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How did you find out about Mothering and decide to join?

View Poll Results: How did you find out about Mothering and decide to join?
A website link (please share it or the website name) 14 31.11%
A random web search 81 100.00%
A specific web search (I was looking for a Pregnancy Club) 7 15.56%
A specific web search (I was looking for an online parenting forum) 31 68.89%
A friend/family member recommended Mothering 60 100.00%
I follow Mothering on Facebook 13 28.89%
A friend shared a Mothering article on Facebook 12 26.67%
Printed issues of Mothering Magazine 68 100.00%
I saw it mentioned on Twitter 0 0%
Other (please mention in a comment below) 42 93.33%
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Sassy Susan's Avatar Sassy Susan
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03-30-2014 | Posts: 14
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It was mentioned in a book called "You are your child's first teacher" on the Steiner method.

KimSjoblad's Avatar KimSjoblad
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04-13-2014 | Posts: 3
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Came across through a link on a recent blog post by Mayim Bialik. As Natural Mama and Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in fertility and pregnancy, this website is a great find! I can't wait to read more and I would love to contribute in any way I can!

Spiderpig's Avatar Spiderpig
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04-14-2014 | Posts: 540
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How I got here was unintended. I was googling "Granola" to see how it differed the muesli. I saw the words "Granola Taliban" and thought, WOW who the flip are they? :rotflmao I knew this was just the right forum to join, wanted a mothering site to belong to anyway. So here I am.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher (TS)
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04-14-2014 | Posts: 38,589
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Originally Posted by Spiderpig View Post

 I saw the words "Granola Taliban" 


Seriously? :laugh


Welcome to the community! :love

Spiderpig's Avatar Spiderpig
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04-14-2014 | Posts: 540
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Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post


Seriously? :laugh


Welcome to the community! :love


Absolutely serious! And I thought, if you lot really are a bunch of upstarts, then I'll definitely want in! :bgbounce (And thanks!)

PositiveT's Avatar PositiveT
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04-17-2014 | Posts: 4
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Hi - My name is Tara, screen name Positive T and I have been meaning to write a positive article on microcephaly ever since my daughter was diagnosed with it.  When I went home and read all the bad things about it and cried my eye out, i knew i had to do something to help other moms out there.  Hopefully you all enjoy my story i posted and I am hoping it helped at least one person.  I have a beautiful 16 month old daughter and am expecting my 2nd baby on Nov 3.  So I am looking for some mom bonding, nice to meet you all!

mountainisland's Avatar mountainisland
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04-21-2014 | Posts: 2
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I started reading mothering when it was black and white issue. My oldest is 32 and my youngest 20. Grandkids now and I still turn to mothering. It made a huge difference in my life. 

JoseyLyn's Avatar JoseyLyn
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04-21-2014 | Posts: 5
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I borrowed copies of Mothering from my Bradley instructor 's lending library about 2 1/2 years ago & knew it was out of print so didn't really think of it again until a web search turned up this site. I am sure glad it did because I have relied on it more times than I can count already. Thanks for being here!

I am a 29 year old wife, mother & child of God. My stepson is 13, & 2 little guys are 24 mo & 6 mo. We try to live naturally as possible but have a long way to go. We hope to be blessed with lots of babies to love on in our life.
jeaninem's Avatar jeaninem
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04-28-2014 | Posts: 2
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It was a random search on vaccination exemption.

mommy2k&k's Avatar mommy2k&k
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04-28-2014 | Posts: 653
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I had a friend who recommended the site. I'm glad I checked it out way back then! I love! (And the magazine too smile.gif )
jeaninem's Avatar jeaninem
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04-28-2014 | Posts: 2
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I found Mothering while searching the web. I searched vaccination exemptions your site came up, I enjoyed looking it over and decided to join.  I like to educate myself with every piece of information I can find about many subjects.


Thank you,



fayebond's Avatar fayebond
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05-03-2014 | Posts: 1,455
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other - an ICAN friend suggested I look here for VBAC support, found it and have enjoyed the site ever since, never seen a magazine although I assume one eusts somewhere :)

Leslie Kean's Avatar Leslie Kean
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05-18-2014 | Posts: 3
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I used to get the magazine years ago when I was a Mom - started reading it before giving birth and for many years afterwards. That was a long time ago - my son was born in 1981. I am a journalist going for a specific reason that I will post.

juliadinges18's Avatar juliadinges18
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05-26-2014 | Posts: 3
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Mayim Bialik

Mylie's Avatar Mylie
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05-26-2014 | Posts: 1,623
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A mothering magazine at a meeting I attended with my friend years ago...I spent the meeting reading all the issues on the table...I was hooked smile.gif
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09-13-2014 | Posts: 13
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Originally Posted by cynthia mosher View Post
<p>Welcome to Mothering! As a new member you will soon find what a wonderful community of members we are fortunate to have! We look forward to getting to know you and hope that we can support you in your parenting journey and help you find answers to the myriad of questions you may have. We also hope you will share your knowledge and experience with our members in whatever way you can that will help us all grow as individuals and parents. <img alt="" src="" style=""></p>
<p> </p>
<p>We'd love to know what brought you to Mothering! Please complete our poll. Feel free to post if you have something specific to share or if you have a suggestion to add to the options in the poll.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Thanks so much for joining our community. We look forward to getting to know you better! <img alt="" src="" style=""></p>
Hi my name is Sarah and I have 3 kids ages 7, 2 1/2 and 7 months. I found your email address from your location in Aurora ,Chicago IL.
I hope to meet other moms from Chicago online and to get some tips for problems moms face daily.'s Avatar
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09-14-2014 | Posts: 2
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I am Carmen, came across this site while looking for something else!! Pretty nice, looking forward to sharing and discussing different topics.
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09-27-2014 | Posts: 4
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Hello, my name is Melissa and I was just browsing the internet to read up on at home IUD removal. There was a thread here somewhere and it was pretty informative and helped me in my decision to just do it. My husband helped me and we were successful! Anyway, that is how I came across this site. I decided to join because who knows, maybe we will get pregnant soon! we aren't going to "try" but whatever happens, happens . I have a 15 year old son from a previous relationship and my husband has two daughters, 16 and 5, from previous relationships. All three of our children live with us but we have no kids with each other.

I wanted to add (just in case anyone is curious) that I decided to remove my IUD because I am having a lot of side effects. Weight gain, acne, heavy bleeding that rarely subsides. I gave it 5 months and just couldn't do it anymore.
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09-28-2014 | Posts: 1
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I have been on xanex xr for 14 years. I recently got divor ed and moved to another state. The doctors here will not prescribe xanex! So i have been taking myself down to a lower dose to try and get off of it. But i have been Overwhelmed wondering what do i do when the xanex runs out A friend told me today about Rescue Remedy! I have been reasearching it and i am going to get some ASAP! I was just wondering is there anyone out there that has had the same problem i am having? I want so bad to beleive that i can finally get off the xanex and get releif with RR! Going out of my mind here and is this to good to be true ?
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11-27-2014 | Posts: 2
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Hi everyone , I am new here my husband and me are planning to get pregnant, this my first attempt ever to get pregnant .. I feel so blessed just thinking about a baby, please if you have any advises for me to get pregnant quickly please ket me know I am so happy
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11-27-2014 | Posts: 2
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I found about pregnancy and mothering through my beloved Husband , I am planning to have a free medication birth experience and sure breast feeding my babies to the age of one year at least as breast feeding is good for their growth

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