important issue since all kids grow at diffent rates. As far as your milk supply is concerned, do you have a breast pump? If you do use it when you are nursing, pump the other side and if you can pump at night when he wakes to feed...that always increased my supply. Also oatmeal (if you like it) will increase your milk. Eat it in any way you can even if it is just oatmeal cookies (good excuse to eat cookies!) Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. I keep the jug that I got at the hospital full of ice water and drink on that all day. Hope that helps! Best of luck.

spontamyous's Avatar spontamyous 10:23 AM 01-07-2011

Hi Momma! Thanks for the encouragement and advice - I've been doing oatmeal for breakfast since the appt and drink about a gallon of water a day, but I'll definitely have to make some cookies as well! The doc is mainly concerned because the little guy dropped from the 80th to the 25th percentile in weight, so no, he's not following his own curve. I have him on a two-hour feeding schedule for the time being to up my supply (my boobs don't respond very well to my pump - might eventually look into renting a better one) and hopefully we'll fatten him up soon. :)

And good luck to you with your boys! How is that age gap working out for you, exhaustion/sanity-wise? We're hoping to have another when our little one is about 2, as well. 

momma22boys's Avatar momma22boys 04:34 PM 01-07-2011

Well keep your head up he will start gaining again just keep nursing!


The age difference isn't too bad. Our oldest has done good, he seems more concerned about mine and his relationship and doesn't seem threatened by our youngest just trying to figure out the relationships. However our oldest has reverted back to diapers after 8 months of being potty trained and sometimes asks to nurse (still trying to explain why he cant). It is challenge to get out of the house with both of them by myself so this doesn't happen often. Most of the time it is a joy. My favorite part is seeing them together and seeing how big my first one is and what a good job we have done so far (not to toot my own horn). I would say if you like adventure and challenges daily and want to just how developed your patients is then have 2 under 3! Really I'm having a great time wouldn't change it if i could!

Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 06:17 PM 01-31-2011
Welcome.gif Welcome to Mothering!