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amber3902's Avatar amber3902 01:49 PM 12-05-2011



Newbie here - do you have to make a post first before you can post in the other forums?

I wanted to post a question in the Ask an Expert forum but can not find the green button that says post a new thread option like there is in this part of the forum.



TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 11:23 AM 12-06-2011

Welcome to MDC!


I see that you were able to post in an Expert Forum, so you must have figured it out winky.gif


I hope you find the answers you are looking for and a comfortable place to "hang" here!

amber3902's Avatar amber3902 11:28 AM 12-06-2011

Thanks for the welcome.


Yes, once I posted on this forum the option to submit a thread on the other forum became available.

I guess you have to post in here first before you can post on the other places.