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Hipi's Avatar Hipi 11:09 AM 09-06-2012

Hi I'm Hipi.  I am married to a wonderful husband & we have one little one so far.  He is 13 months old.  I love being a mom & we plan on having another child.  I work part time temporarily.  I love my job but I'm at the point where I want to stay home.  It's an adjustment though.

delightedbutterfly's Avatar delightedbutterfly 12:32 PM 09-06-2012

HI and welcome to MDC!


We have lots of moms who work, SAH or work out a great part time schedule. There's a couple great boards that might help you through the transition in Life as a Parent (http://www.mothering.com/community/f/495/life-as-a-parent). 

Hipi's Avatar Hipi 02:13 PM 09-06-2012

Thanks so much!

josie143's Avatar josie143 07:07 AM 09-08-2012

Welcome to MDC!