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nicholeincanada's Avatar nicholeincanada 06:35 PM 01-08-2012

Hi, I'm Nichole. I'm a single mom to one boy. I have lurked here since 2008 when I was pregnant with my DS. I was a member on a now-closed forum, but I've always been drawn back here. I have always been into instinctual parenting, bed sharing, extended breastfeeding(my son just weaned 9 days ago at 34 months). I am against CIO, circumcision, etc., and practised delayed/selective vax, so again I have always felt like I should be here.


I have recently been reading about nutrition/health, natural treatments instead of prescription medications(especially for mental health issues), and was again drawn back.


So I just wanted to say hi! I hope I am able to make this forum important in my life like the other place was!