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ammomma's Avatar ammomma 02:25 PM 07-24-2011

  Well actually reading for a while. My name is Amanda I'm 29 , my husband and I have a 21 m son and  I'm  8 weeks along with baby #2.

We live in RI and we're desperate to find a midwife who will discuss a vbac at home in this state. It is a little wild how our situation is untouchable for so many. We've had offers to go to MA. and birth in a hotel, but I'm a little startled about what noises may or may not echo through the walls and don't want to be uncomfortable.


Other than our present conundrum, We like to be outside, in the dirt or in the water. We love to cook outside. If we're not outside look for me  promoting breastfeeding in public, and private, or at church, where we are know by our bumper sticker "Jesus was Breastfed".


Thanks for listening. 

 God Bless

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Try the Finding Your Tribe forum :)

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and welcome!