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mayanbutterfly's Avatar mayanbutterfly 05:56 PM 08-03-2011

Hi there!


I am a mother to a beautiful 20 month old baby girl.  I had a natural home birth homebirth.jpg

with a midwife with her and it was a wonderful experience!  My labor was only 12 hours long and I'll defiantly have a home birth again if I have another baby.


 My husband, baby, and I are all vegans and we try to eat lots of organic food.  carrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gif


We co-sleep with our baby and she has slept with us every night since she was born.  familybed1.gif


I'm still nursing her and I plan on nursing her as long as she wants to nurse. bf.jpg


We started out using disposable diapers but after a few months of seeing how expensive and wasteful they were we switched to cloth prefold diapers and they worked well.


I've been doing elimination communication with my baby since she was 9 months old and recently she has been able to stop using diapers all together which is very exciting!  


I'm interested in learning about natural ways of parenting and two of my favorite parenting books are The Continuum Concept and Hold Onto Your Kids.


I also enjoy hiking, painting and art projects!

hazeldust's Avatar hazeldust 08:04 PM 08-05-2011

Nice to meet you! heartbeat.gif

sren's Avatar sren 10:32 PM 08-09-2011

I love Hold on to Your Kids!